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European Central Bank launching its allegedly Ripple powered instant payment service next month




After the long-awaited system in the market, finally, clients who enjoy transacting money using the digital platform can now rejoice after the alleged Ripple partner and Pan European infrastructure, Target Instant payment settlement is expected to go live next month, November 2018.

The European Central Bank is the leading financial institution for European countries administering monetary policies in the European block, which is comprised of 19 EU member states. The Euro is currently one of the strongest currency in the world.

The great news came from Equens world Line, a pioneer with the primary objective to deal with instant payment and money transaction operations. Giving the story on their tweeter account, they informed the followers on how they were going to go live in next month and continued to advise the followers on the expectations, and how the innovation is going to revolutionize Europe when it comes to technology.

The primary purpose of Target instant payment settlement will be to create an instant payment system all over Europe using the central bank as a channel to regulate the transfer of settlements enabling the transmission of digital money across the border and Europe as a whole. And as ‘instant payment settlement’ term is attached to the service, multiple anonymous sources have reported that they have turned to Ripple blockchain.

Some of the benefits of the system will include no minimum wait during the transaction process, available transaction settlement all over the clock for its customers hence clients can access their finances throughout and make payments with ease of any delay. The surprising fact about the instant payment system is that it allows the currency to be settled in the bank at any time creating an all-time all access system.

The will also be an elimination of time wastage between the client and the bank as the financial system money transactions will be updated instantly avoiding any credit risks among the clients (another hint of Ripple involvement, right?

That’s exactly what the blockchain project has been pushing to do to banks). In addition to that, all the service providers could now be happy as they will be reachable without actually opening an account with TIPS. Hence one can be a non-member and still operate using the settlement system.

Consequently, the instant money payment settlement scheme will allow the movement of currency from one financial provider platform to the other without the need of any clearing services. These clearing services could be the main reason why there was a delay in the transaction in the traditional system payment systems. This system is an improvement from other conventional methods that one had to do the clearing before the settlement takes place.

After the announcement, some people were very excited and took to Twitter for replying to the great news. Understandably, some followers thought that it was Ripple instant payment system.

The euro system decided to incorporate TIPS due to its fantastic experience to incorporate payment settlement and matches its object that is to enable innovation and extension regarding technology to the European countries. Even if Ripple is not involved in this case, the fact that the central bank is regulating the system is a big win for the cryptocurrency sector as now more people will be willing to transact money globally without fear of insecurity.

The leading institutions that are going to benefit from this move in December are the credit institutions that ate implemented and situated in the European economic region or outside the area provided that they operate through an institution run by the European economic region and all national central banks of the European Union.

Although it will use euro for settlement, this will be one of the most significant milestones that could ever happen in euros technology concerning the world of digital currency. The involvement of Ripple blockchain is yet to be confirmed, but the nodes match quite well.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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Ludos Protocol Makes a Strong Case for Investors in Blockchain Gaming



Ludos Protocol

As games migrate to the blockchain and become increasingly complex, Ludos Protocol is set to capture this new market. It’s creating a solid ecosystem of DApps and toolboxes that provide Blockchain as a Service for developers to build and maintain sidechains.

Ludos Protocol solves one of the biggest issues that has given investors qualms about blockchain gaming: scalability. An overcrowded mainchain is a perennial problem that has hindered the progress of even the best-funded blockchain gaming applications. Thanks to a hybrid of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithms, Ludos Protocol is able to implement a multi-sidechain system. This allows any populated game to deploy its own sidechain of transactions while keeping the mainchain throughput at a minimum.

This is why Ludos Protocol has attracted investment from fund behemoth Softbank, whose previous ventures include Uber and Alibaba. Ludos Protocol is the fund’s third-ever foray into blockchain.  

Industry trends attest to Softbank’s interest in Ludos Protocol. Gaming produced a global revenue of over $200 billion in 2017, according to the latest report by Digi-Capital. It is a figure that is expected to grow to $300 billion by 2021, making the industry one of the most lucrative in the digital economy. It is also one of the ripest for change by blockchain technology. The development of a comprehensive blockchain infrastructure that suits the evolving needs of the…

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Why Investors Should Closely Follow the Earnings Season



earnings season

The earnings season has arrived, and investors around the world are excited to see what reports are companies going to publish. This is important as these reports contain companies’ earnings for the current year, which can provide investors with some valuable insight.

No matter what announcements the company has made throughout the year, it is the earnings report that indicates the firm’s true performance. As such, it often has a significant impact on its public image, the price of its stocks, as well as investors’ interest.

Earnings reports can open up new opportunities

When it comes to the cryptocurrency markets, 2018 has brought both, volatility and stability. Most of the time, prices were relatively stable, but this state was only reached after a harsh drop in January 2018. Since then, several smaller price surges, followed by just as large price drops, hit the market once again.

As a result, crypto traders were prompted to look for alternative investments. Earnings seasons often present numerous opportunities for resourceful investors. Analysts claim that earning reports managed to significantly impact prices of shares (by over 5%) since 2001.

It is expected that a lot of companies will try to take advantage of the earnings season in order to make a comeback, especially after the hit that markets suffered back in October. Various firms will also likely show insight into how the market behavior affected their profits and business, in general.



TokenPay Litecoin Verge

Ever since the cryptocurrency sphere was met with the news of the partnership between Litecoin Foundation, TokenPay, and Verge (XVG), the idea of them coming together has been among the most controversial news to ever surface in the cryptocurrency world.

The collaboration managed to even draw the attention of one of the most renowned crypto-influencer and bitcoin campaigner, Tone Vays. In his usual style, Tone took to Twitter handle on hearing the news, tweeting and expressing his disapproval while criticizing the creators of the three cryptocurrencies for allowing such a move to occur.

In retaliation to the attacks from Tone, Charlie Lee, the MD, and founder of Litecoin (LTC) posted his clarification on Reddit on the 17th July in regards to the partnership. Litecoin’s CEO started by explaining the dissimilarities between Litecoin as a currency and Litecoin as a company.

In his remarks, he said that Litecoin as a blockchain and crypto network is a decentralized network, whereas Litecoin Foundation as a company is a centralized non-profit institution whose goal is to ensure Litecoin (LTC) is developed, adopted, and used. Charlie also mentioned that Litecoin’s cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies did not require his direct services at the moment hence his concentration on Litecoin Foundation.

Charlie Lee made his remarks known saying:

“If Litecoin Foundation (LF) is exposed to not doing a good job, nothing should prevent another organisation to step in and do a better job. This is…

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