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Ever Thought Buying Bitcoin Was Too Complicated?




Bitcoin has gained the greatest traction within the tech and financially savvy community. One of the reasons behind this is the perception that dealing with it is too intimidating and complicated for everyone else. As a result, there are a good number of individuals who would like to join the cryptocurrency bandwagon but hold back.

Many cite the lengthy processes required to create an account at a cryptocurrency exchange as a major challenge on the road to their first bitcoin purchase. On most exchanges, extensive paperwork is required to verify identity. There are also challenges with complex user interfaces, high transaction fees, and poor customer support. The risk of malicious attacks and the subsequent possibility of losing all holdings is yet another hurdle that crypto users have to contend with.

K-USB’s Answers to Crypto Purchase Challenges

A new startup known as K-USB claims to have the objective of making crypto available to the non-techie population by offering the easiest way to purchase BTC and ETH.

It is offering bitcoin gift cards as a simplified alternative to acquiring cryptocurrencies. Its bitcoin gift card purchase is comparable to that of buying a VISA gift card. Unlike most other methods of crypto purchase, this one does not require any activation process or exchange fee.

Orders can be placed using a credit card or PayPal account, and the 16GB Crypto USB stick can be delivered to any location worldwide.

Purchases are made online by selecting your choice of digital currency from the available options. Though the options are currently limited to Ethereum and Bitcoin, the company plans to expand its offerings in the future to include additional altcoins.

Current Price Lock-in

Once you select the crypto-coin of your choice, you immediately lock in the real-time price at that moment. Among the top highlights of the method is the fact that purchased funds are transferred to a USB hardware wallet. This is made possible by the creation of a wallet and inclusion of a crypto voucher.

Hardware wallets are considered one of the safest options for crypto users. They keep funds offline in cold storage and are therefore inaccessible to hackers. Additionally, this type of wallet does not require any computer downloads. Instead, it offers an easy and convenient plug-and-play option.

After the purchase, a buyer will receive a confirmation email message showing the gift card amount and the security code. The company then sends the hardware wallet physically to the bitcoin buyer.

Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, the wallet can be accessed on most PCs to view or redeem the crypto voucher. Simply enter the redemption code when prompted to access the wallet. In order to activate the code, a buyer needs to connect the device to a PC with internet connection and follow an intuitive set of prompts.

Once redeemed, the device will function like any other cryptocurrency wallet allowing you to make same crypto deposits and withdrawals with ease. When not in use, you can store the device in a safety deposit box or any other secure place. Moreover, there is no expiry date for the gift voucher and as such, it can be redeemed at any convenient time.

Every device comes with a set of instructions. One of the most important ones is the requirement to write down the wallet’s private key and store it separately from the device. The essence of it is so that if the device is misplaced or gets lost, you can use the key to access your funds again.

No Exchange Fees

Current pricing for the purchase is $200. Most crypto purchase platforms are known to charge exchange fees which vary depending on the platform and the crypto-coin in question while K-USB only charges for the hardware wallet.

For purchasers, therefore, this means that one receives $200 worth of crypto, less the cost of the device ($30) and network fees. Network fees apply for all blockchain transaction facilitating the transfer of crypto coins from one wallet to another. They vary from one network to the next and depend on the level of traffic. But they usually will not exceed a few dollars.

Could this perhaps be the long-awaited answer to the non-tech savvy crypto enthusiasts hoping to join the bandwagon? If you have always wanted to buy crypto but thought the process was too complicated, this might be the perfect solution! For more information, check out the website.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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The low volatility of Litecoin and Bitcoin on the spotlight



Litecoin Bitcoin

Just like many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, as well as Litecoin, currently sit in vitality as much as the market is concerned. Will Bitcoin and Litecoin recover as much as many have been speculating? Apparently, it is hard to tell how the investors will react to all these recent events.

When looking at the current trend of the volatility of Litecoin and bitcoin prices in US dollars, it is quite clear to note that there is a decrease in volatility. The price of bitcoin stands at $6,574 with a slight change (24h) of +0.06%. On the other hand, Litecoin is trading at $53.94 with a difference (24h) of -1.45% at the press time. Basically, at the moment there isn’t a significant downward movement between the two cryptocurrencies.

Spectators Never Fail to Give Reasons

As always many spectators will seek to give some reasons for the trends and some think that the downward move is just a manipulation by some small group so that they can outscore the stock market. Perhaps, it is a bear market, and with the volatility of the coins being technically low, it means it is cheaper, which is definitely better.

The Real Meaning

What the trends literally mean is that there is an accountable resistance with both Bitcoin and Litecoin contrary to the expectations of many who were anticipating at least some positive movement after the sharp market rise last week.

However, that doesn’t mean that…

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If Tether crashes, will that money pour into Bitcoin?




For a long time now, the so-called stablecoin, Tether (USDT) has been a topic of discussion within the crypto community.

Tether, as a stablecoin, is said to be fully backed by the USD. This allowed it to be one of only a handful of cryptos that can avoid volatility issues, due to the fact that it is backed by a stable fiat currency. However, for as long as it was around, Tether was very secretive of its bank accounts and funds in general.

While claiming to have the ability to back each of its USDT coins, many have questioned whether or not this can be true. At the time of writing (October 16, 2018), Tether has released 2,256,421,736 USDT in circulation. This means that it needs to have at least $2,256,421,736 in order to cover its circulating supply.

At this point, three questions emerge, and answering them could very well change the future of this stablecoin. The questions are as follows:

  1. Are all USDT coins fully backed?
  2. If yes, then where did that much money come from?
  3. If not, what will happen when the market discovers the lie?

Tether continues to keep secrets

As mentioned, Tether has always claimed to be able to back each of its coins. However, instead of operating on transparency, the coin used different tools, mostly opaqueness, misdirection, and playing the victim whenever someone tried to unveil what is truly going…

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Is Bitcoin (BTC) Better Than USD?




Despite all its recent progress, cryptocurrencies still do not inspire trust in a lot of people. Many view them as unsafe money, with its very nature being doubtful. However, a recent report by the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Nuclear Physics shows that situation regarding cryptocurrencies may not be as bad as it seems. In fact, the report claims that Bitcoin might even be a better currency than it looks like.

Bitcoin vs traditional money

Bitcoin, as many are already aware of, is the first cryptocurrency. It was created a decade ago and was officially launched in 2009. But, even though it has been around for around 9 years at this point, it is still largely mistrusted by a lot of investors, especially when it comes to large institutions.

However, thanks to the Cracow-based Institute of Nuclear Physics’ recent report, this common opinion might actually be wrong. The Institute has conducted a detailed statistical analysis of the BTC market and has published the results in a scientific journal called Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science.

Surprisingly enough, the report portraits Bitcoin in a very positive light.

The report started by commenting on the credibility of traditional money. In the past, money that people have been using was backed by specific material commodities, such as gold. These commodities gave the money its value and served as a guarantee that the money actually has worth. This is…

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