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Announcing NEO Global Capital’s Investment in OPEN




OPEN is incredibly thrilled to have NEO Global Capital join us in our mission to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream!

Not only is NGC backed by NEO, one of the few public blockchains with live decentralized applications, but they have been instrumental in helping amazing projects, both within and outside of the NEO ecosystem, blossom.

Several general partners in NGC also sit on the NEO Council, such as Wayne Zhu, Head of Investment and Research at NEO Council and Tony Tao, Secretary General of NEO.

NGC’s portfolio companies, as well as its relationship with NEO, provide OPEN a strong advantage when building out our platform. NGC’s network includes new decentralized database protocols, next-generation exchanges, and other highly scalable blockchains with immense potential for synergy with OPEN.

OPEN provides NEO DApps the ability to accept ~$300 billion worth of cryptocurrencies as payment. Additionally, OPEN boosts these DApps’ scalability by providing them a more efficient, secure, and developer friendly infrastructure to build applications. Scalability and usability have always been core aspects of NEO’s ethos and we share the same values at OPEN.

Our partnership with NGC marks the beginning of the future. A future where cryptocurrencies can actually be used as methods of payment, where applications and DApps aren’t crippled by issues of scalability in public blockchains, where credit card processors don’t have expensive monopolies over our financial sovereignty, and where developers can easily access the blockchain ecosystem to bring the industry to its full potential.  

Furthermore, we are honored to announce Mr. Roger Lim, a founding partner of NGC, as an advisor to OPEN.

Mr. Lim is one of the most prominent thought leaders in the space, as well as an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. He has advised multiple successful projects such as Qlink, Bluzelle, CoinFi, SelfKey, and TheKey.

Mr. Lim’s vast knowledge of the blockchain industry has already shown itself to be invaluable and we could not think of a better partner to help us accomplish a goal as ambitious as ours.

Our partnership with NGC is just the first of many that we are soon to announce. Because we’ve been so focused on building out our developer toolset ahead of schedule, we haven’t had the opportunity to publicly announce some of the amazing partners and investors that have joined OPEN Platform till now. Be on the lookout for more amazing news coming out this week!

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Fasttoken to Become the First to Publicize its State Channels




Despite the introduction of effective solutions like “state channels”, scalability has always been a major cause of concern when it comes to solving complex problems on most major blockchain networks.

Fasttoken State Channel is Here to Stay

Fasttoken, a blockchain-based platform, which has been developing several blockchain-based casino games for the past six months, has recently presented them casino at the gambling industry’s largest event — ICE London, an event with the main agenda of fusing the offline and online gambling ecosystems.

At the ICE London event, the Fasttoken team announced that the platform will be providing unrestricted access to all underlining codes pertaining to their state channels implementation. These codes are said to be streamlined to suit the gambling industry.

The state channels, just like Raiden and the Lightning Network, further ameliorate some critical aspects, which are detailed below.

  • Scalability – Transactions per second are in the range of millions.
  • Speed – With the state channels, the time consumed during blockchain is reduced to seconds or milliseconds.
  • High Costs – Apart from boasting significantly reduced fees during rare blockchain updates, gas fees are also eliminated in state channels. This has however not had any negative effects on transactions. In fact, transactions were reported to be highly transparent and secure.

The Lightning Network which has its primary use focused on payment and the transfer of funds has…

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Earn Money Even When BTC Drop? Bexplus can Achieve It!




The Dilemma for Cryptocurrency Investors

In the past one week, Bitcoin showed a upward trend from $3,510 to $3,620. However, According to the historical chart, this presents another “enticing” trend which might be a bull trap. It’s necessary to be cautious about its price suddenly plunged soon later. In fact, Bitcoin is still in the prolonged bear market. Since November, 2018, BTC has been making its downwards journey. Though there are some slight recovery, it’s hard to bounce back and hit the peak at $20,000 again. If the bear market continues, it’s impossible to make profit by holding BTC and waiting for its appreciation, let alone investors who started BTC trading since late 2017 with their assets shrinking.

Moreover, Altcoins which rely on various endorsements entered into the crypto market, making Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc less valuable for investment. In general, when a kind of new altcoin is listed in an exchange, its price will go up to at least 30% in 3 days. This kind of investment can satisfy the money-earning desires of bold investors. However, because ICO programs are unregulated which are high-risk as well.

So is there any way of investing BTC to achieve high return but with lower risks? The answer is YES and that is cryptocurrency futures trading.

How Cryptocurrency Futures Trading Achieves High Returns and Low Risks?

Low risk

For high-end investors, a…

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How to save time and money on cryptocurrency trading?




Cryptocurrency trading is exciting, at least when things are going your way, but when they’re not things can get stressful fast. Being a successful cryptocurrency trader is all about making the right decision at the right moment to secure a profit.

This puts a lot of pressure on new cryptocurrency traders. Sometimes you’ll have only seconds to come to a decision, but what if it’s the wrong one?

The key to getting over most of your issues when it comes to trading is efficiency. Being able to establish systems that work and set rules and goals for yourself is the difference between a successful and failed trader.

Why is trading cryptocurrency so complicated?

Cryptocurrency trading also suffers from another big problem, it’s spread out all over the internet! There are hundreds of different cryptocurrency exchanges and tools out there and most traders will be using several exchanges and tools to try to trade.

There are so many cryptocurrencies that not every exchange can or will list them all. Many assets which have great price potential are actually confined to smaller exchanges. That means if you want to trade them, you’ll need to make many different accounts and swap between the tabs.

This makes things confusing, especially for newbies. It’s easy to make costly mistakes when you’re juggling multiple tabs and interfaces, and it can turn things into…

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