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Altcoin Magazine has Rebranded as The Capital and 100x’ed its ambitions




The widely recognized cryptocurrency publication Altcoin Magazine has officially rebranded as The Capital. While this may appear to be a simple marketing strategy, this strategic shift will serve as a major turning point for both the company and for the global cryptocurrency community as well. 

Before we talk about how The Capital will serve users in a much improved way, let’s do a quick recap of factual information that readers should be aware of. 

Altcoin Magazine has, until now, been running on the Medium platform. Crypto, Trader, News. COO, Tony Lewis, already wrote a piece explaining why companies and writers should stay as far away from Medium as possible. It might seem like a cool, elegant place where community writers can get together and support each other’s content, but the side-effects of living under Medium’s rules can be devastating. According to Lewis,

“Medium has the power of closing down your page and making your content disappear as if it had never existed in a matter of seconds. You have no say on whether you approve of this decision, or not. If for some reason they don’t like you, they’ll get rid of you and act as if all of your time and effort put into your blog had never happened.”

The fact that The Capital is now going to be a fully independent site gives the management team a whole new level of control over their platform and its growth potential. 

With that said… how does going from Altcoin Magazine to The Capital change things from our perspective?

Well, we were able to speak with Co-founder Emil Sterndorff and here are some of thee key features that The Capital brings to the table:

  • The focus is shifting from solely being cryptocurrency and blockchain, to now include all financial topics, including, of course, crypto. 
  • Instead of being a magazine, the company is expanding into being a financial micro-blogging social media networking platform.
  • The V1 of the new site should be going live in around a month, with a continuous roll-out of the more complicated feed-based design over the next 6-9 months.

The Capital is aiming to establish itself as a leading platform in the fintech world for content creation and distribution whether it being posts, videos, articles, or podcasts. Check a preview here:

Content creators will not only have the ability to make money on their videos, articles, or podcasts via video ads as we know them from YouTube, content creators with high trust and reach can even be funded by companies in exchange for an app icon or logo in their posts. So while content creators will mainly make money in USD, regular users on the other hand, will get small, but noticeable Satoshi rewards for engaging with content on the platform.

While Altcoin Magazine was probably one of the top 5 crypto publication sites to ever have been published, who’s to say that The Capital won’t achieve even better results given all of the new exciting innovations they are introducing?

Stay tuned for more updates.

Ps. The Capital is also hosting a four-day, 5-star, all-inclusive business mastermind for a few select top-tier companies and executives in the fintech and crypto space. Click here for more info!

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How Can Foreigners Get Loans in Singapore



loans for foreigners in Singapore

Foreigners who are residing in Singapore and looking for financing could do so in the form of a payday loan. It is good to find out that you can borrow the money from a reputable lender and that the interest rates are low enough for it to be a viable option. Online lenders that specialize in doing business in the country can certainly help one. These online companies are not only reliable, but their service is fast.

At the same time, many cannot afford a high standard of living. Many individuals cannot afford essentials, such as a car or a house. It can be difficult for the majority of the working class to scrape through on their basic salary. 

What defines a foreigner in Singapore? 

A foreigner in Singapore means that you are not a permanent or natural citizen there. As a foreigner, you will not be holding a Singaporean passport. The rules can differ a little for foreigners and residents. Singapore, being a multinational hub, houses many foreigners within the city. Foreigners come to Singapore for the many attractions it offers. Many people come to Singapore for Work-related purposes. A lot many also come for vacations or to visit a friend or a relative. Some foreigners come with a plan to move to Singapore permanently, attracted by their lavish lifestyle. Singapore also…

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CoinField Launches Sologenic Initial Exchange Offering




CoinField has started its Sologenic IEO, which is the first project to utilize the XRP Ledger for tokenizing stocks and ETFs. The sale will last for one week and will officially end on February 25, 2020, before SOLO trading begins on the platform.  Sologenic’s native token SOLO is being offered at 0.25 USDT during the IEO.   

Earlier this month, Sologenic released the very first decentralized wallet app for SOLO, XRP, and tokenized assets to support the Sologenic ecosystem. The app is available for mobile and desktop via the Apple Store and Google Play.  The desktop version is available for Windows and Mac.

“By connecting the traditional financial markets with crypto, Sologenic will bring a significant volume to the crypto markets. The role of the Sologenic ecosystem is to facilitate the trading of a wide range of asset classes such as stocks, ETFs, and precious metals using blockchain technology. Sologenic is an ecosystem where users can tokenize, trade, and spend these digital assets using SOLO cards in real-time. The ultimate goal is to make Sologenic as decentralized as possible, where CoinField’s role will be only limited…

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Trusted Crypto Tumbler To Protect Your Wealth



crypto tumbler

Back when Bitcoin originally emerged, over 11 years ago at this point, cryptocurrency transactions were believed to be fully anonymous. This belief stuck around for years to come, but today, we know that, in most cases — this is no longer the truth.

Since the invention of blockchain explorers, it became possible to track every Bitcoin transaction, all the way back to the genesis block. This came as a part of blockchain transparency which promises to eliminate corruption, theft, and other such issues.

However, there is still a need for a certain level of privacy, as people like to keep their wealth to themselves, and not let everyone know how much money they have, or how much they sent for whatever purpose. This is why many are now using crypto tumblers, or mixers.

What do crypto mixers do?

As the name suggests, crypto mixers/tumblers mix up the coins in order to hide/disguise/make it difficult to discover where the coins came from. Things like the amounts, transactions, and wallet addresses to and from which the coins travel are fully traceable, which is why tumblers exist.

In a way, you could say that mixers can add an extra layer of privacy while using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies. There are many Bitcoin mixers Continue Reading

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