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The Stellar (XLM) blockchain is been loved by many enthusiasts for its simplicity and its mandate to provide cheap financial access, literacy and inclusion all over the world. The Mandate of the Stellar Development Foundation is to expand worldwide through the numerous partnerships and in turn further push its chief goal of providing the said low-cost financial services through the development and maintenance of technology across the globe.

One of its major partners has just done that. This partner is none other than IBM that currently runs 9 stellar nodes to settle international payments around the globe.

In this case, IBM has just won a lucrative 5-year contract with the Australian government worth AUD $1 Billion or the equivalent of $750 Million. The new deal aims at making Australia a top 3 digital government in the globe by 2025 through the investing in blockchain technology, quantum computing as well as artificial intelligence. All these sectors of technology will be in constant research and development to guarantee Australia makes it to the top rankings of global technology as well as maintaining that position.

The exact details of the partnership have not been revealed but the Stellar blockchain is bound to be part of the agreement. This brings some renewed hope to the Stellar project and coin. The Stellar blockchain and coin are ideal for running the back-end payment settlement for the various Australian government agencies during regular times of operations as well as during emergency services. The fact that the Stellar blockchain has many features, such as a timing aspect on its smart contracts for disbursing funds, makes it ideal for recurring payments for a government. XLM will be used to source instant liquidity in the transactions.

Another project that the Australian government can tap the Stellar blockchain through IBM, is the current plans of the said government to start delivering social security welfare payments to its citizens on the blockchain. As earlier mentioned, Stellar is ideal for timed payments as well as micropayments due to its low cost per transaction. XLM can be used for these transactions hence increasing the demand for the coin and eventually its price. No wonder XLM fans are expecting the price of the coin to increase in value by 350%.

All these services in Australia on the Stellar platform will be more enhanced due to the recent acquisition of the fintech company of Chain by the Stellar Foundation. The reason for doing this, and using XLM as a means of payment for the acquisition, is to tap into the experienced pool of developers at Chain.

Summing it up, the fact that IBM has won a government contract in Australia makes the use of the Stellar blockchain and XLM highly likely for some of the government services. IBM has even tapped Stellar to track carbon emissions. This means the blockchain is ready for the challenge ahead as well as the coin to have more utility hence boosting its price.

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