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Here Are Today’s ICO Movers: Populous and Storj



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In the wake of the Segwit2X cancellation, bitcoin has taken a bit of a hit from a price perspective. Price currently sits in and around $6,500, down just shy of 20% from last week’s highs.

While bitcoin struggles, however, the ICO space is as buoyant as ever. A number of tokens have picked up strength over the last twenty-four hours, returning double-digit percentage points across the period for any holders.

Here’s a look at the two biggest movers from the last twenty-four hours and what we think comes next for each.

The two tokens in focus for the session today are Populous and Storj.

Let’s kick things off with Populous.

This one is a pretty interesting one. Populous is trying to apply smart contact technology to an area of trade and industry that many probably won’t be familiar with – the invoice trading market. This is a market (generally dominated by SMEs) across which companies sell their invoices to buyers in order to improve cash flow. A buyer takes on the invoice for a reduced cost (as measured against the total invoice sum) and basically fronts the selling company the cash. The buyer then collects on the invoice after 30, 60 or 90 days (or however long the invoice terms stipulate) once the due date comes around.

The buyer pockets the difference between the cash fronted to the seller and the invoice total and the seller doesn’t have to wait however long to get its cash in hand.

So, this is a pretty lucrative space but, right now, it’s fragmented. It’s also the ideal sort of transaction for smart contract applicability – everything can be automated, essentially negating the potential for malice.

So why is Populous running today?

Well, aside from the fact that the product is very neat, the company has made a real effort over the last week or so to get fresh information on the table. This Medium report detailed the launch of a Beta platform and, shortly before that hit press, the company got a strong write-up on Steemit from an author people listen to and respect.

In this space, that’s enough to light a spark.

We expect this one to continue to appreciate near term. The token is up 28% on the last twenty-four hours, 151% on the last 30 days and is quickly gaining a reputation for being a smart play in the space.

Moving on, let’s look at Storj.

This is one of the most well-known tokens in the ICO-ecosphere, having sold around $30 million of its tokens as part of its ICO a few years ago. It was an early mover and its price illustrates this fact – Storj tokens are up more than 5,000% since the company’s initial token sale.

For those new to Storj, it’s a cloud storage platform that uses the Storj token as a unit of trade for people that want to pick up access to varying storage size programs offered by the company. The more people that use the service, the more Storj tokens are bought across the various exchanges that offer them and – in turn – the higher the per-token price of the Storj coins.

Increased adoption (and a growing client base for the company) isn’t what’s behind the most recent action in this one, however. The token is up 25% on the last twenty-four-hour period and is staging something of a recovery having turned out a pretty rough October, with the action driven primarily by some media coverage over at Nasdaq.

Any time one of these tokens makes the jump from crypto-niche coverage to mainstream news media it brings in a flurry of speculative attention. In this market, that’s all it takes to really get things moving and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here.

With Storj, future value is rooted in something a little different than might be the case for some of the younger tokens, such as the above-discussed Populous. Populous is a start-up and a smooth beta rollout is all that’s necessary to get the token running. With Storj, and the latest run excluded, we’re going to need to see some real-world user growth if the token is going to support its recent revaluation.

Keep an eye out for company-published updates for any insight into the demand for its cloud storage platform as indicative of its potential to build in the recent recovery.

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