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Cointext Bitcoin Cash SMS payments arrive in Asia



Bitcoin Cash

Asia is the crypto verse’s center. Bitcoin was (we suspect) created in Japan. Most of the world’s crypto mining takes place in China and Korea has a very enthusiastic crypto market that’s behind every one of the world’s markets big developments. So it’s not a surprise that Cointext has made an effort to go into several Asian countries. Israel and Hong Kong, for a start.

Cointext is an innovative service that allows for cryptocurrency holders to transact without an internet connection or an account. All it takes is to have a mobile phone and then you can send and receive digital assets by simply sending or receiving SMS messages. It’s simple, convenient, fast, and relatively low-tech.

It’s a very young project (it went live only last March). It’s available in several countries (the USA, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, and South Africa). 

With Cointext you get a full-fledged crypto wallet that needs you to hold no account in an exchange, or install any apps, or remember a password. You don’t even need Internet service, just your normal mobile service that supports SMS texting. It’s a very big step in the democratization and adoption of cryptocurrencies everywhere where it’s available.

Using Cointext is as simple as this: you just issue a command in an SMS (available commands include RECEIVE, SEND, START, and BALANCE) to a local number (Hong Kong: 85257456744; Israel: 972526230418). You start by sending “START” to the number in question, and a wallet will be set up for you in the system, instantly. That’s all it takes.

The new development for this company is that it’s making available it’s Bitcoin Cash Wallet (BCH) available in Hong Kong and Israel (and this includes the Palestinian territories). 

The company’s founder and lead developer, Vin Armani, considers these two countries to be strategically critical. In his own words

“These are important regions for us to connect because they’re financial centers. And Cointext gives them a simple alternative to physical cash.”

And that’s just the beginning. Only last week, Cointext announced that it will become available in several other European countries (namely Germany, Austria, France, Estonia, Portugal, and the Czech Republic).

The current service available in Israel and Hong Kong is available in English only. But developers are working so Chinese, and Hebrew will be available for local users as soon as possible.

The company is quite experienced in localization since it’s available in more than 20 countries (25 to be specific) and 15 different languages. So it won’t take it long to develop the required technology to serve in the local languages.

At the current time, it’s unknown if other digital assets will be available through Cointext, and it’s anybody’s guess why it chose to offer BitCoin Cash instead of other, more traded, coins. But it’s good news for both the company and BTC.

If you have an account in any of the main cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, knowing that Cointext is around will be a breath of fresh air, as you probably know that making transfers in that kind of exchange or platform is not simple at all.

Congratulations to Cointext, and let’s hope that this service becomes available the world over very soon.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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Currency Market

12 Peers Capital Markets Purchases DigitalBits XDB Token



12 Peers Capital Markets , a broker-dealer and capital markets firm has announced its support for DigitalBits, a blockchain protocol focused on consumer digital assets such as loyalty points, rewards, and branded stablecoins.  The traditional market brokerage firm has purchased the DigitalBits XDB token, after recently announcing “a new found investment thesis focused on identifying blockchain projects that improve efficiencies across global markets,” it said in today’s announcement.

DigitalBits is an enterprise-grade blockchain protocol for supporting consumer digital assets, specifically branded currencies.  The company believes that branded currencies play an integral role in driving consumer behavior, but many of these programs are dated by today’s technological standards.  “These limitations have stifled value transfer, resulting in the accumulation of large amounts of idle capital – in 2017 US corporations held in excess of $100 billion in unused points liability,” the DigitalBits experts explain.  

The DigitalBits blockchain supports tokenization of existing and new consumer digital assets.  The XDB Foundation, which was formed earlier this year, is a neutral agnostic non-profit organization to enhance the DigitalBits blockchain and ecosystem, engage partnerships and building a robust ecosystem for users. Commenting on the 12 Peers Capital Market announcement, XDB Foundation’s Managing Director Michael Gord said that it is great to see traditional firms show interest in blockchain technology. …

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Manufacturing Blockchain Company Syncfab Featured in NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center’s Event in Times Square



The NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center hand-picked several advanced projects and companies to provide individualized mentorship and executive coaching in an effort to support tech startups working on various COVID-19 solutions. As part of the program, the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square broadcasted its Milestone Makers COVID-19 Solutions Cohort live last Wednesday.  

Time-tested communications and manufacturing supply chains have been significantly damaged this year due to the pandemic. This is why manufacturing blockchain company SyncFab was one of the headliners at the conference. Supply chains have become all but non-responsive, and innovative solutions are being prioritized.

SyncFab has built and launched an advanced blockchain platform for supporting smart supply chains and allowing users to source, procure, track, secure, and pay for precision spare parts. Led by Forbes Business Council Member Jeremy Goodwin, SyncFab brings real-time capacity savings opportunities alongside addressing the billion-dollar pain points in manufacturing supply chains. It connects automotive, aerospace, and medical manufacturers with more cost-effective suppliers using blockchain-secured transactions.

“In 2020 the time has finally arrived for industry to jettison the limitations of old-fashioned manual procurement processes,” said SyncFab CEO Jeremy Goodwin in his presentation during the conference. He added that “looking forward, we [SyncFab] will expand supplier coverage, add new supplier response incentive and purchase order programs, and continue to innovate post-procurement blockchain traceability features” to meet shifting needs in the industry.

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AllianceBlock & TTC join forces to build a globally compliant digital asset ecosystem in the Philippines



AllianceBlock will work in tandem with TopJuan Tech Corporation to launch “a globally compliant digital asset  ecosystem in the Philippines,” the two companies announced in a press release. AllianceBlock is planning to launch a decentralized platform to automate the process of turning any digital asset into bankable security via an internationally recognized Individual Securities Identification Number (ISIN).


TTC stands for TopJuan Tech Corporation, a financial technology company endorsed by the Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP) to incorporate as an E-money provider, remittance agent, and a virtual currency platform operator. TTC is an institutional gateway for digital banking and solutions for financial inclusion services. The TTC mobile app, Top Wallet, functions as a payment solution, digital asset wallet, and a partner gateway to the TTC ecosystem.

AllianceBlock and TTC hope to provide fully compliant digital asset access to the 106+ million people who live in the Philippines.  One of the pillars of the  partnership is “the development of a regulated sandbox in the Philippines to facilitate the creation of a range of compliant crypto structured products,” the companies said.

“Our partnership will allow regulated access to the Philippines for AllianceBlock to fulfill the growing demand for access to compliant digital asset investments in the Philippines through the AllianceBlock…

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