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Celebrate BitStarz’ Birthday and Win a Tesla Model 3!



Everyone’s favorite online casino is baking a cake, popping the champagne, and inviting you to the biggest and best birthday party of the year. BitStarz is getting ready to celebrate its 6th birthday and we’re doing it in style with a promotion that will drive you insane.

If you love cars and casino games, you’re in for one epic birthday treat courtesy of BitStarz. When you deposit at BitStarz during the birthday celebrations you will get a ticket (or tickets) that give you entry into the draw for a brand-new Tesla Model 3 – now that’s one birthday bash you don’t want to miss out on!

Speed Around the Reels and the Race Track

We’ve all dreamed of owning a Tesla at one point in our lives, and now BitStarz is making this dream a reality. Imagine hurtling from 0-100km/h in as little as 3.4 seconds in your brand-new Model 3, or zooming down the highway at 261km/h in ultimate luxury – we don’t recommend doing this, by the way.

It’s definitely the only way to travel in 2020, and what’s more, you’re doing the planet a favor by going electric. Make sure you’re in the BitStarz birthday lottery to get your hands on this high-powered and high-tech car.

Entering the Lottery is As Easy as Pie

BitStarz truly cares about its players, making promotions as accessible for all as possible. All you have to do is kick back, relax and play like normal to get your hands on tickets for our huge birthday giveaway. For each €100 wagered, you will get one ticket into the draw, so the more you play, the more tickets you can get.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do €100 all in one go. Each spin you make will count towards the €100 wager requirement for a ticket. Just spin the reels like normal and you’ll be collecting tickets in no time, or splash the cash to make sure you have the best possible chance of winning this amazing prize.

Join BitStarz to Join in the Celebrations

BitStarz’ birthday celebrations are bigger than ever, so it’s well worth joining BitStarz in order to take part in the partying. Simply create an account at BitStarz and you’ll get 20 free spins for doing so. This process takes no more than 30 seconds to do, so don’t pass up on this opportunity.

That’s not all, as across your first four deposits you can get up to €500/5BTC and an additional 180 free spins. This is the ultimate welcome package if you ask us and is the perfect way to kick start the birthday celebrations.

Head on over to BitStarz and start playing your favorite games to collect lottery tickets – after all, there’s a Tesla Model 3 worth €45,000 up for grabs!

For more information about BitStarz’ birthday celebrations or anything else BitStarz has to offer, speak to BitStarz Marketing Manager Srdjan Kapor at [email protected].

Press contact: 

Srdjan Kapor

Marketing Manager

[email protected]


Ethereum Price Outlook as the DXY Index Crash Continues




Cryptocurrency prices remained in an upbeat tone on Thursday as the US dollar index continued its bearish move. Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency in the world, rose to $23,165, the highest level in months. Similarly, Ethereum has risen by more than 4% in the past 24 hours while BNB Coin and XRP surged to $307 and $0.41, respectively. 

US dollar index retreats

Cryptocurrencies have an inverse relationship with the US dollar index. For example, the DXY, which looks at the performance of the greenback vs other currencies, soared to a 20-year high of $115 in 2022. As that happened, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin plunged during the year.

The foundation of this relationship is the Federal Reserve. In most periods, the US dollar index tends to rise when the Fed is extremely hawkish and vice versa. And it was extremely hawkish in 2022 as it hiked interest rates by more than 400 basis points. 

Therefore, while the Fed has remained hawkish recently, the US dollar has dropped because of what the data is saying. Data published recently showed that America’s inflation is easing. The closely watched consumer price index dropped to 6.5% in December while core inflation fell to 5.7%. 

At the same time, other parts of the economy are showing that the American economy is indeed recoiling. Retail sales dropped sharply in December while many…

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STG Price Soars as Stargate Finance’s Token Forms Double-Top




Electroneum ETN

STG price surged to a high of $0.7566 this week as interest in DeFi tokens jumped. Stargate Finance’s native token has risen by over 85% from the lowest point in 2022. So, what is Stargate and why is the token soaring?

What is Stargate Finance?

DeFi has emerged as one of the most important areas in the blockchain industry. In fact, with the metaverse and NFTs struggling, it is the only bastion of hope for the sector. While the amount of assets held in DeFi has dropped recently, it is still worth about $70 billion. And DEX protocols like dYdX and Uniswap are handling hundreds of millions of dollars every day.

Stargate Finance is a little-known platform in the DeFi industry. It exists in numerous blockchains like Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Optimism. Like most cross-chain blockchains, Ethereum is the most dominant player in Stargate, where it has a TVL of more than $102 million.

Stargate Finance is a DeFi protocol that makes it possible for users to stake, farm, and transfer tokens across multiple chains. It describes itself as a fully composable liquidity transport protocol that lives at the heart of the omnichain. 

As such, you can swap tokens on a 1:1 basis and add liquidity to Stargate’s Omnichain protocol and earn stablecoin rewards. Also, liquidity providers can farm their LP tokens in exchange for STG…

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Cronos Price Forms Bearish Divergence as Cryptos Rebounds




Cronos price has been in a strong recovery in the past few weeks as cryptocurrencies rebound. CRO rose to a high of $0.066, the highest point since December 10. It has soared by more than 18% from the lowest point in 2022. So, what next for the token?

What is Cronos?

Cronos is a blockchain project that was developed by, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world. It was previously known as Chain until it rebranded in November 2021. 

Cronos is a smart contract platform that aims to be a better alternative to Ethereum and other networks like Solana and Avalanche. It is also an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), meaning that apps developed in its ecosystem are compatible with Ethereum. 

Cronos has been used to build all types of dApps, including Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), and the metaverse. Some of the most notable DeFi apps in its ecosystem are Tectonic, VVS Finance, Ferro, and MM Finance among others.

The metaverse platforms in the ecosystem are Metaverse Pixels, Cronos Ragdolls, Pampered Pandas, and Crowboys. It has also been used to build NFT collections like Cronos Chimp Club, Crosmonauts, Crocus NFT, and Agora among others.

CRO price crashed in 2022 as other cryptocurrencies plunged. This decline happened as the Fed increased interest rates. The bank hiked interest…

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