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Introducing World Markets’ AI-managed trading accounts



AI-managed trading

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly becoming a common tool used in trading, especially when it comes to trading digital assets. This technology is growing and developing quickly, and thanks to this interest and development, it is becoming more and more efficient.

The need to use AI in trading comes from several reasons, such as the fact that the AI can keep track of the market even when the trader can’t. This is important, as digital assets markets tend to be open 24/7, which can present plenty of opportunities, which traders usually miss due to sleep or work.

Not to mention the fact that AI-managed trading completes trades without falling into the common pitfalls, such as allowing the emotions to get in the way. These and other reasons have caused AI trading bots to emerge, as well as trader-operated AI-managed trading accounts on various online services, such as World Markets.

What is World Markets?

World Markets is a firm that has been around since 2003. Of course, back then, it only acted as a precious metals dealer. Since then, the company has built up an impressive reputation, which made it a leader in the Bullion INvestment industry.

Recently, however, it decided to expand its operations. As such, it became a provider of digital trading services. It covers things like STOs, digital Gold, as well as the mentioned AI-managed trading accounts.

The company aims at institutional investors, such as private banks, HNW investors, funds, and even retail investors. 

The company claims to have over 50,000 clients around the world, with the annualized return sitting at 718%. 

But, while the firm’s history, present, as well as speculations about its future, are rather interesting, the thing that interests us the most right now is its AI managed trading accounts.

How do World Markets’ AI-managed trading accounts work?

Whenever the markets are bullish, everyone tends to become overly optimistic. This can be dangerous, as investors tend to invest in anything, believing that they can make no wrong. 

The situation is the opposite when it comes to bearish periods when everyone panic-sells ina order to avoid losing the value of their assets. However, there is a better way to go about the situation than to simply buy when the prices rise and sell when they drop. Both of these market states can be used in a greater way — one which will secure superior returns for the trader, and that is to use AI accounts.

The accounts are simple enough to open, and all you need to do is start by opening a regular trading account. After that, digitally sign the trading agreement, so that the company’s team would have trade-only access to your account and funds.

Lastly, deposit your funds, and 24 hours later — the trading can begin. The company’s AI will find the best deals and it will use your deposit to make you a profit. The company’s team of professional traders will manage it, and all you need to do is deposit the funds and watch as these experts do wonders with any amount you provide them with.

Also, you, as a trader, can check your account at any point in time. You can monitor it constantly, or check upon it any few months — it completely depends upon you.

How much do you have to pay to start?

When it comes to most other companies’ managed account fees, they usually come in excess of 30%. However, World Markets does not ask for this much.

There are only two pricing structures for traders to choose from. You can either select:

Standard accounts, with a 20% performance fee and 1% annual management fee

Gold Premier accounts (€25,000+), with a 10% performance fee.

The first account type will let you keep 80% of the profits, while the second one will allow you to keep 90% of what your managed account earns.

There are no upfront fees.

The company is extremely dedicated to the security and safety of your funds. More than that, it will also maintain reasonable levels of risk, and ensure that your profits remain, after originally earning them.

This has grown to become one of the best ways of trading and earning money out of crypto price shifts, without needing any experience.


Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized trading, mostly by eliminating the emotionalism of the crypto market ecosystem. It has long been suggested that emotions are one of the greatest obstacles when it comes to traders making large profits, as we tend to get carried away or make a wrong step due to fear of loss, or greed. 

The AI eliminates this completely, and can act only when doing so is sensible and logical. Meanwhile, you get to be as involved or detached as you wish, leaving everything to your AI managed account, or monitoring it the whole time.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


The Pros And Cons Of Cryptocurrency




Many facets of our lives are now digitized––money is no exception. 

Have you noticed that paper money is on its way to being obsolete because so many people receive direct deposit and love the simplicity of their debit card? 

Not to mention, cash carries germs, as we’ve heard lots about during the pandemic. Many businesses have turned to card only options in light of this. 

But what about cryptocurrency?

You probably heard everyone raving about it a few years ago, but the excitement’s calmed down quite a bit. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a viable option you should keep in mind. 

What’s Cryptocurrency? 

Let’s start with the basic definition of cryptocurrency so we’re all on the same page. Cryptocurrency utilizes cryptographic methods and complex coding systems to encrypt sensitive information during data transfers. This protects your funds and personal information on a whole different level. 

These transactions are virtually impenetrable due to the combination of mathematical and technological protocols created and put in place. This aspect of cryptocurrency is what makes it safer. Also, the details of transactions are kept private. No one can see who sent what, etc., because those rigorous mathematical and technological protocols protect it.

The Pros: 

Different From Traditional Banking Transactions

One thing people hate about traditional banks is the fact that they can…

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Enhancing the DigitalBits Ecosystem through the XDB Foundation



The DigitalBits ecosystem welcomed a new benefactor in the form of the XDB Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for DigitalBits. The main objectives of the XDB Foundation include the DigitalBits Ecosystem Support Program, supplying both financial and non-financial assistance to qualified entities and projects within the DigitalBits community, with a focus towards innovation and speeding ecosystem growth.

Michael Gord, MLG Blockchain and GDA Capital founder, has been appointed to the role of Managing Director of the XDB Foundation.  “I am excited to see the launch of the XDB Foundation and to be joining the DigitalBits ecosystem in this new capacity,” says Gord. “In the coming weeks, the XDB Foundation will share additional updates regarding its key initiatives.  Over the past 2 years, we have seen DigitalBits achieve various milestones and with this next chapter I’m excited to see the XDB Foundation contribute as the new project lead supporting education, research and development, and ecosystem growth and adoption.”

Michael Gord’s first initiatives within blockchain started with establishing the McGill Students’ Cryptocurrency Club, McGill Students’ Fintech Association, Bitcoin Canada and providing leadership on the global expansion of the Blockchain Education Network.  Notably, he is also a key contributor to the Kerala Blockchain Academy, one of the largest innovation hubs for blockchain technology worldwide. 

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As Global Tensions Grow, Bitcoin Price May Go Higher



BTC Surged Again as A Safe Haven Asset During Global Tensions

  • India – China Border Conflict

After weeks of squabbling and brawling along their long-disputed border, hundreds of Indian and Chinese soldiers engaged in a deadly clash Monday in a river valley that’s part of the region of Ladakh last week. Troops had massed on both sides of the border in recent months in the northern India region of Ladakh and the southwestern Chinese region of Aksai Chin, causing global concerns of a potential escalation between the two.

  • North and South Korea Clash

Last Tuesday, North Korea destroyed the liaison office it jointly operates with South Korea in the city of Kaesong, just north of the demilitarized zone that separates the two countries. 

North Korea also said it would send troops to now-shuttered joint cooperation sites on its territory, reinstall guard posts and resume military drills at front-line areas in a violation of separate 2018 deals with South Korea. Jeong said South Korea will take “immediate, swift and corresponding” steps to any North Korean provocation.

The tensions grown in Asia and the potential “second wave” of coronavirus in the United States may add more difficulties to the global economic recovery. Thus, Bitcoin, as a safe haven asset, attracts more investors to buy and hold. 

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