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Ripple news: XRP Ledger displays a transaction worth 150 million XRP




For the past few days, the crypto market has been nothing good to write home about. Yesterday, the crypto market witnesses a bit of recovery from XRP’s 0.502 swings low against the US dollar to exchange above the 0.52 US dollar and 0.53 US dollar level as a pair. However, the upside move was limited by the 0.545 US dollar and 0.55 US dollar resistance levels from previous supports.

Earlier today, one colossal settlement appeared on Ripple’s XRP ledger which has stirred commotion among traders, investors, and members of the Ripple community.

Through the social media handles, the Ripple community are crying foul and speculating the reasons behind this large transaction and its confusing destination address. The transaction amounts to about 150 million XRP with the transaction charge being less than a cent.

The open source blockchain technology, XRP Ledger which is behind Ripple’s cryptocurrency is said to be independent of any influence from any one person or entity.

However, the Ripple community has erupted with disappointment and speculations as to whether the existence of XRP as a currency is only a source of money for Ripple as a company and as an asset used to increase the company’s financial standing.

A section of the community believes that the founders initiated the transaction while others are still of the idea that the transaction either belongs to Chris Larsen or Jeb McCaleb.

The suspicious transaction comes at a time where there has been a lot of pressure towards the Ripple management to come clean on whether a single individual can influence the XRP Ledger within the company or any other business.

Speaking this week during the Swell 2018 event, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse was forced to address this issue, making it crystal clear that Ripple (XRP) is utterly decentralized despite the growing discomfort.

Further, the leader of Ripple Labs went ahead to clear his chest by saying that all the FUD revolving towards XRP was only a result of haters spreading negative rumors and news concerning XRP to benefit from the negativity.

On his response on whether Ripple XRP is centralized, Brad went on to reveal that even him as the CEO has no control or administrator rights that can influence the XRP Ledger.

That is how decentralized Ripple’s XRP currency asset is. As a former Uber driver and now the leader of one of the most promising cryptocurrency, at the moment, Brad emphasized the decentralization of XRP to the crowd.

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis

Over the course of one of its largest gathering, Ripple (XRP) prices took a downturn tumbling to the extent of being sold off to the extent of 4 billion US dollars, in spite of big news from a host of top of the range listers from the world of virtual currency, traditional markets, and Ripple Labs.

On Sunday, the prices of Ripple (XRP) reached 0.6 US dollars in the run-up to the Swell 2018 event but has unfortunately depreciated by 13 percent since then, falling below 0.52 US dollars.

All hope is not lost as a section of experts still believe this year is going to be the year Ripple (XRP) is going to increase in price significantly once again. A few months are remaining before the year ends during which tides might change to lead an exponential price increase given the fact that Ripple XRP has been partnering and closing deals with top fintech firms.

In recent times, Ripple has been enjoying a lot of trust and goodwill from some institutions adopting its xRapid product that facilitates superfast cross-border settlements more conveniently. Ripple is a blockchain technology that is improving the services companies are offering to their customers and cannot be written off easily.

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Bitcoin recovery services – Pros and Cons



Bitcoin recovery services

A difference between fiat currency and cryptos, and it’s arguably the most important, is that with fiat currency financial institutions such as banks will get your money back if it goes missing, or if you place an order which never arrives. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to cryptos, with personal responsibility being crucial.

Cryptocurrency must be stored somewhere such as in the reputable Bitcoin Luno wallet, but if this was to become inaccessible, it could mean there’s the potential for duns to be lost forever. However, there are now recovery services in place which aim to attempt recovery, but, of course, there are pros and cons which come with them.

The main advantage is, of course, there is a chance that a wallet will be recoverable, as there could be a large amount of Bitcoin stored. While the chances of recovery do vary, if a user was able to recall their password, there’s an improved chance of success. So, keeping a backup of a password is crucial in case the worst does happen.

Many recovery services are operating now, and some use different techniques to others, so there is always a chance one provider may be able to help. The more options, the better in this instance, and as customer reviews are viewable online, it will give those in need of help…

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Behold The Cryptopreneurs – Overcoming The Obstacles Facing The Blockchain Industry




Integrating blockchain technology is fast becoming a necessity for enterprise ventures and small or large businesses, but with a growing number of choices in the tech revolution, it’s difficult to pick a direction without feeling overwhelmed or taken advantage of. This is where BEHOLD THE CRYPTOPRENEURS comes in.

Private keys, the myth of anonymity, and the battle against anarchist ideology are only a few of the difficult challenges faced by businesses that want to incorporate blockchain into their culture. Author Dennis H. Lewis guides the reader through those challenges and helps them discover the true potential of investing in this new economic paradigm.

Every business has pain points that must be overcome in order to branch out and thrive in an ever-changing commercial environment. Blockchain has real world solutions and cryptopreneurs are not limited to the cryptocurrencies they invest in but rather how they seize economic and technological opportunities to make it work for them.

Innovation, trust, and solutions can differentiate your business from all the noise, but without a solid marketing plan, a cryptopreneur can have the best idea and never get far. Remember: a million great ideas times zero market presence equals zero success.

Investors want to know there is public interest and enthusiasm in a project before they commit any money to it. As a cryptopreneur, you are tasked with generating that interest from the…

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Adoption from the grass roots: The reason its just not happening yet!





As someone who has been extremely involved in the cryptocurrency space the past 2 years, and 6 as an investor I want to point some things out.

  1. The whole space is full of egomaniacs

When I first got involved as an investor in 2013 buying 2.5 BTC I thought very little of where it could go. It was a small tight group of believers back then. As the space evolved you found there were more and more Craig Wright’s. What I mean by that is there were tons of people with massive egos who did not care what others said. It was okay before 2016-2017 as I wasn’t so closely following what was going on.

Once I got involved in the space more quit my job and went deep into the space I noticed something. I saw a tom of egomaniacs pretending they really knew what they were talking about, I saw people acting like they knew everything about everything and I saw CEOs who had little to no hope other than big talk and hopium.

In my opinion, we need more humble leaders in the space, people who truly care about it more than making as much money from people as they can. People who aren’t showing off watches during a hash war that ended with zero winners, and led us into the longest crypto winter…

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