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BTC Plummets. How to Gain Profit From That?




On Thursday, bitcoin price continued its downward trend, falling by almost $1,000 over a 20-minute period, according to Coinbase Pro, which shows that the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell from $11,700 at 16:05 UTC to $10,800 in 17:44 UTC.

Although the price stabilized for a while, according to Coinbase, it fell to $10,346. However, on Friday Asia session Bitcoin has shown growth, now trading at around $11,300 (03:40 UTC).

The latest recession coincided with huge losses in the price of the entire cryptocurrency market, with most of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies in market capitalization also seeing a drop in their prices.

Previously analysts commented that this week’s BTC growth trend might be happening due to several reasons, one of them is Facebook’s announcement of the launch of media giant’s own cryptocurrency, Libra. According to experts, Facebook’s move might contribute to promoting cryptocurrencies around the world. Among other reasons caused bitcoin to grow analysts point out interest from big institutional investors and investing in cryptocurrencies as safe haven asset amid world economic slowdown due to turmoil in the Middle East and US-China trade tensions.

How to gain your profit from Bitcoin fluctuations?

Bexplus offers good opportunities to make your profit on Bitcoin rising and falling prices. Bexplus is a world-leading future contracts platform in the cryptocurrency area, which aims at providing advanced financial services to global investors of futures trading by using blockchain technology.

Making profits from BTC price drops: how does it work?

In Bexplus, you can invest BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts with up to 100x leverage. For instance, you can use 0,01 BTC to short (predict it is going to drop) or long (predict it is going to rise) BTC and open a 1 BTC position with the help of 100x leverage. Besides, you can set stop-loss and stop-profit to control the risks.

On Bexplus traders not just trade assets trying to gain profits from price growth, but future contracts -financial instruments which allow traders to gain bidirectional profits from price falls and growths. Bitcoin future is an obligation of one party to the other to buy or sell a certain amount of bitcoins at an agreed price. Traders can try to make correct predictions of asset value in the future, and gain profits on a margin between original and future prices.

Trading on Bexplus doesn’t require to start with investing huge amounts of your cryptocurrency, 100x leverage allows you to gain hundredfold profits, by making the right predictions on prices direction.

Gift June: make a deposit on Bexplus and receive a gift

This June Bexplus gives a gift to each user who made a certain amount deposit on the platform. Among the gifts are Amazon Kindle, Apple Watches and iPads. Please follow the link below to read the terms of the promotion activity.

Why Investing on Bexplus is profitable?

Bexplus users can gain profits not only from trading. Every trader made a deposit on the platform is able to earn an annualized deposit interest, which is up to 72%. Also, depositing users have a chance to get an additional bonus to the original sum, for example, depositing 1 BTC you can get 1 BTC more as a bonus.

Start investing with Bexplus today!

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The rise of the crypto casinos



crypto casinos

In the hyper-competitive world of online casinos, operators are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. The most usual methods include using distinctive branding, offering generous bonuses and making sure that they are on all of the major so-called affiliate sites where players can compare and contrast casinos’ different offerings.

But now a whole new generation of casinos are starting to emerge – ones whose key difference isn’t what and how you play, but more in how you pay.

The rise and rise of the cryptocurrency casino is seen by many as the next logical step in a world that is slowly but surely starting to accept that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, et al. are certainly here to stay.

Of course, it’s the first of these cryptocurrencies that has really grabbed the headlines and led the way with its meteoric performance in 2017 when it seemed like its $20,000 value was just the start of the story. Admittedly, this was short-lived and the value quickly fell back to a more sustainable level but, if it achieved one thing, it was to cement this exciting new kind of currency in the consciousness of the general public.

Why Bitcoin and online casinos are the perfect partners

In many ways, it’s the perfect partnership between Bitcoin and online casinos with multiple benefits for both.

The first of…

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Matrix Exchange receives In-Principle Approval from Abu Dhabi Global Market




Abu Dhabi-based crypto asset exchange, Matrix Exchange announced on July 12 that it has received an In-Principle Approval (IPA) from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) to operate as a crypto asset exchange and custodian in ADGM.

The United Arab Emirates keeps embracing and regulating blockchain & crypto assets into its financial system. ADGM was first in the Middle East and Africa region to establish and launch a fully operational and regulated crypto-asset framework and regime in June 2018. The ADGM business friendly and well-regulated ecosystem continues to attract more and global digital assets investors, blockchain technology companies and other related financial institutions to the UAE.

With digital assets becoming popular alternative investments, compliance is increasingly significant for investors and customers. “The IPA is an important milestone. Subject to regulatory approvals by the FSRA, Matrix Exchange aims to be a recognized regulated crypto asset exchange in the Middle East. It gives us the legitimacy to provide compliant, secure and reliable digital asset transactions for users when we are fully operational.” Matrix Exchange Chairman James Wo said.

With a particular focus on the UAE market, Matrix Exchange is also dedicated to establishing a world-class regulated exchange for international investors.

Matrix Exchange is sponsored by Digital Finance Group (DFG), which operates investments in both primary and secondary markets. DFG’s blockchain private equity fund has invested…

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Distributed E-Commerce: A New Commercial Civilization




In recent years, during the “Double 11”and “618”shopping carnivals, Taobao, Tmall and JD transaction volumes have rocketed. Especially in 2018, the commodities turnover for the major e-commerce platforms increased rapidly through “618”e-commerce promotion. While centralized e-commerce has created beautiful transcripts, other e-commerce platforms find it difficult to obtain user flow while their customer acquisition costs remain high and consumer rights cannot be well protected. This create a sharp contrast between “prosperity and decline”. As a matter of fact, the centralized e-commerce is prominent in the current pain point, and its difficulty to obtain potential developments. On the other hand, the popularity of decentralized distributed e-commerce networks is inevitable.

The potential of distributed e-commerce

The root cause for the large gap between “prosperity and decline” is that the centralized e-commerce company born in the Internet era concentrates user flow, customers, and profits on itself, and enjoys the gradually accumulated traffic and benefits it brings. At the same time, it raises the entry barriers of other e-commerce companies, forming a monopoly situation. The centralized e-commerce model has a series of problems from information asymmetry between merchants and consumers, malicious malpractices, to inconsistencies. These problems are suspected of deceiving consumers, causing loss of consumer rights and causing a…

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