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The Bitcoin Meltdown is Chance to Double Your Bitcoin



bitcoin meltdown

Most of the cryptocurrency holders have never felt a day so bad.

After a blustering day of trading which saw Bitcoin price drop from $7,950 to $3,800, the massacre caused the worst sell-off to set a new 2020 low which not seen since April 2019.

The history of bitcoin only has a day in 2013 to compare a 40% fall, at that time bitcoin once dropped from $266 to $50, that was also a day when despair defeated the belief of bitcoin and almost no one could foresee bitcoin can recover and prices will reach $10,000 in a few years.

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” This is what Warren Buffett said about stock market and you can see the stock market never dies, it is just rise and fall happen in a different order at different times.

So it is with bitcoin. The bitcoin meltdown is a chance for a few bitcoin traders while the others are running away.

One typical way is to short bitcoin. Futures trading allows traders to make profits out of the future price difference of the derivatives. However, when during horizontal movement of prices, futures trading may gain you fewer profits to cover the possible loss of the margin.

Is there any trading tool to short bitcoin but you don’t need to lock bitcoin as margin?

Yes, options trading is the tool to gain profits if you can predict the right direction of price movement.

Options Trading: Higher profitability than futures trading

An option is a contract that does not require you to buy or sell an underlying instrument but you have the right to take profits on the change of its value.

For example, if you trade options over BTC and predict its pricing to go down. If it goes down (no matter how big or small the change is), you take the profits. All you need to do is predict the right direction of the market, and open options to automatically sell to other traders who hold the opposite option.

You can buy options of all cryptocurrency including ETH, LTC, EOS, and XRP but don’t need to swap your current currency. Using bitcoin to trade options over all the other kinds of cryptocurrencies saves all the swap fees for you.

How to make profits with options trading? See below how to double your bitcoin every 60 seconds.

IE Option: It is EASY to make options trading to gain up to 91% profitability

IE Option, registered in London, United Kingdom, is an options trading platform operated by a team of blockchain experts and financial professionals. IE Option focuses on cryptocurrency-based financial derivatives including BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, and XRP.

The profitability is from 60% to 91%, the most popular asset is BTC/USDT which gives 81%. The 91% tier is in a private VIP room which requires you to apply in email.

Profitability means that if you open an option with 1 BTC and predict if the price will go up or go down 60 seconds later, and if the price goes as you predict, you will take 1.91 BTC back. If wrong, you will lose it. If it comes back to the original price where you bid, you will get 1 BTC back.

Simply put, as long as your winning rate is over 52.36%, you will earn more bitcoin than losing.

(If you make it right for the price trends where it will go 60 seconds later, you will take your margin and revenue together immediately.)

Easy Deposit & Quick Withdrawal

How to start your earning journey with IE Option?

Step 1: Create an account. IE Option cares about your privacy and does not ask for personal information, all you need to provide is simply to verify your email. The registration usually takes 30 seconds.

Step 2: Make a deposit. Bitcoin is accepted as the deposit crypto. You will get an exclusive bitcoin address to process your funds. The minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC. Once the bitcoin transaction is confirmed by the blockchain, it will be added to your account balance immediately. By the way, you can secure your account by enabling 2FA with your personal Google Authenticator app which will prevent fund theft from third-party devices.

Step 3: Learn and trade. IE Option offers 10 BTC in your demo account for practice use. On you’re prepared, switch to the Real Account, watch the K-line carefully and keep calm, find the right timing to place your first option and wait 30 seconds to show the result. The only goal you need to go for is to reach a satisfying winning rate.

Step 4:  Withdraw your profits. IE Option provides a quick liquidation process, your withdrawal request will be handled within 2 hours, and if with your email confirmation, it will be accelerated to take only 30 minutes.

100% First Deposit Bonus

IE Option is giving away a 100% deposit bonus to limited new users. All first deposit will be automatically doubled within 24 hours, if not delivered promptly, please contact the support team in email as all new deposits are qualified. Simply deposit 1 BTC, then get 1 BTC bonus.

