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3 Altcoins That Can Net You A Fortune In 2019




When they hear the term cryptocurrency, most investors think of the highest-ranking altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple. Those barely acquainted with the crypto world have still heard of names such as Bitcoin. However, the truth is that there are over 2,000 other altcoins out there. Some of them almost as old as BTC itself, while others have only been around for a few months, or even weeks.

They are still there, however, and some of them are more than just good projects. This is why they are worthy of being mentioned since some of these low cap cryptocurrencies are likely going to become major hits in 2019. A lot of them could have advanced earlier, but they were prevented from doing so due to bear market that has crippled the industry throughout 2018. However, a lot of experts believe that low cap cryptocurrencies will truly shine during 2019. If that is the case, here are a few coins that you might want to pay attention to.

3 Altcoins to pay attention to in 2019

1) Ravencoin (RVN)

Ravencoin (RVN) is a cryptocurrency inspired by a popular show, Game of Thrones. In the show, ravens are known for bringing news from far away places and spreading the truth around Westeros. This is what RVN aims to do as well, only in regards to digital asset ownership.

Ravencoin is based on UTXO (19) model of BTC. It is decentralized, and it aims to provide better and cheaper solutions, but also to eliminate various vulnerabilities that are usually associated with Bitcoin. There are several ways in which this coin is different than BTC. Its block reward time is reduced to 1 minute, it allows users to vote on various issues, it is resistant to ASIC mining, and more. Its main goal is to bring transparency, security, resistance to censorship, and to provide users with full control.

The coin is ranked as 69th, with a market cap of $88.5 million, and a price of $0.041376 per coin at the time of writing.

2) DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

DeepBrain Chain is another project with a lot of potential, and it is currently creating a type of decentralized bazaar for AI properties. Additionally, it represents one of the first ICOs to come from NEO’s platform. DBC aims to provide flexible and low-cost computing platforms for private use. To achieve this, it plans to reduce the GPU renting cost for as much as 70%. The same goes for related AI products.

The coin is currently holding a token sale, which will end in a little over 32 days. More about it can be seen here.

Another thing to mention is that DBC currently holds the rank of 343, with a price of $0.007388 and a market cap of $11 million. Interestingly enough, the coin is not trading in the red at the moment, like so many other low cap cryptocurrencies. Instead, it is experiencing a 5.29% increase, which means that there is definitely an interest in this cryptocurrency.

3) Trinity Network Credit (TNC)

TNC is the lowest ranking coin on this list, with a market cap of only $3.39 million, and it holds the rank of 611. While the coin is largely unknown, it is still a coin with a lot of potential. The coin was imagined to be a utility token created to be NEO’s off-chain scaling solution, such as Bitcoin Lightning Network.

During its token sale, Trinity managed to raise up to $20 million, which allowed it to survive the bear market up to this point. The coin has a good team behind it, and the project’s leader is former NEO developer, Yiling Li. The coin also started working on a new project recently, and in partnership with Ethereum itself. The project is called Decentraland, and a lot of investors have already heard of it earlier.

As for Trinity Network Credit itself, its connection to NEO means that they will likely share the same fate. So, if NEO, as a larger and stronger coin, manages to grow — TNC will definitely follow, and its investors will not regret supporting this coin.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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TokenPay (TPAY), Litecoin, and Verge (XVG) alliance about to transpire



TokenPay Litecoin Verge

Ever since the cryptocurrency sphere was met with the news of the partnership between Litecoin Foundation, TokenPay, and Verge (XVG), the idea of them coming together has been among the most controversial news to ever surface in the cryptocurrency world.

The collaboration managed to even draw the attention of one of the most renowned crypto-influencer and bitcoin campaigner, Tone Vays. In his usual style, Tone took to Twitter handle on hearing the news, tweeting and expressing his disapproval while criticizing the creators of the three cryptocurrencies for allowing such a move to occur.

In retaliation to the attacks from Tone, Charlie Lee, the MD, and founder of Litecoin (LTC) posted his clarification on Reddit on the 17th July in regards to the partnership. Litecoin’s CEO started by explaining the dissimilarities between Litecoin as a currency and Litecoin as a company.

In his remarks, he said that Litecoin as a blockchain and crypto network is a decentralized network, whereas Litecoin Foundation as a company is a centralized non-profit institution whose goal is to ensure Litecoin (LTC) is developed, adopted, and used. Charlie also mentioned that Litecoin’s cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies did not require his direct services at the moment hence his concentration on Litecoin Foundation.

Charlie Lee made his remarks known saying:

“If Litecoin Foundation (LF) is exposed to not doing a good job, nothing should prevent another organisation to step in and do a better job. This is…

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Here’s Why This Coin Still Has Wings (WINGS)




WINGS, a decentralized crowdfunding platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, has had a great run over the past two months. Culminating in a peak of US $.23 just a few days ago, the currency behind the product has more than doubled since it’s lows of early September.

Despite the slight downturn WINGS is currently experiencing, this crypto-favorite may not be done running up the green candles on your favorite exchange just yet. A small drop like we had today was actually expected and could be considered healthy by long-term investors. These dips are also appreciated by those of us waiting to get in on a project we feel has real potential. WINGS has shown us that potential and is now presenting a great buying opportunity for speculators and traders looking for the next wave of support to lift this coin into the stratosphere.

What is WINGS?
WINGS was created to nurture project proposals via the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model. Using blockchain networks and smart contracts, the platform allows the WINGS community to promote proposals with the greatest chance of positive returns. WINGS, in essence, is a decentralized forecasting ecosystem, where token holders are given an incentive to make choices concerning projects on the platform.

The DAO is a popular concept for crypto-projects that want to remain entirely on the web. Using the peer-to-peer technology of blockchain and smart contracts to enforce the rules of participation is…

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4 Things That Will Make An Altcoin Successful




Since the crypto craze began, there have been hundreds of altcoins that have emerged and attempted to take over the world of crypto with their advanced and innovative ideas. While these days there are well over 2,000 individual coins, there have been many more to emerge and disappear, all within the last 10 years.

Clearly, having an idea and launching the coin itself is not enough. While it is by no means easy to do so, there are additional measures and rules that you, as an altcoin creator, need to consider if you want your coin to remain relevant. Clearly, not every idea can succeed, and after 10 years, it is quite difficult to present something new. However, cryptos are still a new technology, which is why there are still many unexplored possibilities that may allow you to reach success.

Secrets to altcoin success

1. Capturing the attention

As mentioned earlier, there is not a lot of things that are simple when it comes to creating altcoins. However, while your plan and idea make sense to you, no matter how complex they end up being, this will not be the case with potential investors. Many of them might give up on getting involved if they do not understand what the coin is all about, or if the road ahead seems too complicated and unclear.

This is why having an idea is not enough. What you need to…

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