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Here’s What Really Matters About The Latest Ripple (XRP) News



Ripple Escrows 55 Billion Tokens Averts XRP Oversupply Concerns

As part of this analysis on Wednesday, we pointed out why we felt that Ripple (XRP) wouldn’t fall too much farther its then-current pricing.

At the time, the coin was trading in and around $1.80 a piece having crashed from highs of more than $3.20 and sentiment surrounding near-term prospects was considerably weakened. However, we pointed out that a large portion of the price decline was rooted in the exclusion of South Korean exchange pricing in CoinMarketCap’s listing calculations (perhaps accounting for as much as 30% of the dip) and that the only reason XRP had fallen further was that markets misinterpreted this decline as being fundamentally driven.

Then, around 24 hours after we put forward our thesis, Ripple made a major announcement.

The company reported that Moneygram International Inc (NASDAQ: MGI) would be trialing its payment network, xRapid, and that, in line with this pilot program, would adopt XRP as a settlement currency tied into the network.

XRP Daily Chart

XRP Daily Chart

Many of the major news outlets have covered the development so we won’t go into too much detail as to exactly what the agreement involves here.

What we will do, however, is point out something that much of the coverage surrounding this news is ignoring – something that dramatically strengthens a long-term bull thesis for XRP in this market.

What are we talking about?

Well, to a degree, we’ve already mentioned it.

Moneygram is going to be using XRP as the exchange asset that integrates with the network. The importance of this decision cannot be understated. If you were to ask anybody with a knowledge of the space and, in particular, the Ripple protocol, they would tell you that the primary bearish argument for long-term XRP weakness is based around the failure of financial institutions and big banks adopting XRP specifically as their exchange asset of choice to support the xRapid network.

In other words, while many of the big names that Ripple is rumored to already be working with (Citi, BoA, etc.), might integrate the company’s network into its operations, this doesn’t necessarily mean said institutions will also adopt XRP. If this is the case, the only real use case for XRP would be to cover tiny transaction fees and, in turn, there wouldn’t be too much by way of upside support on long-term price gains.

Basically, the bearish argument is that the success of the xRapid network and the XRP cryptocurrency are uncoupled from one another.

What the latest MoneyGram decision has shown, however, is that these companies are leaning towards adopting both xRapid and XRP, given that the two technologies are designed to work seamlessly within one another and, in turn, that this is advantageous (from a whole host of different perspectives) as far as streamlined integration is concerned.

This move has voided the primary bearish argument for long-term XRP valuation and, in turn, should serve to provide a substantial support level from which Ripple and XRP can appreciate further as 2018 matures and the company’s ongoing pilot programs move from test to commercial execution.

Of course, there is still some way to go.

As mentioned, many of the major partnerships are still in the pilot phase and there is no confirmation that these will filter through to commercial deals. Additionally, while MoneyGram has decided to adopt XRP, some of the major financial institutions currently testing out product may opt to develop their own cryptocurrency in place of XRP adoption.

With that said, however, this development at least shows some willingness to take the whole package (something that Ripple has been saying it thinks will happen all along) and it’s a major step forward for both the company and XRP holders.

We’ll be watching the pilots for any news that supports our long-term bullish bias.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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ONGX – Tokenized Ownership of Pharmaceutical Facility Listed on


on and OGInvest Limited have announced that the ONGX Token will be tradable via the exchange. The ONGX Tokens are built on the ERC20 blockchain protocol, serve as a SAFE (which stands for “simple agreement for future equity”), and will be exchangeable at the option of the investor for equity-token securities.  The ONGX Token offering is a first-of-its-kind digital investment opportunity, the company stated, as it offers tokenized ownership of a pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility. Through ONGX Tokens investors have an opportunity that is typically available only to industry insiders and large investment firms, the company stressed. 

“We are excited to see work with, as we believe it is a strong ecosystem to provide ONGX investors with potential liquidity. We believe ONGX is the pharma industry’s largest digital offering to date, as measured by target investment size, underlying valuation, and production capacity of the asset. The ONGX Token brings pharma production investments to a much larger audience and democratizes the pharma investment opportunity,” said the president of Mr. K. Holtser.


The OncoGenerix project anticipates to benefit from a combination of the OncoGenerix plant’s strategic location, favorable valuations of pharma manufacturers, and continued global pharma market growth. As a novel and generics pharma producer, OncoGenerix specializes in injectable…

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Featured news

Business incubator GDA Ventures acquires first client MobileGo, introduces MGO Token for blockchain gaming



GDA Ventures, a business incubator backed by the GDA Group of companies, has  announced its first client – blockcain gaming platform MobileGo (MGO). The MobileGo project was initially launched in 2016 and focused on gaming, with significant closed partnerships including Unity and Xsolla, the gaming industries leading game engine and one of the most utilized payment processing providers. 

GDA Ventures 

Similar to many early blockchain projects, MGO built a significant community and blockchain offering while securing partnerships with top companies in the industry. The 2018 market crash combined with failed deliverables from various signed partners slowed the project down. Now, as crypto sees a revitalization, MobileGo has engaged GDA Ventures to restructure and revive the MGO project, the two companies announced.

“This is a huge step forward that will continue to bring innovation and originality to the blockchain gaming ecosystem; benefiting developers, gamers and everyone in between. We are very excited to work with GDA Ventures as their experience with venture incubation and development will help take MGO to the original heights set out in 2016, becoming an industry pioneer that bridges the gap between gaming and blockchain,” the MobileGo team announced in a statement.

MGO co-founders were some of the first to recognize that peer-to-peer gaming and unique…

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SyncFab Boosts Aerospace Division While Strengthening MFG Token Utility



Manufacturing blockchain company SyncFab has been selected as an official showcase solution finalist for the United States Air Force AFWERX program, the company announced this week. AFWERX is a community of innovators devoted to creating a faster and smarter US Air Force. SyncFab showcased its technology enabling agile manufacturing and reverse engineering of mission-critical component parts. 

SyncFab MFG Token

Additionally, Jason Smith, a veteran in the aerospace industry, joined the SyncFab team recently.  Smith possesses a tremendous knowledge of the industry, having worked with L3 Vertex Aerospace, the United States Air Force, commercial airlines, and government agencies to uncover business opportunities for engineering, maintenance, and repair services. 

SyncFab’s advisory board has also welcomed Urs Breitmeirer, former group CEO RUAG Swiss Aerospace Defense CO to boost the blockchain adoption strategy. 67% of space and aerospace executives anticipate the combination of blockchain distributed ledger technology, AI, XR, and quantum computing will have a transformational impact on their organization as reported by Accenture. With thousands of suppliers responsible for delivering advanced and innovative components or materials to Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs, supply chain and logistics have long been critical to the success of every major aerospace and defense program, SyncFab team stated.

This substantial reinforcement of the core team at SyncFab is expected to help boost the aerospace industry…

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