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Apollon: A Blockchain Ecosystem & Marketplace for the Entertainment Industry




Everyone just loves fun & entertainment, isn’t it?! Especially, in today’s fast-paced and demanding life, it’s important to revitalize often and maintain a healthy lifestyle balance.

And, what better way than to book an awesome holiday? Or, spending free time on the activities loved most? Well, that’s exactly what the world is doing. And, increasingly so.

At the same time, statistics show that online has become the favorite place for entertainment in the Digital Age. For example, in China, the largest nation on the planet, the whole online entertainment & media industry is forecasted to grow at almost 9% annually in coming years.

While, specific segments of the industry, such as online advertising, cinema and video games are expected to increase up to a whopping 19% every year. Studies and research show that the astounding growth is largely due to the digital lifestyles of the new generations coming through.

Young people are increasingly becoming the mainstream consumers in the market and, being heavily dependent on mobile phones, they find major appeal in digital content, new technologies & products.

Furthermore, online social media is their preferred way of staying connected and the new generations are pursuing digital content and Internet celebrities not only for their own entertainment but also as a source of sharing and gossip with friends & family.

It is clear that the digital entertainment industry is on the eve of explosive and unprecedented growth. Also, that the world urgently needs an appropriate platform to handle the imminent & skyrocketing user demand.

Enters Apollon, a blockchain ecosystem & marketplace for the entertainment industry.

Please continue reading to see what the current industry challenges are and how Apollon provides the perfect, global online platform where entertainment product providers and customers thrive.

Also, how you can participate in the exciting Apollon journey by becoming a proud owner of its APO Coin.

Traditional online infrastructure is inadequate for modern needs

Mankind’s existence has been revolutionized undisputedly since the coming of the Internet of information two decades ago. And, sure, over the years since then, the majority of businesses worldwide have taken the first step and created an online presence for themselves. However, unfortunately, that’s where it stopped for the majority.

While, during the same 20-year period, a whole new generation of digital-savvy humans has come of age. The mainstream consumers of today demand a next-level online experience, a definitive sense of online community and seamless interactivity, i.e. a digital life which resembles the real world authentically.

Younger generations are embracing the Internet of value and Internet of Things (IoT) for their daily existence. Modern lives are highly interconnected and only solutions that are seamless and tightly integrated will suffice, while also being accessible from any digital platform, i.e. computer or mobile device. And, businesses which do not answer to the call, will sadly get left behind.

Currently, the online commercial landscape still comprises largely of standalone businesses which operate like silos. Also, in the entertainment industry. For instance, customers looking to book holidays, often need to register separately with countless websites to fulfill their travel itinerary. And, hand over their money to operators who they don’t know and have to blindly trust, often across borders, which also means extra fees and currency costs.

Another example is online gamers. To enable them to access all their favorite games, it generally means registering with several different providers. And, again, there is a high inconvenience factor and exposure to increased online risk when having to deal with a multitude of different & separate platforms simultaneously.

While, from the operators’ point of view, there are also multiple industry pains to overcome when, on their own as a standalone service provider, attempting to offer a truly world-class online entertainment experience to discerning consumers, who expect to have access, 24/7 from anywhere around the globe and on any connected device.

Firstly, the infrastructure required to set up, maintain & administer a global platform is significant. Not only is a substantial investment in equipment required, but also the necessary technical skills, expertise, and knowledge, including top online security.

Customers would also require payment facilities & gateways that cater for both fiat and crypto, while they would reject excessive transaction costs. At the same time, the business operator is likely to incur high energy consumption expenses in the process of validating network transactions on the decentralized platform.

International Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and anti-terror legislation are also becoming increasingly stringent. Business operators are subject to ongoing Know-Your-Client (KYC) & AML requirements which represent a substantial burden, workload and cost to standalone businesses.

And, because the consumer generations of today crave a sense of online community, standalone operators will require substantial marketing budgets when competing with market players who form part of online ecosystems.

Apollon is the smart digital community for the entertainment industry

The Apollon blockchain ecosystem & marketplace offers community participation to all entertainment business operators around the world.

On joining Apollon’s decentralized global network, business operators promptly receive the turnkey solutions & benefits of its worldwide ecosystem.

Any entertainment business, regardless of its size or location in the world, can join seamlessly via the Application Programming Interface (API) provided by Apollon. And, enjoy relief from the traditional industry pain points almost immediately.

However, even though businesses receive the countless benefits associated with a commercial ecosystem, they still retain their individual identities and personal branding, which originally attracted their clientele in the first place.

The Apollon platform further promotes diversity so that network customers can enjoy a wide choice of offerings. All sectors of the entertainment industry are represented within the ecosystem, such as tourism, online games, eSport and cultural activities, to name but a few.

