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Tosblock (T.OS) to Transform Payments with New Stable Coin




In the following lines, you’ll get introduced to Tosblock (T.OS), a new digital currency system that aims to address volatility issues and propose a practical coin that can be used for everyday payments. To avoid confusion, it’s important to mention that T.OS is not the same as TOS (Things Operating System) – another blockchain-based project that uses a cryptocurrency with the same name, though sometimes it’s also referred as TOS.

Now let’s start with a bit of history.

Cryptocurrencies conquered their place in the financial industry thanks to their revolutionary concept that revolves around decentralization, security, speed, and low commissions. People have dreamed of a network that is not run by any single entity, whether it’s the government or a corporation, but no technology could enable such decentralization. The Internet was the first network that seemed to work for the benefit of everyone, but soon the governments and corporations developed a strong monopoly, and today, companies like Google dominate the space. Bitcoin has shown the world that true decentralization can be put into practice. Thus, blockchain, the technology underpinning it, has been tested in various other areas besides cryptocurrencies.

Initially, it was thought that Bitcoin would be used as an ideal instrument for payments and transactions without intermediaries. However, the largest and oldest cryptocurrency out there fell in the hands of speculators as most users trade it for the sole purpose of making a profit on the price fluctuations. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have demonstrated high volatility, making them unpractical for payments. Tosblock (T.OS), a Singapore-based startup, wants to address these issues and proposes a digital currency that can actually be used for everyday purchases.

What is Tosblock?

Today, one cannot buy a coffee or a sandwich with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Merchants don’t want to integrate them because of their high volatility. Tosblock came up with a concept that would allow people to use cryptocurrency for buying all kinds of goods and services.


The startup was established in 2017, and since then it has been working to implement the goals stipulated in the roadmap. T.OS is operating with two main digital currencies – TOSC and TOSP. TOSC acts like a regular cryptocurrency, let’s say Bitcoin or Ethereum and can be converted on a crypto exchange. The important thing to mention is that TOSC has a fluctuating price that is driven by the supply/demand principle. On the other side, TOSP is meant for use in commerce only, as it acts as a stable coin, having its price fixed to the value of a fiat currency and it pegged to the currency the user resides in. TOSC and TOSP can be exchanged between each other on the crypto exchange platform offered by Tosblock. One of these platforms is already operating in Singapore.

TOSP is an ideal instrument for micro-payments and buying goods as merchants can rest sure its value wouldn’t decline the very next moment. Another key benefit of TOSP, which makes it different from other regular digital coins, is that it doesn’t charge high commissions on payment transactions.

TOSP is pegged to the local fiat currency and is used within a specific country. If a user wants to carry out international transactions, he can convert TOSP to TOSC and send it to other users overseas. TOSC can be used for international transactions and even for generating profits given that its price is free to float.

T.OS Features and Where to Get It

Unlike most crypto projects, T.OS is not conducting any initial coin offering (ICO) event to distribute its coins. The TOSC and TOSP coins can be purchased in designated T.OS exchanges like the one in Singapore. TOSC can also be purchased in other crypto exchange around the world. Besides, the T.OS coin can be generated via mining, and it has a maximum supply limit capped at 6 billion.

The T.OS ecosystem comprises the T.OS wallet, a store, and the designated T.OS exchange. The payment system will operate with applications for smartphones and tablet PCs.

One can convert TOSC (T.OS) to TOSP (TOSP) internally in the wallet. In Singapore, for example, 1 TOSP worth 1 SGD, whereas in Canada for instance, 1 TOSP unit worth 1 CAD. Then, the TOSP can be used for payments by sending it to the merchant’s wallet. The merchant can eventually convert TOSP back to TOSC or Fiat.

It’s important to mention that TOSP can be obtained exclusively inside the T.OS ecosystem, while TOSC can also be purchased on crypto exchanges worldwide.

The separation between the two coins is achieved through the implementation of a public blockchain for TOSC (T.OS) and a private blockchain network for TOSP (TOSP).

