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Kind Ads – Streamlining the Digital Marketing Industry



Kind Ads

Kind Ads seeks to disrupt the traditional advertising model by addressing the main challenges that players have to contend with. It transforms the marketing model, allowing publishers, audiences, and advertisers to eliminate hurdles and reap the most benefit.

The current advertising model is seriously flawed.

Internet users have to contend with a constant stream of irrelevant ads that ruin their browsing experience. This ineffective content does little in the way of marketing and as a result, has a much lower ROI than companies anticipate when they pay for ads.

On the other hand, publishers are always looking for the best way to reach their target audiences and get immediate payment. But they face insurmountable challenges on both counts. Advertising companies also have to deal with ever-rising costs, a large portion of which ends up in the middleman’s hands.

Getting Rid of Third-Party Intermediaries

The current advertising model treats the information collected from its users as a trade secret, protecting it by all means from the access of publishers and advertisers. As a result, they hold a monopoly-influence over the market in terms of demographics. This makes it impossible for any other players to achieve efficient targeted advertising.

The Kind Ads model breaks down the current information asymmetry by creating a transparent framework in which industry participants operate. Everyone including the end-user has the opportunity to gain from the system’s incentive structure.

A Bridge Connecting All Players

The Kind Ads ecosystem proposes a comprehensive solution that allows everyone in the current ecosystem to achieve their objective without a struggle.

On the one hand, advertisers will pay little to no fees, something that traditional ad networks charge heavily for. At the same time Publishers, who have been trampled by ad networks for nearly two decades will finally the vast majority of the revenue they deserve, and without delay. Finally, internet users will get relevant and non-intrusive ads.

Benefits for Everyone Involved

User privacy is at the core of this ecosystem as it intends to develop a less intrusive model by minimizing unwanted ads. The network’s users will be able to opt out of adverts and specify the amount of communication that they find suitable according to personal preferences.

These facilities will give the ecosystem an opportunity to weed out low-quality content publishers. At the same time, the users will be in a position to keep track of what publishers do with their data. They will specify the terms of use for their data and will get incentivized to offer greater access.

Publishers on the platform will be subject to a rating algorithm based on the effectiveness of their campaigns and information from Oracles like Google Analytics. Publishers will have options to help them boost their score to increase their popularity and earning power on the platform. This system will make it easy for advertisers to identify the best publishers to work with and ensure a good ROI for their brand marketing campaigns.

At the moment, advertisers have no platform on which they can directly run their campaigns and reach target subscribers across several publishers. This ecosystem, however, allows the two parties to connect transparently, execute ethical subscriber transfers and track the effectiveness of their campaigns. And a major highlight of the platform is that it charges zero fees for advertisers.

Integration Capacity

The Kind Ads ecosystem also offers integration capability with various market apps. This allows app providers to launch their new and existing innovations on the network without compatibility issues. The platform is browser agnostic and this is a major merit that it holds over competitors.

BAT is one of its foremost competitors but compared to Kind Ads, it is rather impractical due to the browser hook, whilst Kind Ads works with all the browsers.

The Team behind the Project

The team behind the project inspires confidence in the model as it is comprised of seasoned market players with years of experience in related fields. The executive team is made up of co-founders Saulo Madeiros and Rafael Mayrink, who also cofounded NBPR International LTDA, an agency that assists large enterprises with their digital marketing campaigns. Their client base currently spends a total of more than $100 million annually on marketing.

Neil Patel is an active advisor to the company; he founded QuickSprout, KISSmetrics, and CrazyEgg, and has assisted industry bigwigs like Amazon, Viacom, and NBC to increase their revenue. Trevor Koverko brings in experience from his own blockchain company as well as his advisory role on the Ethereum network.

Kind Ads has a simple mission, which is to create a one-of-a-kind online advertising platform that reclaims power from the middleman and hands it back to the users, publishers, and advertisers. This will greatly streamline the industry and result in the greatest good for all players.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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