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Cardano and Tron claim new crypto exchange listings, Verge and Ripple to wait



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It has turned out to be a good few days for the cryptocurrency market as the prices enter green-zone again. As if that was not good enough, two cryptocurrencies received some ultra-rejoicing news as both were added to new crypto exchange listings.

Cardano (ADA) and Tron (TRX) are the two cryptocurrencies that scored the new exchange listings. Unfortunately, on the other side, rumors of Binance adding Verge (XVG) and Ripple (XRP) to trade with fiat money got a setback.

Today, Tron (TRX) was added to Canada’s Einstein Exchange — a strong indication of TRX’s increasing reach. The exchange is an operation based in Vancouver and dubs itself as “Canada’s fastest growing digital currency exchange”. In fact, the Canadian crypto exchange added a couple of other cryptos alongside Tron; others that were included are 0x’s ZRX and Golem’s GLM.

Tron (TRX) is basically a blockchain-based decentralized protocol with the aim of constructing a “worldwide free content entertainment system” with distributed storage technology, and the blockchain. Simply put, the protocol allows a user to publish, store as well as own/control data.

A few days ago, Tron solidified its appeal in the Asian continent when it was included to WazirX – the best Bitcoin exchange of India.

As hinted above, the second crypto that has made progress, in this regard, is Cardano (ADA); as it has been added to CoinSwitch. They are an aggregator, in partnership with exchanges like Bittrex and KuCoin; so that the customers can access the best price without opening separate accounts. Interestingly, this turned out immediately after some time when the announcement by Binance regarding the addition of Cardano to the exchange was made. In fact, currently, you can trade Cardano for BNB, Tether (USDT) or exchange’s Binance coin.

Binance makes XVG and XRP wait

The day started with rumors all over that Binance was to add a conversion option of XRP and XRG for USD. Unfortunately, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance quashed rumors via tweet. According to him, the exchange is in talks with banks to support fiat, but there are no short-term plans for the USD as of now. He continued to say that XRP and XVG won’t get included yet.

The Verge-Ledger kerfuffle still angers many and the way Zhao handled the news pleased some; although, others were disappointed (and rightly so).

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TRON Partnership Involves Cloud Computing



TRON partnership

It has been almost an entire week since Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX), announced a new big partnership for this cryptocurrency. His Twitter announcement did not provide a lot of information, except for the fact that the TRON partnership is with an industry giant worth tens of billions of dollars.

Even so, the entire crypto community started speculating about the new partner’s identity. Soon after the announcement, a new rumor emerged, claiming that the identity of an unnamed corporation was uncovered. According to the rumor, TRON’s new partner is none other than Baidu, one of the largest tech giants of China, which also represents this country’s largest internet search provider.

Baidu is often viewed as China’s version of Google, and if the rumors of a partnership with this company turn out to be true, this will be a big game-changer for TRON.

However, in days following the announcement, new reports started coming in with claims that the partnership will not revolve around blockchain technology. Instead, ODaily reported that the alleged partnership between TRON and Baidu will be focused on cloud computing. The report claims that TRON will be purchasing computing resources from Baidu.

Baidu to…

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Will Ripple (XRP) advocacy hike affect bitcoin dominance of China?




Currently, China is leading in Bitcoin mining industry by far, second to none for bitcoin mining power. Literally, it’s contributing over 70% of the network’s hash rate (a term that is used in describing the total processing power of a blockchain network). But how Ripple fits in here and what it has to do with that? We’ll talk about that a bit later below, let’s cover some in-depth facts about China’s dominance over Bitcoin first.

It’s a near-complete dominance by China on the BTC mining grid that has made it responsible for mining a majority of circulating bitcoins. A Beijing-based company, Bitmain Technologies, is highly responsible for extracting the significant part – more than half of the globe’s bitcoin, and alone, it has approached 50% of the total hash rate more than once.

The fact that China is controlling a majority of Bitcoin hash rate, clearly tells that it has the power of manipulating or merely destroy the bitcoin network if it gets enough support should it decide to take such a move. Therefore, this has led to serious concerns among countries including the US that China might get an edge in this cryptocurrency industry and possibly becoming a potential threat.

China is the biggest manufacturer of Bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency mining equipment. The reason behind the massive growth of mining farms in the country is because of cheap electricity bills.

Furthermore, the country has adopted several…

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Ravencoin (RVN) Surges Following Binance Listing




While most cryptocurrencies today still remain unstable and at the edge of falling into the red, there are some coins that are doing significantly better. One such coin is Ravencoin (RVN), which has surged by over 26% in the last 24 hours.

About Ravencoin

Ravencoin came to be as a hard fork of Bitcoin and was inspired by a popular book series-turned-television programme, Game of Thrones. The coin’s developers decided to make Ravencoin an open-source project that provides users with the ability to declare assets on their platform. The platform itself is decentralized, transparent, and secure.

Just as Game of Thrones’ ravens are used for spreading the news and truth, Ravencoin hopes to become a carrier of truth regarding the ownership of assets on the blockchain.

Ravencoin’s main use case is for performing P2P transfers, while it prioritizes security, autonomy, user privacy, and control. Additionally, as a coin fighting for truth and transparency, it also stands against censorship.

Ravencoin got listed on Binance prior to MainNet launch

Following the last week’s announcement that Ravencoin is getting officially listed on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange ba trading volume, Ravencoin experienced a large price surge. At one point, the surge took the coin’s value up by over 31%. At the time of writing, however, the coin is still growing, with an increase of 26.15% in the last 24 hours.

Getting listed on Binance has brought Ravencoin to the top…

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