Here are only a few benefits of TOSP:

  • Fast transaction speed;
  • Low commission;
  • Fixed price as TOSP is pegged to the fiat currency of a given country;
  • High-security level;
  • Convenience;

Below, you can check the main differences between T.OS, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, based on the T.OS whitepaper:

Initially, the T.OS project will be expanding in Southeast Asia. However, Tosblockaims to become a global payment system that would challenge Bitcoin itself. Thus, starting with 2020, T.OS will reach Europe, the US, Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

T.OS leverages blockchain for the benefit of everyone, as the team wants to develop a truly functional tool that can transform the payments industry.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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Zeex Expands Through Multiple New Partnerships




Zeex has inked a series of new deals with crypto wallet providers as a central element in the company’s move to revolutionize the wallet marketplace with its new proprietary gift card liquidity mechanism. Zeex has now signed deals with Bancor, Hooxi, Coinwall, Ginco, Sirin, and BreadWallet (BRD). 

Introducing Zeex

Zeex is a platform that confronts the most limiting obstacle in the crypto space: utility as a medium of exchange with a marketplace comprised of traditional products and services and traditional modes of commerce. Zeex offers users the ability to skip over the fiat currency step and make purchases by converting cryptocurrency into “corporate currency” through the Giftcard channel.

What’s the Big Deal?

At this stage, there are no truly effective means to circumnavigate the fiat step and utilize gift card exchange liquidity directly from cryptocurrency. While Coinbase has anointed the “Prepaid Crypto Giftcard” concept, this is a relatively recent development and the market has yet to comprehensively adjust.

Zeex has seized the initiative and emerged as the leading player on this front, with support from its non-blockchain sister, Zeek. Zeex has already lined up a series of blue-chip corporate brands, including Nike, ASOS, XBOX, Reebok, and Amazon, and is already pushing its minimum viable product iteration into late-stage production.


This is the…

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Supporting with Five Highlights, the New Generation of ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 Shocked Release




The new generation of ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 has been released, which makes a great step to become the Guardian for the Blockchain Assets.

Most of the experienced customers of cryptocurrency circle have known about ColdLar Wallet for a long time. However, the beginners also can understand its concept though this article.

ColdLar Wallet is not only an intelligent hardware cold wallet product, but also a full set of security storage solutions for blockchain assets. ColdLar Wallet adopts the ideal of “Dimension Reduction Protection”, and it is composed of cold end wallet device and hot end APP.

The cold end is a hardware device, which looks like a cell phone without requiring a network connection, mainly responsible for building transactions and signing transactions. And the hot end APP need to connect to a network with broadcast transactions and query balances as its main tasks.

The unique structure of “Hardware Device Plus Mobile App” ensures that the private key will never connect to the network. The full set solution transmits the encrypted information by encrypted two-dimensional code or NFC, which can guarantee the absolute security of transactions.

The security storage solution of ColdLar is based on the security structure of ColdLar wallet. And it takes the secure storage and algorithm of the private key as its core, as well as relies on the strong research and development capability of ColdLar, for completely isolating the hacker attacks.

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Humaniq Doubles Number of Nations Where it Brings Global Unbanked Better Options




London, September 20, 2018 – International FinTech company Humaniq today expands its global reach by launching the Humaniq app with full functionality –  wallet & crypto emissions – in a further  24 countries. The launch, from Asia to Latin America,  takes the total list of nations Humaniq App operates into 46. The expansion will provide both social and financial empowerment to the global unbanked population and widen the horizon for financial inclusion initiatives.

Launching the app in new continents with already close to half a million users onboard after less than a year Humaniq is ready for further rapid growth and achievements. As of today, the Humaniq App can be downloaded in 24 new countries: Republic of the Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Seychelles, Belize, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Paraguay, Oriental Republic of Uruguay, México, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Iceland.

It is no coincidence that there are Southeast Asia and Latin American countries in the list of nations Humaniq now operates in. Humaniq will fill in the gaps in financial inclusion, bringing knowledge and skills that will help people to use financial products and services effectively and with a greater awareness of their rights and responsibilities in financial markets.

Today, there are approximately 1.7 billion people without any access to financial accounts, according to the World Bank’s Global Findex Database 2017 (Findex).…

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