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Apollon Cryptocurrency: Meet the Apollon Team




Apollon’s blockchain ecosystem has set out to revolutionize the online entertainment & gambling industry. The crowdsale of its APO Coin is currently underway and the market is simply loving it!

On popular demand, Apollon CEO Mr. Alan Lau addressed an audience of more than 3,000 excited industry executives recently in Tokyo. 

Mr. Alan Lau – FinTech the Future conference

Speaking at the prestigious FinTech the Future conference, Mr. Lau outlined the company’s skyrocketing trajectory and also how Apollon’s Next Generation Gambling (NGG) ecosystem has joined in to take the $290 billion online gaming industry to the $1 trillion mark!

Gobsmacked by the company’s revolutionary vision, also the contagious excitement of its investors & followers, we sat down with Apollon’s Messrs. Lau and Chan for a meet and greet.

Please continue reading to see what we’ve learned from two extraordinary visionaries. Also how you can get on board now already, even before the APO Coin hits the open market.

Alan Lau – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Apollon Foundation Limited

CEO Alan Lau

Mr. Lau, please tell us about your childhood and school years?

I grew up in Hong Kong as one of 5 children (3 boys & 2 girls). Our father was a businessman and mother took care of our home and the family. I completed my schooling in both Hong Kong and the UK.

What were your hobbies & interests as a child?

I loved football, basketball, and swimming. Also computers of course. We were taught computer programming in BASIC coding language. The programs were punched on paper tape and we kept them separate. 

After your school years, you commenced further study. Please tell us more.

I enrolled at the Imperial College in London where I completed a degree in Computer Science.

What followed after your graduation?

After college, I started my career in computers at IBM Labs in the UK. In my early professional years, I specialized in Customer Information Control Systems (CICS) and Systems Network Architecture (SNA) research and development.

And after IBM?

I moved to China and joined Hewlett-Packard (HP) as Director of Sales.

Mr. Lau, please tell us more about your time at Hewlett-Packard (HP).

Those were very exciting years. Computers were becoming popular in China and I was privileged to be a part of the big wave, winning several major new clients & projects for HP.

How would you describe the highlight of your time at Hewlett-Packard (HP)?

I regard one of my major achievements as bringing online trading to the Shanghai Stock Exchange during the 1990s. Our installation of the Unix system made HP a famous brand in China and for this achievement, I was awarded the HP “President Club” award in 1993.

After HP you entered the entrepreneurial world?  Please tell us more.

From the mid-1990s onwards, I founded and developed several well-known companies, largely in the IT, tech and online spaces. I also merged one of my businesses with the North 22 Group, which was listed in Singapore in 2000 and I’m still a shareholder today. While JPush is another one of my companies, for which a US stock market Initial Public Offering (IPO) is in the pipeline. I currently also have interests in several other ventures in the fields of the Internet of Things (IoT), push-messaging, artificial intelligence, post-quantum encryption and online games.

Of course, you are also a board member and on the management team at Apollon Foundation. Please tell us more.

Apollon is a blockchain ecosystem & marketplace for the entertainment industry. With current generations turning more and more to the Internet for all aspects of their daily lives, the online entertainment industry is skyrocketing, in both Asia and the rest of the world. But because of the massive growth, there are severe industry problems and Apollon has set out to provide the solutions.

What are the major problems? And what are Apollon’s solutions?

The current online entertainment industry is extremely divided & fragmented and the major players have formed their own standalone silos. For customers, that’s a problem because human beings crave a sense of community. The popularity of shopping malls in the real world and social media communities on the Web are perfect cases in point. The global Apollon ecosystem is the one-stop online destination for any consumer wanting to enjoy a great entertainment experience in a fun and vibrant community that also rewards their loyalty by means of awards, prizes & special offers. Consumers can enjoy all their favorite online activities in a community environment without ever having to leave the Apollon network, including travel bookings, hotel & restaurant reservations, online gambling fun, e-sports challenges, online games and cultural activities, to name but a few. What’s more, the worldwide Apollon platform can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world and on any connected device. And Apollon’s own APO cryptocurrency makes participation a breeze. No more excessive online transaction fees or cross-border currency difficulties. APO is stable and can be used from anywhere in the world, also at any time. While for business operators, the Apollon ecosystem also offers the perfect solution by solving the key industry pains. Not only do businesses keep their original brand identities intact when they join us, but as part of an extensive global online community they will have strong & constant visitor streams through their websites and easier conversion because of the convenient APO coin that makes customer spending easy. Also, business operators on the Apollon platform can focus on doing business instead of hassling with infrastructure issues, because Apollon’s own team takes care of the IT, administration, customer registration, KYC & AML requirements and so on.

Mr. Lau, you are clearly a big supporter of blockchain & cryptocurrencies. What is your view on the future?

Both blockchain & crypto are simply mankind’s natural progression to the next level of tech advancement as we continue our journey into the Digital Age. But because it’s still early years for both, currently there is volatility as can be expected, much the same as the waves crashing around a boat when it has just launched from the beach. However, soon enough both concepts will mature in the marketplace out there and it will be plain sailing from thereon. Digital currency is the perfect solution for the Digital Age, but like all new things, it takes a while to get used to it, after which we will wonder how we could actually live without it!

And coming back to your personal life Mr. Lau, what are your current hobbies and interests?

