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Bitcoin Price Predictions: $20k Still Possible



Bitcoin price predictions

Bitcoin price predictions for this year continue, with Fundstrat’s Tom Lee still being convinced that the $20k mark remains a possibility. RT host Max Keiser seems to share this belief, especially since BTC already broke $7,000 in September.

Bitcoin price may still reach $20k, says Tom Lee

Tom Lee of Fundstrat has been known for his optimistic view on Bitcoin and its future. He still believes that various BTC price predictions, his own included, are still possible, most notably the one saying that Bitcoin will hit $20,000 by the end of 2018. This belief has been discarded by many throughout the year, as the constantly bearish market continued to hit cryptos hard, month after month.

Lee recently discussed the emerging markets, stating that Bitcoin’s price movement shares a lot of similarities between them. More specifically, he talked about ETFs like iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF. This ETF allows investors to allocate their money to various stock/assets portfolios in developing regions and their respective markets.

He then stated that these markets, as well as BTC, peaked at the beginning of the year, only to see a significant downfall later down the line. He also believes that the correlation will continue to hold.

Bitcoin to rise together with the emerging markets

According to Lee, ETFs’ and assets’ performance is strongly influenced by emerging markets, and their increase is the spark that will lead cryptos to new levels of greatness. The correlation between them has been strong ever since the beginning of the last year.

Lee also predicts that various world conflicts, especially the ones between the US and Iran, Turkey, China, and other world countries might also hit the US dollar. If that happens, the price of cryptocurrencies, and especially Bitcoin, might skyrocket like never before.

Max Keiser believes that even $28k per BTC is possible

Despite the fact that 2018 has been marked as an extremely bearish year, Max Keiser also kept the positive stance towards Bitcoin and its price. These days, we mark an entire month since cryptos have reached certain levels of stability. Some even consider the current situation to be decently bullish, with BTC breaching $7,200 per coin.

As usual, a lot of other cryptos followed its progress, and the market even managed to surpass $13 billion, which is a massive increase, especially considering that only a week ago it was barely over $5 billion.

As the end of the year draws closer, digital currencies are once again gaining value, and Keiser believes that his earlier predictions of BTC hitting $28k are still valid. This is further supported by even more interest coming from institutional investors, which are committing to the market via custodian solutions.

At this point, it would seem that even the BTC ETF rejections by the US SEC do not matter. Academie Bitcoin’s Jonathan Hamel shares this opinion, as well as Tom Lee. Even eToro stated that there are numerous alternatives to ETFs, like ETN.

With all of these positives piling up, it is not that surprising that cryptos were able to shake off the bears in favor of bulls. Analysts and cryptocurrency experts believe that this is still only a beginning and that large changes are upon the market, and especially Bitcoin. Whether they are right is anyone’s guess, but considering the way things have been going recently, it would seem that the optimists may be correct after all.

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Trusted Crypto Tumbler To Protect Your Wealth



crypto tumbler

Back when Bitcoin originally emerged, over 11 years ago at this point, cryptocurrency transactions were believed to be fully anonymous. This belief stuck around for years to come, but today, we know that, in most cases — this is no longer the truth.

Since the invention of blockchain explorers, it became possible to track every Bitcoin transaction, all the way back to the genesis block. This came as a part of blockchain transparency which promises to eliminate corruption, theft, and other such issues.

However, there is still a need for a certain level of privacy, as people like to keep their wealth to themselves, and not let everyone know how much money they have, or how much they sent for whatever purpose. This is why many are now using crypto tumblers, or mixers.

What do crypto mixers do?

As the name suggests, crypto mixers/tumblers mix up the coins in order to hide/disguise/make it difficult to discover where the coins came from. Things like the amounts, transactions, and wallet addresses to and from which the coins travel are fully traceable, which is why tumblers exist.

In a way, you could say that mixers can add an extra layer of privacy while using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies. There are many Bitcoin mixers Continue Reading


5 Best Places to Bet with Bitcoin



places to bet with Bitcoin

It seems like BTC is always making headlines for one reason or another.

When the market points towards bullish behavior Bitcoin is all the rage. When there is so much long action (going on right now) and then the price plummets, BTC also dominates the headlines. The same goes for legislation and when any new crypto product or platform comes out. It’s always compared against BTC.

So with BTC fever in full swing, sportsbooks around the world have adopted digital currencies as one of their main forms of funding accounts and paying out winnings. And with sports betting legalized in states across the USA, both BTC and legal online gambling are in the limelight. 

But where are the best places to bet using BTC and other cryptos? Furthermore, why would you want to use BTC, LTC, or Ethereum in this manner?

The Why

The principal reason why you would want to use cryptocurrencies in your ‘sports investing’ ventures is speed, cost, security, and bonuses.

When you use cryptos like BTC (BTX) to move money in and out of your account. You bypass the standard centralized banking system which drastically improves on both the speed of the transaction and the cost of the transaction – this is especially true with payouts. 

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Bitplaza Inc Introducing Cryptocurrency to Retail




Even though influential companies are not ready to validate cryptocurrencies as a stable form of money, Bitcoin is becoming a more frequently used currency daily. There is a rising number of companies that accept Bitcoin for the purchase of their products, validating it as a spendable currency around the globe.

Bitplaza Inc took the next step into technology and commerce, providing customers with a platform where they can spend Bitcoins for their needs through a mobile device. It opens the opportunity for companies and brands to list their products in exchange for Bitcoin, which will give more credibility to the coin.

What is Bitplaza?

Bitplaza is a shopping app that belongs to a retail company called Bitplaza Inc, located in Pennsylvania. The app is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Bitplaza allows anyone globally to purchase brand new items with Bitcoin. The app has a wide variety of products to buy online, from electronic devices, video games, even groceries. The products that can be purchased from the app range from popular brands such as Sony, Starbucks, Adidas, Apple, and many more. The Bitplaza team is always adding new products to the shopping app, making more items available to be purchased with Bitcoin. The app covers a broad range of products for the different needs of the…

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