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DLive, the largest blockchain streaming platform in the world is announcing some impressive growth figures and a new app launch today. The platform, which launched on the web six months ago, has shared that they recently hit 500,000 monthly active users. They also shared that their creators have earned a combined $2.6 million on the platform to date. Riding this momentum, DLive is launching on Android with the app available for download now on the company’s website.

Built on the Steem blockchain, DLive is a Twitch-style decentralized platform that is looking to dethrone the live streaming companies by using blockchain. By removing the middleman, DLive believes that they can democratize video streaming and return the ecosystem back to the creators and fans who make it so great.

For creators, DLive doesn’t take any share of their streaming revenue, giving them greater earning potential. Creators can also receive gifts from fans in the form of hearts, hugs, golden rings, and donations. DLive also has a dedicated team that monitors videos and pays creators directly for good videos. DLive uses the STEEM token as its primary currency.

“Blockchain has enormous potential to change how people stream and watch videos,” said Charles Wayn, CEO of DLive. “Today, the industry is dominated by a few massive companies who are incentivised to take money from their creators and push ads into content whenever possible. By decentralizing streaming, we can democratize video content while giving a better overall experience to viewers and creators. Creators on DLive also have a chance to find an audience and not get buried under millions of streamers, as with larger platforms.”

By decentralizing video streaming, DLive believes it is empowering the community to truly decide what kinds of content they want to see. Opting not to censor videos, content is surfaced based on how many upvotes or downvotes they garner.

Viewers also have the opportunity to earn tokens on DLive in a number of ways. They can earn tokens by upvoting content, making insightful comments, or referring friends to the platform. DLive currently doesn’t show any ads to the community a well.

“DLive has revolutionised streaming,” said David ‘Tidy’ Wyatt, a streamer from England who has made over $8,000 worth of STEEM on DLive since January. “Coming from a site where earnings are directly linked to your view count, DLive rewards its users based on content. I have told many fellow partners about this site, and they are loving it so far too.”

DLive was founded in Cupertino by Charles Wayn and Cole Chen. The company currently has over 20 members who are located across four continents and 19 cities around the world. Their Android app is available for download now on DLive’s website.

“DLive is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to get into streaming or find a supportive community,” said Patrick Ulrich, who has been streaming on DLive for 5 months.“I never really planned on getting into streaming but I finally decided to join in some games with the friends I made on the platform. I couldn’t be happier that I did. Not only have I made lifetime friends, but I was able to finance a trip to the DLive meetup in NYC with the rewards I earned for my time here.”

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