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Does Dogecoin deserve to be a real cryptocurrency or should it stay as a joke?




Dogecoin has been a favorite cryptocurrency for many over quite some time all thanks to its low price and a robust community. It’s no secret; cryptocurrencies priced below the $1 mark have been a go-to investment option for most newcomers into the industry. But for Dogecoin, also known as the parody coin, the story has mostly revolved around ridiculous speculation from gamblers looking to pump up the price and make a quick buck from the parody coin.

Jackson Palmer, despite being a founder of Dogecoin, maintains a pretty realistic view of the coin. To him, Dogecoin is nothing more than a “joke currency.”

Obviously there is a good number of crypto enthusiasts who would like to think otherwise and even though there is a group of developers who are currently helping maintain the Dogecoin project in their spare time, one of the most important questions anyone investing in Dogecoin has to ask is whether this joke coin should be taken seriously or should it remain a joke.

Is the price of Dogecoin based on Delusions of FOMO

Jack Palmer has constantly reminded everyone interested in Dogecoin that its main purpose was to be a “playful joke”. In fact, Palmer left the cryptocurrency space sometime back as a move to detoxify from the cryptocurrency craze that saw wannabe investors and entrepreneurs launch or invest in cryptocurrency projects with little knowledge of how the industry works.

According to Palmer, the crypto space had, at the time, hit a public image snag of cryptocurrencies who’s main purpose was unclear yet hitting unexpected milestones in terms of market capital.  According to Palmer, new investors into the crypto space are reacting out of FOMO in a bid to make a quick buck on price volatility.

True to his words, Dogecoin hit an all-time high market capitalization of close to $2billion early in the year and even though Palmer eventually returned to being active in the crypto space, Dogecoin has not been the only coin that has led to rising concerns of a bubble. Bitcoin has also seen abnormal price growth and volatility with its price going down from a high of almost $20,000 at the beginning of the year to its current market price in the $7,000 region.


At this point, the market is bearish and most people are starting to realize that the scaling problem with Bitcoin is common for most if not all cryptocurrencies. Most crypto enthusiasts have moved from looking at Bitcoin as a currency to a store of value. However, if Bitcoin which is the top cryptocurrency is having such complex problems, is it reasonable to expect much from DOGE?

Can DOGE be more than a joke?

Well, so far Dogecoin has survived years of ridicule and currently, there is a team of developers who just won’t let the joke coin die a natural death. Is that a good thing? Well, considering how the project has pivoted from a joke to an open source peer to peer digital currency, there is a reason to say that the DOGE is here to stay. The best part about Dogecoin is the community. Dogecoin fans have grown into a tight-knit community of crypto enthusiasts who have participated in helping one another as well as contribute in a variety of charity projects. Given that the Dogecoin mascot is likened to a Shiba Inu dog that was adopted as an act of charity it’s amazing to see that this community-driven initiative is still the backbone of the DOGE. How far does the joke go? Well, nobody knows.

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Ripple XRP Mega Breakout: What’s Next?



Ripple XRP mega breakout

The Ripple XRP mega breakout that we were calling for happened and happened much quicker than anyone expected. As we said yesterday:

Nonetheless, IF, Ripple is capable of going ‘topside’ of the .38 figure at any point in the days/weeks ahead, such development, should it occur, would likely trigger its next advance into the .42 – .47 zone, representing a 30-40% move from present levels. On the flip-side, the .25 – .26 area should offer short-term potential support.

XRP is now sitting at .51704  as we write this article this morning, representing gains of 61% since we alerted our readers and our Global Elite email newsletter members.

Ripple XRP Mega Breakout

The Ripple XRP mega breakout is significant because it’s the first time XRP has been above its 50-day moving average since May. Right now, the RSI is approaching 80, so we are in overbought territory and we expect the price to consolidate around the .42 to .47 level before resuming its uptrend.

While some are looking at this as an opportunity to short XRP, we are not of that camp. While some can book some profits and use a trailing stop, any integration of XRP with xRapid has the ability to create a tremendous move in XRP. As Travis Kling said this week on the Off the Chain podcast with Anthony Pompliano, XRP could be the quickest five-bagger investors…

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Litecoin Cash (LCC): The potential mover?



Litecoin Cash

Litecoin underwent a hard fork in the past, and that is what led to the creation of Litecoin Cash. Bitcoin has also experienced a hard fork, which has led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash, so this trend is not necessarily brand new.

Forks have occurred pretty often now in the cryptocurrency community, and the perception is that it probably will continue to, as long as the need (forks are often created to overcome issues faced by the originals) remains there.

While the market has been bearish for most of the year, it has been showing some definite signs of life, especially when we look at the kind of price action that has been happening with Ripple recently. Litecoin is also rising in anticipating of its hard fork, which is to be expected.

For those who are unaware, Litecoin Cash was created earlier this year. 10 Litecoin Cash was given to every investor who had 1 Litecoin – and that one move, it’s easy to see, was very massive concerning value.

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, has come out against LiteCoin Cash, calling it a scam. Many cryptocurrency influencers have come out against Litecoin cash, although there are still others that believe that this is only because the project threatens them.

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The Stage is Set for Stellar XLM vs XRP




The digital asset of XRP, did something spectacular on the 18th of September when it shocked the crypto-markets by rising in value by 21%. In a time period that was less than 5 hours, XRP spiked from levels of $0.273 to those of $0.332 and has continued rising. The digital asset is currently valued at $0.36.

xRapid Factor

The reason for the sharp increment in value of XRP was news that the Ripple company was going to launch xRapid in the next month or so. This was after the firm’s head of Regulatory relations for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, Sagar Sarabhai, made the following comments during a CNBC interview on the 17th of September:

“I am very confident that in the next one month or so you will see some good news coming in where we launch the product live in production.”

Stellar’s Cross-Border Payments

The news of Ripple launching xRapid has come 2 weeks after the Stellar project and IBM, announced that they were entering the industry of cross-border payments through their new service known as IBM Blockchain World-Wire. The new payment settlement service has been quoted as being ‘near instant’ meaning that it will probably rival the transactions time seen in the xRapid pilot tests of 2 – 3 minutes earlier on in the year.

Stellar Acquiring Chain

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