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Status Network Token (SNT): What Is Up with SNT?



Status Network Token

You might be wondering what is going on with Status Network Token, mainly if you are investing in this token or if you are planning on investing in one of Ethereum’s digital coins. For those who are not familiar with this coin, we will further explain what exactly SNT is and where is it now, as well as whether SNT is staying among the potentially good investments or is it out of the game.

SNT and Its Features

Even if you haven’t heard of SNT, you have probably heard of Ethereum. SNT is a part of Ethereum and given that Ethereum is among the big guys, running side by side with Bitcoin when it comes to popularity and demand on the market, but going over it with its advanced and developing technology. Although Ethereum is also using blockchain technology, unlike Bitcoin blockchain technology, Ethereum allows different tokens and coins to be used and spent within its network; even allowing users to work on expanding Ethereum community, exchange values, create applications and programs that Ethereum community members can use and trade within a utterly decentralized ecosystem. SNT is one of Ethereum’s tokens used across its platform, and it serves the purpose of being utilized as open source platform that is programmed to enable messaging through Ethereum. SNT is also used as a mobile browser that is meant to connect the user with decentralized applications that are active and available within the Ethereum network.

So, SNT is one of the crucial components of Ethereum, and it has its value as well as a digital coin. SNT allows users within the Ethereum network to have complete control over their digital identities within their accounts, as well as owning control over personal data and their wealth is seen through digital coins and “real money.”

One of the features that make SNT what it is is the ability to work through Status and get access to all apps and programs within Ethereum which allows all users to gain access from anywhere and interact with other parties and work in and on programs they are searching for through Status.

Another exciting feature SNT has is uPort, “plugin” feature that allows you to declare your digital independence which is the core of decentralized platform Ethereum is representing.

SNT also enables you to exchange and trade with other Ethereum tokens and even get access to decentralized job marketplace where you can work and hire someone to work with you or for you with no fees included.

Besides from these fantastic features, SNT also allows artists to share and create their content with the rest of the community, finding a new way for presenting their work to broadened audiences. SNT also enables you to buy insurance policies and create companies without limits or borders.

As you can quickly conclude based on SNT features, SNT is not “just” a token – its value goes beyond that as it serves the purpose of allowing Ethereum community members to interact with each other, use applications within Ethereum and so much more than that. With SNT you have control over your entire digital identity within Ethereum ecosystem, wherever you are.

All these features thus make this token very valuable, but how does digital currency market see this digital coin?

Status Network Token and Its Market Value

January the 1st 2018 was somewhat a good day for SNT as this token got a raise 58.21% in oppose to its previous value, which made its value per coin increase for 0.103$ per one unit, giving SNT a total value of 0.28$ per one SNT coin. Its entire net worth then reached 6.80 billion coins in circulation, each dealing an amount of 0.28$ per one coin.

At the beginning of December 2017, this token reached a marvelous increase of over 200%, reaching the current value gradually through benevolent increases and gaining in overall value and market demand.

However, January the 2nd 2018 wasn’t as good for SNT as the previous day. The token’s value fell -15.01% which made this coin decrease and fell to the total value of 0.25$, which only makes this drop somewhere around 0.03$ per one unit. Even though this decline is not as severe as watching Bitcoin falling from 22.000$ to 10.000$ in only a couple of days, the decrease is still there.

The highest price that day for selling SNT via Liqui was 0.3$ per one unit, and the lowest was 0.24$ per one coin.

Where is SNT at Now?

The coin is still trading at 0.25$ per one token, and it hasn’t shown an additional decrease during the last day after January the 2nd of the current year of 2018. Although SNT cannot be mined and is not in any way a mineable token, its value for Ethereum community is priceless. This token allows you to interact with other parties, find and use applications within Ethereum Ecosystem, find jobs and hire people on the job market within the community, buy insurance trade with Ethereum tokens, get access to personal digital identity, account and wealth and operate your account with no restrictions.

Given that SNT is very useful within Ethereum community, as long as Ethereum lives as a promising decentralized platform, SNT will be on the value, although it is occasionally experiencing decreases in value shown in USD. As an essential open source app made to help you get around Ethereum, this token has a promising future as its patron Ethereum, which is proven to be one of the most advanced decentralized platforms in the world of cryptocurrencies and the digital world beyond.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Image courtesy of Ben Bashford via Flickr


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