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Editorial Policy

Our Mission

GlobalCoinReport is established as a premium information platform for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. With a mission to educate and entertain our readers, we bring out the most updated news about the current happenings, events, and opinions on digital money. Ever since GlobalCoinReport came to life, its goal has been to become the leader in crypto and blockchain news, and thanks to our users’ trust, we’ve grown to that.

Independence and Proprietorship

GlobalCoinReport is an independent information media meant to provide insights from the arenas of digital finance, virtual economy, cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and fintech.

We maintain robust editorial freedom and transparency regarding the content we share. We confirm that neither any of the GlobalCoinReport members nor any associates have any biased or influenced opinions.

GlobalCoinReport staff is by no means linked with any of the digital finance businesses, nor do we intend to spread biased information.

All news, data, and information shared on this platform are entirely unbiased and are shared for the purpose of information. We never share any information as a business or trade advice.

Our Editorial Philosophy

At GlobalCoinReport, we are focused on serving our readers the most precise, up-to-date, objective, and authentic news reports and informational content. We make sure to maintain the highest editorial standards while reviewing and corroborating data from significant sources.

The content approved and published by the editorial team is based on neutral and impartial opinions without the intention to influence any trader or investor in the digital economy.

GlobalCoinReport does not restrict our staff or contributors from joining or starting any such ventures. However, our team, staff, and content writers clearly disclose their possible associations or investments with digital assets, cryptocurrency, or blockchain.

Moreover, GlobalCoinReport does not indulge in any monetary exchange for publishing news, articles, or for sharing or accessing tips and news sources.

GlobalCoinReport is purely an information platform and does not hold any specific stance on the economic value on any referred blockchain, cryptocurrency, or digital finance project. Nonetheless, our freelance or external contributors may or may not hold such associations.

Revenue Model

GlobalCoinReport is not involved in any trades or investments with any existing or past virtual money or cryptocurrency ventures. Our revenue comes from the research and advertising done through this platform.