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Pornhub Turns Down Charlie Lee’s Offer: Litecoin (LTC) Partners With VRPorn - Global Coin Report
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Pornhub Turns Down Charlie Lee’s Offer: Litecoin (LTC) Partners With VRPorn




Litecoin seems to be working on getting back to the top where it previously held the sixth spot on the global coin ranking list in accordance with its market cap. As we all know, EOS was the asset that pushed down once fifth LTC to its current spot. During that time, Litecoin has been working progressively on getting LTC to mass adoption, usually chasing after the same companies in which Verge found strategic partnerships. After Verge partnered up with MindGeek which led them to PornHub, one of the biggest names in the industry of adult entertainment, Litecoin’s CEO Charlie Lee showed interest for getting a piece of the same industry. Litecoin did find its way to the adult entertainment industry; however, PornHub wasn’t the partnership that took it there.

Litecoin and Charlie Lee’s Interest in PornHub and TokenPay

Back in March as we all probably still remember, Verge (XVG) announced their first crowdfunding campaign ever with the main goal of collecting 75 million XVG during the period of only a couple of weeks. The reason for the announced crowdfunding was to acquire a strategic partnership that was kept a secret for almost an entire month until it was revealed in April 17th that the mystery partnership worth 75 million XVG that the team behind XVG collected before the initial deadline for the campaign expired, was actually made with MindGeek which led Verge to PornHub.

Eventually, TokenPay also turned out to be one of the greatest supporters of Verge and at the same time one of the biggest investors in XVG that provided a significant amount of the collected sum of over 75 million XVG.

In the spirit of having XVG completing the goal and appearing on PornHub as one of the available payment methods for their services, TokenPay announced that they will be buying off a portion of shares in a German Bank stationed in Munich in order to be able to issue first crypto debit card that would be specially made to support payments with XVG.

In addition to completing the promised goal, TokenPay, later on, announced that XVG will be the first crypto to get its own debit card.

And that is where our story starts because Mr. Charlie Lee immediately started a public conversation via posting tweets that were directly intended for TokenPay.

Is Charlie Lee After Verge’s Strategic Partners?

As the initial conversation started off with a tweet made by the official Twitter account of Charlie Lee, it is most certainly the case that Charlie Lee, the CEO of LTC himself, was the one to initiate the conversation by asking TokenPay to include LTC in their debit card program.

TokenPay, later on, added that XVG is going to be their first choice for crypto debit cards, but they stated that more cryptos will get their own cards soon afterward, later on announcing that LTC is going to be listed for a crypto debit card as well.

In addition to going after TokenPay, Charlie Lee initiated a similar conversation with PornHub on their official Twitter page by commenting on their announcement that XVG has been officially added to PornHub payment methods.

Charlie Lee then allegedly suggested that Pornhub should definitely add XVG as well, finishing his statement with a short “message me”.

Both TokenPay and Pornhub made XVG more widely accepted in the crypto market and beyond, leading it towards mass adoption, so LTC is probably after the same results.

However, it seems that PornHub didn’t find LTC as interesting as XVG, so they turned down Charlie Lee. Neither party shared anything about this event, however, there are rumors that the partners failed to find the right words as Charlie Lee was asked to sell his LTC, which he allegedly refused.

Whatever the case, Litecoin did make it into the industry of adult entertainment.

VRPorn Partners up with Litecoin

Although it seems that Pornhub and Brazzers said no to Charlie Lee and Litecoin, LTC seems to have made it within getting into the industry as one of the available payment methods for the services of the adult entertainment website called VRPorn.

As you all remember, Pornhub and Verge made a huge event out of their partnership with sky-rocketed Verge towards the most trending digital assets in the market due to the hype and mystery revolving around the crowdfunding campaign and the partnership that was yet to be discovered, but ONLY and exclusively in the case the goal of 75 million XVG was collected in the given timeframe.

The crowdfunding campaign was at the same time the initiation of XVG in the lines of MindGeek companies like Brazzers and PornHub. SO, it might easily be the case that Charlie Lee was asked to do a similar thing in order to acquire a strategic partner in PornHub.

We can only guess further from this point, but the fact remains that LTC is not partnering up with Pornhub at this point. Instead, Litecoin got teamed up with VRPorn. SO, why have so little people heard of this, while millions have caught the news of PornHub partnering up with Verge?

Beside from the fact that Pornhub makes up for a brand in the adult entertainment industry, XVG made a lot of fuss while hyping up the public, while neither VRPorn nor Litecoin tweeted on the matter of having LTC becoming one of the available payment methods for VRPorn.

However, if you go ahead and visit their website, only if it is for pure curiosity, you will see that LTC indeed stands among the payment methods for VRPorn users, which means that LTC just came one step closer to its goal of mass adoption for real-life purposes.

Of course, it isn’t strange to presume that the adult entertainment industry has become highly interested in adopting cryptos due to the obvious reason of having the perks of ultimate privacy with making payments with digital currencies.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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