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First of a Kind: The World Stablecoin Summit Takes Place in Decentraland, on Zoom



Over a dozen of stablecoin projects have come together this week to participate in the first-ever World Stablecoin Summit, which was streamed through multiple platforms, including Decentraland – a virtual reality world running on the Ethereum Blockchain and owned by its users. 

Image Credits: Decentraland, Alex Saunders

(Image Source: Decentraland, Credits: Alex Saunders, Nuggets News)

The event was organized by the recently created, Swiss-based World Stablecoin Association (WSA) and moderated by VirgoX CEO Adam Cai.  Cai and WSA’s co-founder, GDA Capital CEO Michael Gord headlined the event that outlined the key pillars of the WSA: Policy Analysis – to analyze the regulatory landscape of stablecoins around the world alongside research institutions, Advocacy  – to represent enterprises, stablecoin projects and other industry leaders and to expedite “the pro-stablecoin” policy-making around the globe; Partnership – to facilitate member alliances globally, and Education – to provide various learning materials online and arrange conferences and seminars.  

During his opening remarks, Adam Cai explained that the Summit will help unite business leaders, entrepreneurs, community leaders and regulators.  The need for such an organization is now more essential than ever, as the stablecoins’ combined market cap in 2020 reached $12.6B  and daily trading volume $30B+, per CryptoSlate’s data presented at the Summit. 

Michael Gord, who recently became the managing director of the XDB Foundation, shared his analysis of the stablecoin market.  Gord pointed out that not only the total number of stablecoins is rising, but also that some new categories are being created.  Gord described a number of state-backed cryptocurrency initiatives from around the world and focused on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) adoption in various regions. 

The majority of speakers at the Summit represented various stablecoin projects, including QCAD, Stably, LODE, TrustToken and a few others. But many were especially interested to hear updates from the heavyweights, such as the largest currency-based stablecoin issuer Tether (USDT).  Tether’s Chief Compliance Officer Leonardo Real said that the company is working directly with primary market participants and focuses on transparency. Representing one of the largest China’s blockchain entities Consensus Lab, founding partner Kevin Ren said his company is fostering crypto growth around the world by supporting various promising startups and coins.  Consensus Lab is currently uniting 16 investment institutions, 6 exchanges and is managing over $1 billion, Ren said.                     

Participants were also greeted by Jean-Marc Seigneur, Director of the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) on Blockchain, DLT and dApps Development at the University of Geneva.  Jean-Marc said that he recently started a Digital Currency Global Initiative together with Stanford University and also encouraged stablecoin projects to submit their use cases to International Telecommunication Union (ITU) focus group on standardization of digital currencies.    

The World Stablecoin Summit has attracted attention of some blockchain enthusiasts around the globe.  Youtube influencer Alex Saunders shared his excitement and called the Summit “a glimpse into the future”. Organizers are planning to hold the event quarterly, while the membership committee will generate monthly research projects and will host weekly roundtables.  Cai said the World Stablecoin Association has offices in Switzerland (Geneva), Canada (Toronto) and USA (NYC) and will onboard many new members in the upcoming months. 

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How can Ethereum casino improve the online gambling industry?



Ethereum Casino

The undisputed king of the cryptocurrency industry is Bitcoin for the moment. This is an undeniable fact, maybe because it was the first and has been around for more than 10 years. But coming in a close second place is the Ethereum that has also been around for quite some time now. When it first emerged, ETH brought some major improvements to the table, most notably even faster speeds of transactions and the smart contract technology. From the get go, crypto casinos noticed the potential of Ethereum and that’s how the first ETH Casinos started to emerge. Since then Ethereum Casinos started going full throttle towards the progress of the gambling industry, bringing with themselves a ton of massive improvements that are truly revolutionizing the casino world.

The speed of Ethereum Casino

The first thing that everyone in the casino world notices is the incredible speed of the ETH Casinos. This is due to the fact that Ethereum uses smart contact technology that allows players to deal directly with the casino. This cuts down the time significantly and all processes are completed within a matter of minutes. For example, the classic online casinos take days to finalize the transactions, because they wait for 3-rd party organizations like banks. In case of Ethereum Casino, the deal happens directly, which translates into transfers that are made almost momentarily.

Security and Anonymity of Ethereum…

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Is Bitcoin Esport Betting the next big thing in BTC Casinos?



Bitcoin Casinos

Ever since the creation of the first sport games, people started enjoying the betting process. As the sports grew more popular around the world, so did the betting community and other than the physical betting shops, online sportsbooks have also started to emerge. Around 5 years ago the crypto gambling industry also made strides to join the fun and Bitcoin Casino started pouring its resources into providing proper sportsbook experience for their communities of players. For several years the things were steady and the concept of Bitcoin Betting was growing exponentially. Although recent events have significantly halted the progress of sports and betting, the new alternative started gaining traction in the gambling world, and that alternative was the Esport Betting. 

How did Esport Betting become so popular?

The beginning of 2020 was unprecedented for the history of mankind and all the global business, including the gambling industry. In the month of March, most of the sports stopped because of the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic and betting services witnessed huge losses. That’s where the Bitcoin Casino industry found a viable alternative in the virtual sport segment. Because of that, Esport Betting has become increasingly more popular and the biggest BTC Casinos started providing a huge selection of tournaments in their sportsbook section.

How to participate in Esport Betting?

Esport Betting is basically the same process as the usual sports betting.…

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Ways To Become A Successful Trader



If you want to start trading then you can trade in Forex market where you will find some great trading opportunities and you can take advantage from it if you know how to play the game in this market. At an early stage of trading almost all traders thinks that trading is all about setting up chart and entry and exit points. But if you want to be professional in this industry you must need to have knowledge about trading strategies, money management and should have control over your emotions. Now we are going to talk about a few tip which going to help you to stay alive in the trading game.

Study the Forex market

Having a sound knowledge about Forex trading is must if you want make a living from it. Traders need to know how this market works, the different currency pairs, how they behave, support and resistance and bid-ask price. There is also some complicated concepts like pips, spreads, leverage, slippage, commission etc. about which you need know clearly and able to calculate it without any confusion. You can analyze this market both technically and fundamentally, so you have to learn how to do them. There are lots of financial news publishes every day and a trader must need to understand those announcement and able to find out how the market can react to that news.


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