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Meet Icarus, the official Cardano Google Chrome extension to manage ADA



Cardano ADA

In recent times we can all agree that the biggest concern for the crypto community is whether or not the market will take off soon now, a fact because of which everyone seems to be eager for answers.

In this sense, despite the pronounced slump in the market, a remarkable work is being made by most of the top cryptos to overcome the worrying situation, and all seems to point that the approach is being centered in giving cryptocurrencies a bigger interaction with the masses, in other words, making the crypto market more mainstream.

In this matter, one of the cryptos that have been working on the creation and deployment of strategies of this kind is nothing less than Cardano (ADA). In fact, the Charles Hoskinson, CEO of the development group behind the ADA token (IOHK), stated recently that despite the current situation, we shouldn’t be that concerned. “We’ve been here before,” he said, “Everything’s fine” and it will be in the measure that we play an active role in the deployment of strategies.

Perhaps that’s precisely the reason why Hoskinson decided to bring forward the announcement of an open ledger initiative that was supposed to be announced on August 15th (tomorrow). Let’s see how it goes.

Google Chrome extension

Yesterday morning was the moment when the crypto community found out the initiatives of IOHK about a Google Chrome extension on Twitter. The message on the official Twitter account of IOHK read: “I’ve decided to do the August 15th Announcement a little early:” followed by a Youtube video in which the businessman explains the details of the project.


We already knew about the Prometheus project which was publicly announced. However, the news about another project dubbed Icarus came as a surprise for everyone, and as it seems, the development team of Cardano has been working tirelessly on these two project during the last couple of months.

Icarus will be a Google Chrome extension that will have the possibility of migrating to other browsers such as Mozilla, or even mobile applications. It will function as a wallet with all of the features that we know, and this without needing a full copy of the blockchain on the extension. As Hoskinson declared it, the extension will allow users to do everything they do on the Daedalus wallet, the only wallet service that supports ADA to the moment.

It was known as well that the Chrome extension is being configured using a mixture of the programming languages, Rust and Javascript, and that everyone who’s not able to access Daedalus for reasons such as network conditions would have the chance to use the extension instead. Some of the most outstanding features of the extension are:

  • Easy to install, just one click away from the Chrome store
  • Daedalus wallets could be imported
  • 2-3 minutes wallet recovery
  • Audit and security warranties

With the project, IOHK is expecting greater support from other wallets and exchanges of the sector, as well as for calling the attention of the developers’ community with the possibility of creating third-party applications. One can be sure that great things are marching for Cardano (ADA) with the Icarus project, so stay tuned!

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Can Tron (TRX) follow in the Ripple (XRP) footsteps?



Tron Ripple

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency markets have been in an overall slump, especially when you consider all of the bearish action for bitcoin, ethereum, and altcoins, in 2018, compared to the incredible bull run of 2017.

While many people believe that this is simple consolidation, others paint the narrative that many are unsure about real-world applications for blockchain technology and whether institutional money will flow into cryptocurrencies at all.

Ripple is undoubtedly changing that narrative, recently surging over 80% thanks to its developments and partnerships with financial institutions.

It even briefly took Ethereum’s spot as the number two coin by market capitalization, in a price rally that confirmed a trend reversal and stunned many investors and traders in the cryptocurrency community. The price eventually decreased as Ripple returned to the number 3 spot concerning market cap, but the price movement certainly made a statement.

There are those who have been wondering whether Tron could make a similar move eventually, considering it is a project that has decreased dramatically in market cap, and many consider the coin oversold.

The fact that Ripple made an 80% move that quickly gave hope to other altcoins, and comfort to the cryptocurrency community that may be in the red that not only was it possible to break even again, but all was not lost in the markets, and that they can begin hoping to profit, in the long term.


Key factors why we may see a big Tron (TRX) boost shortly



Tron TRX

Tron is a decentralized platform that makes use of a Peer-to-peer system for its network. The platform aims to decentralize the web and also change the content (entertainment) industry.

Talking about the blockchain project’s history, Tron was created by Justin Sun – a protégé of Jack Ma. At the moment, lots of contents are managed by middlemen such as Facebook, YouTube, and the likes. But Sun aims to create a system that helps content creators have full ownership of their contents (and of course earn more as there won’t be any middlemen).

Subsequently, Tron aims to liberate the entertainment industry and the contents that are shared in it and also by making sure that there is a system where data can’t be controlled (the true decentralization and security).

It is important to know that Tron (TRX) is also a platform that permits the distribution of digital assets exchange and market forecasts.

What are the advantages that Tron (TRX) brings to the table?

Tron has lots of advantages. Its team of developers is top-notch, and it also has a futuristic leader: Justin Sun. Tron is a platform that helps content creators; its users are eligible for gains distributed by the platform.

Clearly, this blockchain platform was created for people with a great interest in the entertainment world. It is worth keeping in mind that Tron has launched a series of projects that benefit not only the platform but also its…

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Ripple jumps 50% again today, 3 reasons behind current XRP rally




In the last 24 hours, lots of digital assets in the crypto space have experienced a surge at the rangebound of 2-10%. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency that is leading in the current wave is Ripple (XRP). Ripple is driving with almost 10% more gains than the others, even the Bitcoin.

Right from Tuesday this week, the price of XRP has increased by 40%. Considering that, Ripple has undisputedly been the growth leader on the daily price trend in the recent ‘nice-little-rally’ this time. It is important to know that its volatility has reached maximum heights since the beginning of this year.

As a result of the rangebound surges that are experienced in the crypto market currently, the total market capitalization totals to $2 billion. More importantly, the market cap of Ripple also reached $22 Billion – almost equivalent to Ethereum’s current market cap of $23 Billion.


Today, XRP even took Eth spot on coinmarketcap for a while as it became the second largest crypto, which the cryptocurrency couldn’t hold for long (on the third spot yet). At the time of press, Ripple (XRP) trades at $0.5663…

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