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Civic (CVC) Finding Its Way around the Tough Crypto Currents




Civic has had its ups and downs over the time since this currency as launched. Although CVC traded near one dollar price two months ago, in January with the beginning of 2018, this currency has dropped to almost three times since then, in the course of a two month period. How is Civic doing at the current moment and does this token has any chances to get to that “so-near-but-so-far” one dollar price by the end of the year of 2018?

A Little Reminder about Civic

Civic is all about promoting safe and secure identities. The main goal of this token is to provide individuals and small and medium business with fully protected identities.

Civic makes it pretty easy to trust a decentralized platform as it has separate programs for developers and business owner, so you can take advantage of the scalable ecosystem that offers fast decentralized transactions without any type of third parties involved. In order to protect and keep all user identities safe and secure, Civic is using Secure ID feature, reusable KYC, and ID Theft Protection. With Secure ID feature, you can make sure that you will be using spam-free websites that are listed as CVC partner websites and all the included services. This feature somewhat works as parent control for the internet: that case when you can limit website addresses your child is using. Only this feature is a lot more sophisticated given the fact that Secure ID is operating within a blockchain-based ecosystem.

With CVC Reusable KYC (Know Your Customer) tool, you can easily verify your identity per your request. This feature allows all users to easily scan personal documents like driving license or passport and upload all information needed for creating and verifying their identity within their account. In order to use this tool, you need to pay a pretty fair fee and you need to own a CVC wallet.

Once you have submitted all the info needed, the tool will create your identification that will exist within the Civic blockchain ledger. CVC will share your information only with the chosen parties and solely on your demand. All your information remains fully private as Civic is all about the security of identities and ultimate privacy. This tool comes as pretty handy for crypto services within the platform and beyond, traveling, applying for dating sites, lending money via smart contracts and more. With this feature, all your information is being verified in real time and it can be reused any time upon your permission. Instead of having to verify your ID every time you need to prove your identity, you can use this tool for easy and simple verification that guarantees privacy and safety.

At last, thanks to the CVC ID protection, the level of privacy you get with this token is backed up and additionally improved your safety. With this tool, you can make sure that CVC is doing everything to prevent identity theft. Starting off with monitoring and monitoring alerts, this tool will notify you in case anything suspicious that could jeopardize your identity comes along. In case anyone has used your identity you own through CVC, the credit bureau will send you alerts, protecting you during, before and after the ID theft.

To make sure you are additionally backed up, CVC has set up a fraud support that is constantly on the lookout and working on providing you full support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

In case your identity does get stolen, you will be provided with a new address, a new wallet and you will be able to get back into the game. Very soon, this tool should get a tone of improvements. One of those improvements is a money refund, so in case your funds would get stolen with your identity, you would be able to retrieve your funds in accordance with the limit that has been previously set to your acknowledgment.

There will also be a feature that would get involved with monitoring the dark web hackers who are involved in buying identities for different purposes. CVC will protect you from that harm and let you know if anything suspicious comes along.

How is Civic doing at the Current Moment?

After trading near one dollar value only two months ago, a lot has happened to CVC since. Civic truly had its ups and lows as it also suffered from the latest massive drop in price that all major currencies went through during the third week of February 2018.

During March 4th, CVC dropped by -3.20% against the dollar. At this time, Civic was being traded at 0.28$ per one unit.

With the latest change in its price, on March 5th, CVC managed to bounce back up a bit while experiencing a rise of 1.51% against the dollar within the period of 24 hours. After the latest positive change in its price, Civic can now be bought at the price of 0.28$ per one token.

Given the fact that Civic does offer an unquestionably strong privacy and safety for all its users, CVC should probably get back to its old all-time high pretty soon. In case Civic would continue to grow at the current pace based on the latest change in its price, it is possible that this token could reach the one dollar goal by the end of the year and even sooner, going even beyond the price of a dollar per one unit.

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