Of course, I love technology in all its forms and sizes. Further to that, I’m a founding member and Vice President of the Shanghai Computer Society, Fellow Member of the British Institute of Analysts & Programmers (FMIAP), also a Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS). And I am also a big fan of the human mind and the extraordinary things that we can achieve through the power of thought, creativity & invention. I’m therefore proud to say that I’m a member of Mensa International, the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world.

Are you a music lover? Keen Reader?

Yes, I love classical music most. I also like reading biographies & business books. One of my favorite authors is Clay Christensen. And at the moment I’m busy with “Principles” by Ray Dalio, also “The Mind Set” by C. Dweck.

What are your favorite sports Mr. Lau?


What is your favorite food? Holiday destination?

Cantonese food of course. And I love traveling all over the world – visited 63 countries so far!

Thank you for your time, Mr. Lau – it has been a privilege and an honor to catch up with you Sir.

Jimmy Chan – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – Apollon Foundation Limited

CMO Jimmy Chan

Mr. Chan, please tell us about your childhood.

My father was a businessman and my mother an accountant. They raised their children –two boys and a girl- in Rangoon, Myanmar. While I completed my schooling in Hong Kong and Canada.

What were your interests & hobbies in the early years?

As a youngster, I loved football, music, drawing and playing board games e.g. Monopoly. Later on, I was also an active member of the Student Union at University, editor of the Student Union magazine and stage designer for the Student Drama program.

After completing your education, what was your first job? Please tell us more.

I started my career as a software specialist at Digital Equipment Corporation in Hong Kong. Digital Equipment Corp. was the 2nd largest computer company in the world and I enjoyed the opportunity to be the first software support agent for the Unix operating system for both Hong Kong and Mainland China. A major client was the Ministry of Education, Mainland China, which had purchased and operated 130 of our Unix operating systems.

And what followed Digital Equipment Corp. was a very impressive marketing career with the big brands. Please tell us more.

So far in my career, I have enjoyed more than 25 years in leading sales & marketing positions, also general management across several sectors in leading-edge technology. I further operated the world’s largest e-magazine across 155 countries and also held executive positions at big names such as Sun Microsystems and Compaq Computer. Later in my career, I provided sales training to more than 1,000 marketing professionals for LG, Lenovo, and China Mobile, to name but a few of the big names. While I further assisted several large global brands to enter the Chinese market and settle in successfully.

And of course, you are also on the management team at Apollon.

Yes, I’m very excited to be part of Apollon’s revolutionary journey as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Mr. Chan, how do you see your role at Apollon?

Apollon is leveraging state-of-the-art tech tools –e.g. blockchain & crypto- to bring unprecedented solutions to the world of online entertainment. The opportunity at Apollon fits perfectly into my skills set as a marketing professional with extensive expertise & experience in the fast-evolving tech and digital world. I am very excited & fortunate to be part of the journey and to bring the good news of Apollon’s great offerings to both, online entertainment consumers and business operators across the planet.

What are the challenges that you foresee?

Well, even though blockchain and crypto are simply the world’s next logical steps into the digital future, of course, it will take a while for business operators and consumers to get used to it. Over the centuries history has proven that good ideas eventually sell themselves, we just have to help them along initially. And blockchain & crypto are no different. But during these early stages, our role is to educate & support users in understanding and embracing the extraordinary potential of these awesome solutions until the successful results & outcomes can eventually speak for themselves.

What are your current hobbies and interests, Mr. Chan?

I love jogging – I’m an active marathon runner and have been enjoying it for the last 5 years. My keen interest is to participate in different countries. My favorite place for jogging is Tokyo, Japan.

Do you enjoy music & reading?

Yes, I love Pop music. The Beatles is still my favorite band. My favorite book is “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Gray. And I’m currently reading “Inevitable” by Kevin Kelly.

What are your favorite sports?

To watch, I like soccer. And to participate, jogging of course.

What do you love to eat and where do you holiday?

Chinese food is my favorite and I love visiting Japan.

Thank you, Mr. Chan, it’s been great chatting with you.

The APO Coin & Crowdsale

The APO Coin is the official currency of the Apollon platform and is required for all transactions within the ecosystem and across the entire decentralized global network.

The APO Coin Crowdsale ends on 31 August 2018 and the coin will be available at US $1 each during the crowdsale period. After the crowdsale period has ended, APO will be available in the open cryptocurrency market. Due to strong ongoing demand, the value of the APO coin is expected to rise after the crowdsale.

Further information on the Issuance of the APO Coin and Funds Usage is available in the Apollon whitepaper.

Management, Milestones & Roadmap

Apollon Foundation is under the capable leadership of CEO Alan Lau, as discussed further above.

Mr. Lau is duly assisted by four highly experienced executives, including the CMO Jimmy Chan as interviewed earlier. Please meet The Team online. While further information on Apollon’s Board Members & Advisory Board is also available in the whitepaper.

The exciting Apollon journey started in early 2018. And although several milestones have already been achieved, many more are planned for the immediate future and years ahead. Please see Product and Platform Launch Planning in the whitepaper for more information in terms of the Apollon roadmap.


Apollon is in the hands of a team of ultra-dynamic & skilled industry leaders.

We cannot help but be super excited about the future of the online entertainment & gambling industry!


Website – Apollon

Whitepaper – Apollon

Conference content – Apollon – Fintech the Future

PWC – China entertainment and media outlook 2016-2020

GlobalCoin Report – Apollon: A Blockchain Ecosystem & Marketplace for the Entertainment Industry

GlobalCoin Report – Apollon’s Next Generation Gambling (NGG) ecosystem that will revolutionize Online Gambling

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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