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BTC, XRP, TRX: 20 Years Down the Line




The year is 2038, and many of us have aged a bit. Some of us dudes have accepted our fate as having lesser hair on our scalp. Perhaps a flying car would be a reality by then, and HODLers would be the lucky few who own them. That is because the cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Tron (TRX), etc., have blossomed to their full potential and become mainstream investment instruments.

What we are going through now – in 2018 – are growing pains that are sure to separate the so-called ‘weak-hands’ from the long-term HODLers who have seen the future like Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe.

So let us travel forward 20 years in time and see what our favorite digital assets would be valued at as well as any technical advancements by then.

Bitcoin (BTC)

In 20 years, BTC would have probably experienced a few parabolic moves and peaked at all the predicted levels of $25,000, $50,000, $250,000, $1 Million, etc. These price movements would have even saved John McAfee from eating his own d*ck. By then, BTC would be the digital gold and all fiat would have become extinct and displaying in museums next to fuel guzzling Lambos.

More forks of Bitcoin would have emerged by then with each claiming to be the refined version of the original. But the original Bitcoin by Satoshi would be highly sought after by HODLers who believe its value will perhaps reach higher levels above the $1 Million predictions.

Ethereum (ETH)

The probability of the Ethereum community agreeing to solve scalability issues in 20 years is very high. By then, the network will be processing transactions at speeds that are probably 100 times current levels. The ERC20 token protocol would probably be obsolete and replaced by some other protocol that has fewer vulnerabilities in the smart contracts.

The price of ETH would have crossed the levels predicted at $1,000, $2,000, $10,000 and more. ETH would once again be the best alternative coin to HODL and not Stellar (XLM) or Zilliqa (ZIL).


The remittance industry in 20 years will probably be at the fingertips of the Ripple company. The firm would have by then, apparently merged or acquired SWIFT and any other threat to their ‘global domination.’ XRP would have surpassed the eagerly awaited $10 and done more in gains to levels that have not even been predicted. The monopoly of Ripple software solutions would once again become a cause for concern but not to XRP HODLers who would be reaping the rewards of waiting.

Tron (TRX)

Justin Sun and the Tron foundation would have managed to decentralize the web in 20 years. The digital asset of TRX would have managed to become the gold standard of rewarding musicians, actors and more. By then, the adult film industry would have catapulted TRX to levels that no one imagined due to PornHub further pushing TRX adoption on its site.

Litecoin (LTC)

By this time, Litecoin (LTC) will probably have decided to no longer live in the shadows of Big Brother, BTC. Litecoin would have managed to become the preferred digital asset for sending funds through SMS and Telegram messaging through

Also with TokenPay, the Litecoin Foundation would become the Goldman Sachs of crypto banking through the simple fact that they were one of the first to issue crypto debit cards after acquiring a stake at WEB Bank.


In conclusion, and the basis of this futuristic post is to remind crypto-traders and enthusiasts that we are on the cusp of greatness with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

With every new technology that is introduced into the mainstream, there is a reluctance to adopt it immediately for this would be disrupting the ‘Business as Usual’ of doing things. Humans are creatures of habit, and any disruption of that habit is usually met with fear or hostility as we see now.

But 20 years down the line, crypto traders will be flying around in their cars and being glad they kept HODLing.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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KaratGold Proves Its Business Model By Providing Official Documents




There has been a lot of renewed enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency market thanks mainly to Bitcoin’s strong move about 10,000.  Although Bitcoin continues to show its dominance, the altcoin market has yet to benefit from that rally.  A few of the largest altcoins remain popular but the rest of the market continues to lag behind.  In 2018, there was a lot of talk regarding a possible altcoin apocalypse where only the strong would survive.  That prediction appears to be playing out as expected.  Going forward, only the best projects that have a real world need will survive.  Crypto traders will have to spend a lot of their time doing proper research in order to find the best opportunities, just like in all financial markets.  One promising project that appears to have the makings of a future winner is KaratGold Coin.

KaratGold Background

KaratGold Coin is a cryptocurrency developed by the reputable German company Karatbars International, which maintains a leading position in the market of small gold items and investments. The project is part of a larger ecosystem, which involves several blockchain solutions that can be used for transactions, communication, investing and other tasks. During the past few weeks, however, the KaratGold ecosystem has been a target of unsavory scam allegations.  

Karatbars International and GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation…

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SonicX and Dash Could Challenge Facebook’s Libra for Global Payments Market Share




When Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled Bitcoin to the world, the dream was always for Bitcoin to serve as a new universal currency.  It would be free from the bureaucracy of governments.  And free from the tyranny of the old-world financial cartels.  Although the dream hasn’t yet materialized, it comes closer and closer with each passing day.

One of the biggest roadblocks for Bitcoin has been scalability.  At a speed of approximately 7 transactions per second, Bitcoin lags behind other cryptocurrencies like Ripple and global payment processors like Visa.  Many expect the lightning network to have a positive impact on Bitcoin’s TPS but until that comes to fruition, mass adoption will likely need another significant development.

Libra Currency Announcement

One development that could help pave the way toward mass adoption is the launch of the Libra currency.  Libra is expected to go live during the first half of 2020 according to Facebook’s June announcement.  According to Facebook, Libra will make sending money online cheaper and faster.  It will also have a hand in improving access to financial services, especially for the unbanked.  Given Facebook’s global reach, including many third world countries, providing financial access to the unbanked could provide a huge spark to global economies.  Additionally, it could provide the growth spark that cryptocurrency needs.

Facebook’s most popular messenger, WhatsApp, has approximately 1.5 billion monthly users.  This application is…

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The rise of the crypto casinos



crypto casinos

In the hyper-competitive world of online casinos, operators are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. The most usual methods include using distinctive branding, offering generous bonuses and making sure that they are on all of the major so-called affiliate sites where players can compare and contrast casinos’ different offerings.

But now a whole new generation of casinos are starting to emerge – ones whose key difference isn’t what and how you play, but more in how you pay.

The rise and rise of the cryptocurrency casino is seen by many as the next logical step in a world that is slowly but surely starting to accept that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, et al. are certainly here to stay.

Of course, it’s the first of these cryptocurrencies that has really grabbed the headlines and led the way with its meteoric performance in 2017 when it seemed like its $20,000 value was just the start of the story. Admittedly, this was short-lived and the value quickly fell back to a more sustainable level but, if it achieved one thing, it was to cement this exciting new kind of currency in the consciousness of the general public.

Why Bitcoin and online casinos are the perfect partners

In many ways, it’s the perfect partnership between Bitcoin and online casinos with multiple benefits for both.

The first of…

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