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Mobile Esports Platform RewardMob Is Incentivizing Players And Developers Using The Blockchain




RewardMob, an innovative mobile gaming ecosystem, is creating an all-in-one platform for developers, players, and advertisers using blockchain technology.

Revenue from mobile games reached a record high of $109b in 2017, with smartphone and tablet games now accounting for 42% of total game sales.

The creative team at RewardMob recognized that the growing mobile gaming industry would need an ecosystem that integrates player rewards across multiple games, while also enabling players and developers to send and receive faster transactions using decentralized blockchain technology.

RewardMob is a platform that will span multiple mobile titles and reward players with RMOB tokens through gameplay and tournaments which can be used to enter paid tournaments or exchanged with other players, much alike a real currency.

This mobile gaming platform also incentivizes developers by helping their games reach more players based on interests, as well as increase player engagement and streamline advertisement and sponsorship within mobile applications.

Rewarding players through gameplay and tournaments with prizes, tokens, and points

There are now over 1.4 million gaming applications between the Apple and Google Play mobile stores, with over 2.1 billion players worldwide.

RewardMob is tapping into the massive mobile market by providing players a platform for games in which their normal and competitive gameplay is rewarded with prizes, tokens, and points using the blockchain.

With RewardMob, players can:

  • Earn rewards for their loyalty and gameplay through RMOB tokens
  • Use RMOB tokens for game purchases in and outside of the RewardMob platform
  • Enter pay-to-play competitive tournaments using earned tokens
  • Upgrade and progress their user profile through the “RewardsMob Experience”
  • Use their tokens outside of the game by exchanging them via the Waves platform

The RewardMob team not only created a mobile games ecosystem for rewarding player loyalty and in-game progress, they also sought out to streamline competitive play and make it more accessible to the wider player base.

The platform plans to hold regular tournaments for their hosted games, as well as allow players to hold their very own tournaments and rewards, all on the blockchain. The challenges of holding tournaments and distributing rewards will be solved by allowing the players themselves to use the blockchain and smart contracts.

RewardMob CEO Todd Koch says,

It is important is that players are able to remove the value from the game whenever they want.  For similar reasons to the developers, players do not have to wait for long periods of time to receive payouts when they win a tournament.  They will have access to their tokens at the conclusion of every match.

More players, faster transactions, and streamlined advertising and revenue for developers

RewardMob is not only a platform for gamers, it’s also a platform that brings innovative solutions to today’s mobile game developers. With over 1.6 million gaming applications on both the Apple and Google Play stores, game developers need to apply new and creative ways to solve problems inherent in mobile gaming today.

These challenges include:

  • Connecting with gamers’ interests
  • Promoting greater engagement and loyalty
  • Increasing the number and speed of transactions
  • Streamlining advertising and sponsorship within games

The team behind RewardMob understood that gamers want to experience the excitement of competitive play. This not only helps the longevity of a game and its’ developers, it also promotes greater engagement and loyalty within an active player base.

Todd says,

Right from day one we saw the potential for massive growth in competitive gaming on mobile devices. The goal with RewardMob is to get players engaged in our tournament structure which will mean that almost any mobile game developer can add a casual esports feel to their games no matter what the intended audience or genre.

RewardMob has plans to hold regular tournaments of its own, while also allowing players to create their own tournaments and put their own rewards up for grab on the blockchain.

Players can use their RMOB tokens to purchase tickets, which can then be used to enter pay-to-play tournaments and earn valuable rewards.

Using the speed of blockchain transactions, players receive their rewards immediately, and developers can receive payments without having to wait for banks and international fees to process.

Todd continues,

Another major advantage is payouts to game developers.  Now they can be paid out in real time at that conclusion of the tournaments. There is no waiting 30 to 90 days to be paid out like some existing platforms do. Cryptocurrency also helps us eliminate fraud and chargebacks.

By applying the disruptive innovation of blockchain, Todd and his team have created a faster, more efficient, and more profitable platform for mobile game developers.

The advantages for game developers using RewardMob’s ecosystem include:

  • Reaching and growing a player base through similar games within the RM ecosystem
  • Instant transactions across multiple games through a single currency, RMOB
  • Developers can receive currency instantly, without fees, wait times, or fraud
  • Increase player engagement and retention through competitive tournaments and incentivized play
  • Receiving a portion of advertising revenue when players interact with RewardMob sponsors

RewardMob helps solve time and resource problems for developers by streamlining the process of connecting players to their games, rewarding those players through competitive play, making transactions instant for both players and developers, and providing advertisement revenue.

Most importantly, RewardMob frees the developers to focus on what they do best: creating an incredible experience for their gamers.

RewardMob’s first public “Ticket Sale” begins on Tuesday, March 13th

If mobile gaming continues to explode (it will), and Todd and his team continue to deliver on their commitments on their detailed roadmap, then RewardMob is a blockchain project worth looking into.

Here are some details about the token supply:

  • Total and permanent token supply of 3 billion RMOB created on the Waves blockchain platform
  • 1 billion RMOB tokens are reserved for the “game pool” for players
  • 1 billion RMOB tokens are reserved for the “loyalty bonus pool” for those who purchase tickets for competitive tournaments
  • 1 billion RMOB tokens reserved for the growth reserve and company supply

It is important to note that RewardMob is distinguishing itself by selling “tickets,” and not tokens. RMOB tokens can only be earned through gameplay or by purchasing entries into their paid tournaments.

The ticket sale is the launch of their much-anticipated pay-to-play competitive platform, and players will be rewarded with one RMOB for every $1 spent in the game.

With a growing market of over 2 billion players worldwide, RewardMob is betting big on players becoming more involved in the competitive mobile gaming ecosystem, and it’s a bet that might pay off big if they can deliver a platform that benefits both players and developers.

“Every person that has a mobile device worldwide is a potential mobile esports participant,” says Todd.

As of this writing, RewardMob already has their apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The platform has also managed to reach over 65,000 gamers with their first application alone.

As always, do your own diligence and research before investing. If you want to learn more about RewardMob, check out the following links below.

Website & ICO:


Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.


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