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SuchApp Brings A Proven Facebook Business Model to the Blockchain




Praised as being one of the most innovative technological developments of this decade, blockchain technology still struggles to become widely accepted by mainstream society. Even though we have an endless supply of blockchain projects exploring ways to integrate its services into sectors like business, data management, and finance, few are met with overwhelming support.

One of the main reasons why we have a yet to reach large-scale blockchain adoption is because many of the projects are operating on poorly designed business models. The average project either offers no practical value in contemporary society or it cannot be practically integrated or adopted using current tech platforms.

Many of these blockchain projects simply don’t make an effort to appeal to the general public. White papers are filled with technical jargon that’s difficult for the average person to understand and marketing campaigns are only targeting specific niches of the tech market.

Blockchain Technology Needs More Inclusivity

As of now, no blockchain project has successfully penetrated the mainstream market. The reason for this isn’t because of blockchain functionality, but because there has yet to be a platform that focuses on improving day-to-day operations like hailing a taxi, buying a cup of coffee, or connecting people through online dating apps.

SuchApp aims to be the first blockchain project that promises value outside of the tech and cryptocurrency sectors. By using the same strategy which helped the social media giant, Facebook, reach 500 million users after only six years, SuchApp is able to deliver a fully-functional blockchain app that appeals to everyone in the following ways:

    • Giving government agencies an open channel of communication with citizens.
    • Giving businesses a platform to connect with customers, implement powerful marketing campaigns, and process crypto and fiat transactions.
    • Allowing friends and family to connect via VoIP, text, and video conferencing over a 5G network.

Similarly to Facebook, SuchApp is an all-inclusive platform that appeals to casual users and businesses alike. But SuchApp is more than just a social media outlet or messaging service. It’s an online ecosystem where friends, family, businesses, and customers converge.

Unlike Facebook, SuchApp creates an online marketplace where customers can spend cryptocurrency on goods and services, as well as transfer money to friends and family members from anywhere in the world. This makes SuchApp the first practical app to use blockchain technology in a practical sense that everyone can benefit from using.

How SuchApp Captures the Digital Market

More people are moving from traditional messaging services like emails and SMS and spending more time on messenger apps. One 2016 study broke down the amount of time average users spent a day on various messenger services. Here’s what we know:

    • The average Kakao user spends 48 minutes using Kakao.
    • Kik users spend 32 minutes.
    • WeChat users spend 29 minutes.
    • WhatsApp users spend 28 minutes.

While all of these platforms are great for sending and receiving messages, none of them were designed to meet the needs of businesses. SuchApp corners both of these markets by creating a platform for where business and personal communication intersect.

    • Users are rewarded SPS tokens, SuchApp’s ERC20 cryptocurrency, for onboarding members.
    • Large-scale investors can participate in the exclusive license program and benefit from 100% of in-country revenue generated by advertisements and premium group name purchases.
    • Rural entrepreneurs in developing countries can implement an on-platform, borderless marketplace.

Even services like insurance policies can be purchased and managed directly through the SuchApp platform, making it easier for customers and insurance providers to interact.

Visit our website to learn more about SuchApp and our upcoming ICO.

Participants are encouraged to take advantage of our Exclusive License Program while there’s still time. Request admission today, as we only offer one license per country.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

Image courtesy of Christopher via Flickr

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Why no one should be using banks



why no one should be using banks

If government is the devil, the bank is a demon.

It’s not your money anymore.

The moment you put your money on your bank account it becomes the property of the bank. Legally speaking you have just lend your money for minuscule interest. And since the money is not your, terms do apply, so you cannot withdraw all of them in one day, if the amount is high.

Government will know everything

Today banks are obligated to tell the authorities everything they know about you, including how much money you have, how you got it and where you spend it. The golden age of bank secrecy is over. Of course if you are a law abiding citizen, you might think that you have nothing to hide, but it’s not about hiding stuff. It’s about basic human right, and rightness for private life. The government should not be allowed to watch you.

Banks ask too many stupid questions

It’s your money, you rightfully earned them, but still you need to explain to the bank where you got it from and be shamed by them. The funny part is that after long and painful due diligence process the bank may still decline in providing service for you.

They can legally suspend your account or even steal your money

Laws are not made to protect people, they are made to protect the…

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Neteller to Launch a Crypto Exchange




The way to make sure that the cryptocurrency momentum continues and that cryptocurrency credibility occurs is when big companies begin offering services based around cryptocurrency and other features of blockchain. This was certainly the case when Neteller recently announced it will offer a cryptocurrency exchange service in addition to its digital wallet services. The company announced that the 28 currencies compatible with the fiat wallet were able to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. It makes sense to begin with Bitcoin and Ethereum as they are seen as the originators of what cryptocurrency and blockchain can do and also the future of how blockchain can be used, despite news that Ripple may be set to topple them all. Neteller’s move into cryptocurrency shows it has its sights set on a bright future of cryptocurrency and making it more accessible. But where do they stand now?

Neteller and Cryptocurrency

Neteller are optimistic about the exchange features of the digital wallet, claiming that they plan to add more cryptocurrencies in the near future. Neteller’s benefit is the ease at which one can begin their cryptocurrency trading journey. Not only do a range of banks offer services to fund the wallets and exchanges, but so do a variety of online payment options. This helps remove the barrier to entry that exists in…

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MGO Will Likely Generate Substantial Gains During 2019




My new year’s resolution is to put the past year behind me and start fresh.  This means to stop worrying about past losses and focus on all the exciting projects that blockchain technology has made possible.  When analyzing new projects, I tend to look for projects that have 2 advantages; growing industry and lack of competition.  Companies with these advantages have always done well in the equity markets and there is no reason to believe they won’t do well in the crypto markets.  MobileGo (MGO) is one such project that will be one of the biggest winners during the next 12 months.

MobileGo’s currency, MGO, performed better than nearly every other token during the past 12 months.  While most altcoins were plunging by more than 90%, MGO is only down about 50%.  And, since September, the MGO token has exploded by more than 200%.  These trading gains can be attributed to increasing adoption rates of the MGO token, most notably on the Xsolla platform.

Xsolla is a global powerhouse within the gaming industry.  It’s a gaming platform that provides developers with critically important services such as marketing, billing, distribution, payment processing, and fraud prevention.  Xsolla’s pay station allows for every developer in the world to monetize by providing 700+ payment types.  The company also has a global presence that is unmatched by reaching 200+ geographies, utilizing…

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