While, individual businesses include, but are not limited to, travel agents, tour operators, restaurants, shops, online game platforms and eSport venues.

Apollon’s decentralized, global blockchain network makes extensive use of Smart Contracts and cutting-edge technologies, tools & protocols to ensure a transparent, secure, fast, efficient and ubiquitous operational platform for all its users.

For instance, Apollon uses the Byzantine-fault-tolerant consensus and Delegated Proof-of-Stake (BFT-DPoS)algorithm for transaction validation purposes. Which, consumes much less power than other blockchains, making the APO coin a much greener cryptocurrency and also greatly reduces operational costs, for the benefit of all Apollon community members.

Further examples of Apollon’s state-of-the-art tech is the use of Longtooth protocol; TuYYo, one of the world most secure IM tools; and, the NTRUsign signature & Keccak-512 hash algorithm, which reduce the risks and threats associated with the rapid development of quantum computing.

While, the extensive use of side-chains also makes the Apollon platform suitable for just about any type of business operator, thereby promoting the organic growth of the ecosystem. And, the use of Smart Contracts for network transactions further obviates the need for middlemen, again reducing costs, while also eliminating the need for counterparty trust as platform transactions are automated & immutable.

Apollon community members also do not have to perform their own KYC and AML procedures in terms of consumers as these are performed by the ecosystem’s self-governing identity technology. Also, the customer registration, service & care administration functions are performed by the platform itself. Which, further saves all business operators within the ecosystem substantial effort, time and resources, thereby allowing them to focus on their core businesses instead.

And, the Apollon platform further offers a payment gateway that greatly benefits both, its business operators and customers. The two-tiered currency system does not only allow for smooth, safe & secure transactions on the network and conversion between fiat & crypto, it also evens out currency fluctuations.

Apollon’s two-tiered currency payment gateway

While Apollon’s APO coin is the primary currency of the platform, LiquidCash (LCASH) is an intermediate fiscal tool which is used to even out APO market value fluctuations.

For stability purposes, LCASH is fixed at US$1. Apollon’s payment gateway and electronic crypto wallet (eWallet) automatically employs LCASH to minimize the currency fluctuations of APO for the convenience of business operators & customers during transaction settlements on the network.

And, similar to the business operators, Apollon customers also enjoy a multitude of benefits on the network. Not only is the wide choice of suppliers on the platform unsurpassed and the transactions safe, fast, secure & automated by Smart Contracts, but platform registration and compliance are also highly convenient.

Centralized platform registration saves consumers a lot of time and effort. Also, the process leverages self-regulating technology and is performed for the entire Apollon ecosystem concurrently, as opposed to one business operator at a time.

The Apollon platform further offers several incentives to customers for supporting the businesses on the network. The ecosystem’s loyalty & bonus program rewards consumers with points & credits which may be redeemed anywhere on the platform.

And, users can enjoy Apollon’s offerings at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Apollon can be accessed anywhere & anytime

The platform is accessible by means of a computer, also from any connected mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Further extensive information in terms of the features, benefits, and technology of Apollon’s blockchain ecosystem & marketplace for the entertainment industry is available on the website and in the whitepaper.

The APO Coin & Crowdsale

The APO Coin is the official currency of the Apollon platform and is required for all transactions within the ecosystem and across the entire, decentralized global network.

The APO Coin Crowdsale starts on 16 July 2018 and the coin will be available at US$1 each during the crowdsale period. After the crowdsale period has ended, APO will be available in the open cryptocurrency market. Due to demand, the value of the APO coin is expected to rise after the crowdsale.

Further information on the Issuance of the APO Coin and Funds Usage is available in the Apollon whitepaper.

Management, Milestones & Roadmap

Apollon Foundation is under the capable leadership of CEO Alan Lau, who is well known for his work with Hewlett-Packard, including bringing the world’s first Unix online trading system to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, making HP a famous brand in China.

Mr. Lau is duly assisted by four highly skilled & experienced executives. Please meet The Team online. While further information on Apollon’s Board Members & Advisory Board is available in the whitepaper.

The exciting Apollon journey started in early 2018. And, although several milestones have already been achieved, many more are planned for the immediate future and years ahead. Please see Product and Platform Launch Planning in the whitepaper for more information in terms of the Apollon roadmap.


While modern generations are increasingly turning to the Internet for all their entertainment needs as part of an all-encompassing digital lifestyle, online businesses and service providers have not kept up with the demands of the times.

Apollon’s Blockchain Ecosystem & Marketplace for the Entertainment Industry has arrived at the perfect time to provide a turnkey solution to business providers and one-stop, online community destination for discerning global consumers.


Website – Apollon

Whitepaper – Apollon

PWC – China entertainment and media outlook 2016-2020

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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