The deposit bonus can be traded in the same way as real bitcoin and you can withdraw its profits,  more importantly, the amount of the profits is not limited.

Mobile App for Android & iOS 

With mobile applications developed by IE Option Ltd., users can take this magical and powerful trading tool to your pocket with the same trading features from the website. Search IE Option trading app or go directly with the official links as follows.

About IE Option

Official Website –

Google Play for Android Phone:

Appstore for iPhone:


Bitcoin Price Climbs Above $27,000 Ahead of the FOMC Monetary Policy Meeting




Bitcoin price jumped more than 3% on Monday, hitting its highest level since August 2023 ahead of the highly anticipated FOMC meeting. At press time, the premier cryptocurrency was trading 2.70% higher at $27,244.20. The digital asset has gained nearly 5% in the month to date and 64.71% in the year to date. Bitcoin’s total market cap has climbed by 3% over the past 24 hours to $531 billion, while the total volume of the asset traded over the same period increased by almost 100%.


Bitcoin price was showing signs of recovery on Monday from the losses made in the last cryptocurrency market dip. Bitcoin flipped above the important level of $27,000, while Ethereum held above important support levels. The overall cryptocurrency market was in the green with the global crypto market cap up by 2% to $1.08 trillion for the day, while the total crypto market volume increased by more than 56%.

Even so, the Crypto Fear & Greed Index, which is a major measure of the crypto market sentiment by participants, was in a fear level of 38, almost like last week’s reading. This points to a continued decline in risk appetite by investors, which could prompt them to sell further.

Despite Monday’s bullish rally, interest rate decisions due later in the week may introduce downward pressure on cryptocurrencies. The US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is slated to commence its…

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Bitcoin Price Flips Above $26,500: What’s Next?




Bitcoin price has been showing signs of a potential short-term recovery over the past few days and even tapped its highest level in two weeks, above $26,500. The premier cryptocurrency has gained nearly 2% over the past week, erasing some of the losses made in the previous days. Even so, the asset remains 9% below in the month to date. Bitcoin’s total market cap has climbed by more than 1% over the last day to $518 billion, while the total volume of BTC traded over the same period decreased by more than 9%.

Inflation Concerns

Like most major altcoins, Bitcoin price noted a slight bearish initial response to the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data published on September 13. Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showed headline inflation by the CPI came in at 3.7%, ahead of the predicted 3.6% year-on-year and higher than July’s 3.2% rate. Annual core CPI, which excluded food and energy prices, decreased to 4.3% in August, in line with forecasts and down from July’s 4.7% reading.

The Producer Price Index (PPI) data released on Thursday suggested bearable levels of inflation following a monthly increase of 0.7% and an annual increase of 1.6% in August. The monthly reading was higher than the estimated 0.4% increase. The core PPI came in at 0.2% for the month, in line with analysts’ expectations.

Retail sales data also published on Thursday…

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Bitcoin Price is Facing a Major Hurdle at $26,500 Amid Fed Concerns




Bitcoin price has been struggling to break above the crucial resistance level of $26,500 for the past few days. The premier cryptocurrency has slumped by more than 13% in the month to date but remains 56% higher in the year to date. Bitcoin’s total market cap is a formidable $503 billion, down by more than 20% compared to its highest level so far this year of $612 billion. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price was trading 1.50% lower at $25,797.25.


Just like most altcoins, Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, has been in consolidation mode in recent trading sessions amid a strong bear market. Ethereum, the largest altcoin by total market cap, has been hovering below the important resistance level of $1,700 after facing a strong rejection at the level. According to Coinmarketcap, the global crypto market cap remains lower at $1.04 trillion, while the total crypto market volume increased slightly over the last day.

The Crypto Fear & Greed Index, which is a key measure of the crypto market sentiment by its participants, was at a fear level of 37 on Friday. This is a slight decline from the fear level of 40 recorded earlier this week. Additionally, it indicates that the risk appetite among investors has inched lower compared to last month’s neutral level of 49.

Focus will now be on the US Federal Reserve ahead of its two-day policy meeting…

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