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Jelurida Releases The Source Code For Ardor With An Upcoming Blockchain Launch In January
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Jelurida Releases The Source Code For Ardor (ARDR) With An Upcoming Blockchain Launch In January




Jelurida has announced the launch of the source code for its latest product called Ardor (ARDR) which has also been released for review.

Jelurida is the technology firm that is responsible for the Ardor and Nxt blockchain. Nxt in the company’s flagship product that was introduced as proof of concept for the next generation of blockchain platforms. In fact, Ardor has been developed on Nxt’s blockchain which offers a lot of versatility, stability, and robustness. However, the company had to add some key new features to the altcoin to make sure that it was ready for the blockchain platform which is already business-ready.

Some of the features that were added include By-Property Phasin to facilitate account-based KYC, Composite Phasing to allow for advanced use cases and Asset Control to facilitate secure share distribution.

The launch of the source code will make it possible for users to test the platform and even come up with applications that will operate on the blockchain once it launches officially. Meanwhile, the launch of the testnet will also allow the users to review the source code for potential errors or bugs.

“The release of the testnet is an important milestone setting standards for the whole blockchain industry paving the way for mainstream adoption of blockchain technology,” stated Jelurida’s co-founder and managing director, Lior Yaffe.

Yaffe also stated that the company was proud of the many milestones they have achieved over the last four years. He also added that the company is excited to see what the future holds as blockchain technology becomes more popular. The company conducted its first ICO called IGNIS for its first Ardor child chain tokens. The crowd sale was held between 5th August and 4th November and it managed to raise $15 million. The company also announced that it plans to air drop 50 percent of the tokens to Nxt holders and this will take place In the last week of this month.

Jelurida described Ardor as a platform for business as well as scalable blockchain. The Ardor platform was designed to facilitate the availability of blockchain technology to startups, banks, governments, and businesses. The recent release of the source code thus marks an important step towards introducing these solutions to its target market.

Meanwhile, the Ardor cryptocurrency has had a good year and just like most cryptocurrencies in the market, it recently experienced a price surge that saw the price reach a new all-time high at $1.34 on December 21. The altcoin was ranked 29th place on Coinmarketcap with a market cap of $1.12 million.

The fact that the Ardor cryptocurrency blockchain is scalable means it is an attractive feature to the market and this might contribute towards generating more value for the altcoin. Perhaps it might even facilitate growth in the future.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Image courtesy of Marcus Spiske via Flickr


The Crypto Space Once Again Divided Over Bitcoin SV



Bitcoin SV

The crypto community is a strong one, one that managed to bring digital currencies from nothing to an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars. However, while its strength in this regard is undeniable, the crypto community can be just as fragile given the appropriate conditions. With that in mind, the conditions seem to have been set for a new divide, although the cause is once again the same — Dr. Craig Wright and his Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Craig Wright vs. the (crypto) world

Dr. Craig Wright, the chief scientist at nChain, and the creator of Bitcoin SV. has been a well-known and very controversial figure in the crypto industry. Wright was suspected of being Bitcoin’s creator several years ago, which is possible because no one knows who is behind the name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’

Wright was believed to be him, and one theory claimed that he and his friend were responsible for giving life to BTC. However, the theory quickly died out, but not before Wright seemingly liked the idea of assuming the mantle of Nakamoto. He himself started claiming to be Bitcoin’s mysterious creator ever since.

Of course, he managed to gather up some followers, but the majority of the crypto community — while confused — did not believe him. Luckily, there is no need for trust, and Wright should easily be able to prove that he…

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Are XRP and Ripple Going to Be Worth Anything by the End of 2019?




One surprise recently was when XRP took over Ethereum’s long-held second place in the Market Cap leaderboards. It quickly went back to its traditional and respectable third place behind Ethereum, but it could be a sign of things to come.

XRP has a lot of clout in the market because of the platform it is based on, which is Ripple. A coin that is used for a very specific purpose and with a long term goal in mind is always going to fare better than others. Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and others have come about because of disagreements in Bitcoin. Therefore they offer nothing except an alternative to Bitcoin as a pure cryptocurrency, while Ripple (and XRP along with it) has something tangible behind it.

Big Banks Back Ripple

Ripple was created in 2012 for a specific reason. It aimed to become a faster and more efficient method to transfer value between banks and countries. This value can be almost anything from currencies to other instruments. While initially, banks were cautious about investing in the company, recently they have been lining up. The crypto winter has helped with innovation int he industry and Ripple has benefitted immensely for it.

The various payment solutions based on Ripple such as xRapid and xCurrent are seeing a large uptake, and this is having an amazing effect on XRP as a whole.…

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Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple On the Rise




The recent development in the cryptocurrency industry is a rise in price for many of the core digital coins. We believe that the unexpected price hike is due to the renewed interest of the key players in the industry. Many investors, speculators, and traders are rushing into the number one cryptocurrency; Bitcoin like never before. Other altcoins such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin are not dormant either. The effect of the influx is the soaring prices of the digital coins within seven days.

The price of the crypto leading giant-Bitcoin has increased at 25.74 percent in one week. Ethereum also gained 18.76 percent increase in its price. Litecoin and Ripple also recorded some percentage increase in the tune of 53.20 percent and 16.12 percent respectively. It is no just these few popular coins that have gained in one week. From what we have gathered, 94 digital coins amongst the leading 100 cryptocurrencies are also experiencing the rise in price. This information is according to what TradingView published in April 2019.

According to them also, other cryptocurrencies gained in value while others declined. From their calculations, six digital currencies advanced while ninety-four was on the decline. Also, another information shows that the increase in Bitcoin price has reduced the value of other assets such as bonds and stocks.

The possible reason for the rally

Many people are wondering…

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