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TRON (TRX) gets ahead of EOS in registered accounts race



Tron EOS

Ever since TRON launched its main net, all we always heard was that the platform would be a Concerning success in the coming days, and this is, for a fact, a thing we are experiencing right now.

As for September 4th, the crypto verse woke up to the hottest news finding out TRON (TRX) surpassed EOS platform in the number of accounts created in the system with 301,765 accounts on TRON’s platform versus the 299,820 accounts that EOS have to the moment. Let’s find out all of the details behind the positive move for TRON.

1,945 regarding ahead

TRON has managed to surpass the EOS platform by 1,945 accounts in a notably short period of time. In fact, the to net has been live only for 71 days today, so we can all agree that this is a great success for the company founded and directed by Justin Sun, one of the brightest minds in China and the whole world.

Sun has characterized for being nothing but a very optimistic person, even being labeled as delusional in some occasions because of his forecasts regarding TRON (TRX) and the heights that the cryptocurrency will reach as per him.

However, letting the facts be facts, TRON has actually accomplished some of the most remarkable performances in the industry, and this has been made with the effort of Sun and his team. Not so long ago, Sun forecasted that TRON would surpass EOS in account numbers by the end of the third quarter, and to say the least, this has actually happened before that.

The CEO published a message on his Twitter account referring to this matter as he said:

So now that this milestone has been double checked, Sun has his vision on overthrowing Ethereum with its Virtual Machine, a fact that is not surprising considering that TRON was conceived as an ‘Ethereum killer’ in a manner of speaking.

In this sense, the TRON VM (Virtual Machine) is one of the most ambitious projects of the current 13th largest cryptocurrency; it is actually compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine but with all the necessary updates as to offer a better solution.

In the last days Sun has been sharing updates on his Twitter account expressing the most prominent differences that TRON has over Ethereum’s Virtual Machine and Network, and of course, he has assured to mention the latest card under the sleeve that TRON is preparing, which includes a project with BitTorrent, the biggest Torrent platform in the world.

Let’s recall that recently Sun acquired BitTorrent as a new move to accomplish his goal of ‘decentralizing the internet’. Like this, both the TRON Virtual Machine and the Atlas project will merge to defeat Ethereum and gain more recognition across the cryptosphere.

With respect to the Atlas Project, both TRON and BitTorrent will connect their platforms by using BitTorrent protocols. This way, the platforms will collaborate to increase the lifespan of Torrent swarms with the intention of improving the speed. Further, they will use custom and inclined tokens to resolve any limitations that the platform may have.


Without any doubt, TRON (TRX) has been garnering the best strategies to continue its growth and climb to the top. However, even though the latest results have been impressive in terms of development and solutions offered to the market when it comes to the performance of the price of the token, TRON has actually not received the best feedback.

At the moment of writing the TRX price is $0.0257 according to Coinmarketcap, and despite having an increase of 2.24 percent in the last 24 hours, the crypto places at the 13th position of the market. This has been particularly disappointing for many in the TRX community, as everyone has been actually been waiting for the price to increase, and instead of that, the token has continued its way beneath the top ten.

In lights of this, many consider that before working on quantity TRON should work on quality, and that’s precisely what the company has been doing, but on the other hand, there are those who believe these great results should be transferred as well to the price. So what do you think? Is TRON (TRX) doing a good job or should we center more in price?

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