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Tron network gets a boost as crypto exchange ChangeHero lists TRX



Tron TRX ChangeHero

ChangeHero is a crypto exchange that permits digital asset swap instantly. This exchange medium supports cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trades on its platform. Just about 15 hours from now, the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, announced a good news to the Tron community through his official Twitter page that ChangeHero has listed Tron on its platform.

The tweet reads:

TRX is available now for USD at ChangeHero Instant Exchange, TRONICS can use the direct through ChangeHero.”

ChangeHero is one of the biggest and fastest growing crypto-exchanges in the world. The exchange supports more than a hundred crypto-coins, tokens, and assets. The platform also supports about nine languages and delivers smooth and speedy transactions with a great experience.

TRX listing on ChangeHero is a big boost for Tron’s network. The platform has now made TRX and USD trading available for all its customers.

Also, customers now have the opportunity to exchange TRX from ChangHero by making use of USD. ChangeHero offers a stable and secured TRX transfer on its platform, and it is one of few exchanges that have 5-star support on offer and best rates.


At the moment, TRX is matched against USD only on ChangeHero, and more trading pairs are expected to get added soon.

Undoubtedly, ever since the inception of Tron, it has attracted lots of exchanges. During the Tron migration on the 21st of Jun, 2018, big crypto-exchange such Binance, Bitfinex, and Bittrex announced their support for Tron network during the launch of its MainNet. Tron’s listing on major crypto exchanges keeps increasing as every day passes and this is due to its liquidity and futuristic long-term projects.

ChangeHero is not the only recent cryptocurrency exchange that has decided to add Tron to its platform, Abra, the only cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in exchange that supports about 28 cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, XRP, DigiByte, etc., decided to feature Tron and Cardano on its platform just yesterday.

Justin Sun twitted about Tron’s listing on Abra on his official Twitter page today:

On the other hand, Abra stated on its official website after adding TRX, Cardano, and Basic Attention Token (BAT):

We are really excited to have these coins listed on Abra, and we are working to bring more investment options to Abra users. Before being listed on Abra, each coin goes through a rigorous vetting process that includes assessing the coin’s liquidity, contract market making, and other factors.  Once those criteria are met, new coins are added to Abra’s synthetic currency system, which means that all assets listed on Abra are leveraging the crypto-backed stable-coin model.”

Nonetheless, Abra has also announced on its official Twitter page that it is also making out plans to launch its very own in-app European bank purchases of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – with Tron (TRX) included.

As things look, more crypto exchanges might list Tron on their platform soon making us expect a positive change in its price than what it is now. At the time of writing, TRX is priced at $0.0209 and is in the red (alongside the rest of the market except Ripple’s XRP) and down by 4.66% in the last 24 hours time.

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Ripple XRP Mega Breakout: What’s Next?



Ripple XRP mega breakout

The Ripple XRP mega breakout that we were calling for happened and happened much quicker than anyone expected. As we said yesterday:

Nonetheless, IF, Ripple is capable of going ‘topside’ of the .38 figure at any point in the days/weeks ahead, such development, should it occur, would likely trigger its next advance into the .42 – .47 zone, representing a 30-40% move from present levels. On the flip-side, the .25 – .26 area should offer short-term potential support.

XRP is now sitting at .51704  as we write this article this morning, representing gains of 61% since we alerted our readers and our Global Elite email newsletter members.

Ripple XRP Mega Breakout

The Ripple XRP mega breakout is significant because it’s the first time XRP has been above its 50-day moving average since May. Right now, the RSI is approaching 80, so we are in overbought territory and we expect the price to consolidate around the .42 to .47 level before resuming its uptrend.

While some are looking at this as an opportunity to short XRP, we are not of that camp. While some can book some profits and use a trailing stop, any integration of XRP with xRapid has the ability to create a tremendous move in XRP. As Travis Kling said this week on the Off the Chain podcast with Anthony Pompliano, XRP could be the quickest five-bagger investors…

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Where will Tron (TRX) be when we land in the same month next year?



Tron TRX

The volatility of the crypto market has made it quite difficult to predict the outcome of what prices will become. To predict the prices of cryptocurrencies, various factors and characteristics are used to forecast whether a cryptocurrency will come up with a bull run.

The price of altcoins is significantly affected by the rise and fall in the Bitcoin price. In other words, if there is an increase in the price of BTC on a given day, there will be a high tendency for other altcoins to follow the same trend.

Concerning Tron, the market activity of Bitcoin has also affected the price of TRX lately. If that is the case, what will be the price of TRX before the year runs out and even next year? Well, we will be using various factors to predict the price of TRX in a year time or so (after seeing the recent market pickup).

The expected value of Tron TRX in a year or so now?

On a positive note, Tron has released lots of projects to aid and benefit its users worldwide, ever since the launch of its MainNet. Even recently, the blockchain announced another mega project known as Project Atlas. Despite the start of these projects, there hasn’t been a significant change in its price until recently. It is essential to know that even when these projects were getting launched, its price kept depreciating.

There aren’t any upcoming projects on…

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Litecoin Cash (LCC): The potential mover?



Litecoin Cash

Litecoin underwent a hard fork in the past, and that is what led to the creation of Litecoin Cash. Bitcoin has also experienced a hard fork, which has led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash, so this trend is not necessarily brand new.

Forks have occurred pretty often now in the cryptocurrency community, and the perception is that it probably will continue to, as long as the need (forks are often created to overcome issues faced by the originals) remains there.

While the market has been bearish for most of the year, it has been showing some definite signs of life, especially when we look at the kind of price action that has been happening with Ripple recently. Litecoin is also rising in anticipating of its hard fork, which is to be expected.

For those who are unaware, Litecoin Cash was created earlier this year. 10 Litecoin Cash was given to every investor who had 1 Litecoin – and that one move, it’s easy to see, was very massive concerning value.

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, has come out against LiteCoin Cash, calling it a scam. Many cryptocurrency influencers have come out against Litecoin cash, although there are still others that believe that this is only because the project threatens them.

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