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Bitcoin ETFs On The Way



Bitcoin ETFs

CBOE has filed six Bitcoin ETFs with the SEC. The battle for supremacy has just begun.

Financial institutions are now bidding for Bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) with Bitcoin future contracts trading live in the market.

The New York stock exchange recently filed a proposal with SEC for two Bitcoin ETFs – the pro-shares Bitcoin ETF and the pro-shares short Bitcoin ETF. The two funds will be tracking the momentum in Bitcoin future benchmarks as provided by CBOE and CME, being not involved in investing in Bitcoin or holding the cryptocurrency.

After NYSE, it is the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) who last week, together with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), has filed for six different Bitcoin ETFs. Being the first one to launch Bitcoin futures contracts in the market, CBOE is optimistic about the emerging asset class.

Public records show that CBOE has proposed a few amendments to the rules to the SEC to allow the exchange to file for six Bitcoin ETFs. The amendments were submitted to the SEC between December 15 to 19. The list of six ETFs as filed by the CBOE include: Granite Shares Bitcoin ETF, Granite Shares Short Bitcoin ETF, Rex Bitcoin Strategy ETF, Rex Short Term Bitcoin Strategy ETF.

An insider from CBOE was quoted saying that he was upbeat about the success of the new business model and intimated that several partners have shown a keen interest in ETF products. The first trust filing reads that the fund ‘…intends to invest primarily in Bitcoin future contracts. It may also invest in other listed Bitcoin derivatives, OTC Bitcoin derivatives, US Exchange-Listed ETFs and non-US component stocks (collectively Bitcoin instruments)’.

Pushing ETF products to get approval by the SEC is a tall order given that the SEC has been extremely cautious to accept ETF proposals in the past. The pioneers of Bitcoin trading, Winkleross Brothers, Cameron and Tyler, despite making a billion-dollar fortune in Bitcoin trading, have received stiff opposition from SEC. They were the first to submit their bid which demonstrates that the SEC nod is not a walk in the park.

One key reason for rejection in the past is that Bitcoin future contracts were not launched then. With the future contract already live, there is a high possibility that the SEC might review its position on this matter.

CBOE has made its intention to bring Bitcoin into mainstream trading known. Speaking to Bloomberg back at the start of November 2017, CBOE President Chris Concannon, said his firm is quite optimistic about ETFs.

The past week has seen a lot of volatility in the market as Bitcoin prices slipped by more than 44% from an all-time-high of $20,000 to a low of below $12,000. The price of Bitcoin has, however, recovered a bit in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $14,532.7.

The arrival of ETFs and other Bitcoin related products is expected to bring more legitimacy and reduce the extreme volatility in Bitcoin prices.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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SonicX and Dash Could Challenge Facebook’s Libra for Global Payments Market Share




When Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled Bitcoin to the world, the dream was always for Bitcoin to serve as a new universal currency.  It would be free from the bureaucracy of governments.  And free from the tyranny of the old-world financial cartels.  Although the dream hasn’t yet materialized, it comes closer and closer with each passing day.

One of the biggest roadblocks for Bitcoin has been scalability.  At a speed of approximately 7 transactions per second, Bitcoin lags behind other cryptocurrencies like Ripple and global payment processors like Visa.  Many expect the lightning network to have a positive impact on Bitcoin’s TPS but until that comes to fruition, mass adoption will likely need another significant development.

Libra Currency Announcement

One development that could help pave the way toward mass adoption is the launch of the Libra currency.  Libra is expected to go live during the first half of 2020 according to Facebook’s June announcement.  According to Facebook, Libra will make sending money online cheaper and faster.  It will also have a hand in improving access to financial services, especially for the unbanked.  Given Facebook’s global reach, including many third world countries, providing financial access to the unbanked could provide a huge spark to global economies.  Additionally, it could provide the growth spark that cryptocurrency needs.

Facebook’s most popular messenger, WhatsApp, has approximately 1.5 billion monthly users.  This application is…

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The rise of the crypto casinos



crypto casinos

In the hyper-competitive world of online casinos, operators are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. The most usual methods include using distinctive branding, offering generous bonuses and making sure that they are on all of the major so-called affiliate sites where players can compare and contrast casinos’ different offerings.

But now a whole new generation of casinos are starting to emerge – ones whose key difference isn’t what and how you play, but more in how you pay.

The rise and rise of the cryptocurrency casino is seen by many as the next logical step in a world that is slowly but surely starting to accept that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, et al. are certainly here to stay.

Of course, it’s the first of these cryptocurrencies that has really grabbed the headlines and led the way with its meteoric performance in 2017 when it seemed like its $20,000 value was just the start of the story. Admittedly, this was short-lived and the value quickly fell back to a more sustainable level but, if it achieved one thing, it was to cement this exciting new kind of currency in the consciousness of the general public.

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Investors Beware: Another Large Bitcoin Crash Might Be Coming



Bitcoin crash

The crypto prices have surged quite high in the last few months. Of course, their progress is nowhere near the one seen in 2017, but they appear to be getting there, one day at the time. However, things might not be as simple as that, and according to recent performance — it is more than possible that a major Bitcoin crash is incoming.

The fact is that cryptos saw a massive amount of growth in a very short period. Bitcoin itself more than doubled its price in only two months. Now, the rally is starting to crash in on itself, and the coin is already about $1,000 lower than last week. If such development does come to pass, a lot of people will experience quite large losses, although experienced investors might find some opportunities, and leverage in order to enhance their holdings’ long-term value.

For example, Bitcoin dominance is expected to crash very quickly, which will work in favor of quite a lot of altcoins. While this does not seem to be the best time to invest in BTC, altcoins are another story, and diversifying a portfolio now might end up being very profitable in days to come.

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