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David Cohen’s Advisory Position Underlines MeshBox’s Game-Changing Potential



MeshBox is one of the most interesting blockchain companies in the world right now. The company just closed out an incredibly successful fundraising round, reaching a hard cap of 12,000 ETH in seconds at an oversubscription that saw capital volume to a multiple of more than six times the hard cap seek an exposure to the offering.

That’s a solid achievement and it’s one that really flags this company as one to watch in the space as things stand but, take a look what’s under the hood, and that the fundraising effort has been so popular is not particularly surprising.

MeshBox has designed and developed a technology that could solve the global problem of insufficient, unreliable or zero access to a reliable internet connection quickly and easily. This is a problem that behemoths like Facebook, Google and IBM have tried (and so far failed) to solve over the past decade or more and it’s one that could prove very lucrative for the company that finally cracks it.

With MeshBox’s technology, as supported by the company’s partner, SmartMesh, the technology of which serves as the layer on which the MeshBox hardware rests and relies, locations that currently have limited or no access to the internet can harness a mesh network to facilitate the connection, as well as to develop an internal, closed network that allows the transfer of data between connected devices. Blockchain integration facilitates the use of tokens as a means of payment for access to the network, access to content shared across the network, internet access and more.

This is all interesting and potentially game-changing in concept but concept isn’t what makes a company like this sell out on a $13.6 million (based on the 12,000 ETH hard cap mentioned above) fundraising in a matter of seconds.

Any great concept needs a great team behind it to ensure its success and MeshBox very much ticks this box. Harry Xiao is the founder and was an early investor in SmartMesh, 8BTC and a whole host of other successful blockchain projects. Henry Wang is an advisor to the company. He’s the guy that founded SmartMesh (prior to Xiao’s investment) and he’s also the President of the International Blockchain Application Federation, the Chairman of the AAMA Blockchain, and generally regarded a world leader in offline networking and social communications.

And the latest addition to this team is perhaps the most interesting.

MeshBox recently added blockchain incumbent David Cohen to its team of advisors.

Cohen is the Founder of, a game-changing autonomous machine economy software company, an Advisor to HashGraph, a data structure and consensus algorithm that has the potential to overcome some of the problems associated with development on the existing blockchain framework, and is a former member of IOTA.  Cohen built the first commercial software platform called GridAgents™ based on intelligent agent technologies and has been building smart software systems for over 25 years.  Cohen is also an integral part of the SmartMesh ecosystem, meaning his influence should be substantial as far as using the two technologies (the SmartMesh software and the MeshBox hardware) to tackle the above-stated aim of improving global connectivity is concerned.

Readers looking to find out more about SmartMesh can check out the company’s website here.

Anyone that’s interested in MeshBox can find the company’s White Paper here, or check out the team behind the technology at the company’s website here.

And here’s Cohen’s LinkedIn page.

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Is Bitcoin Esport Betting the next big thing in BTC Casinos?



Bitcoin Casinos

Ever since the creation of the first sport games, people started enjoying the betting process. As the sports grew more popular around the world, so did the betting community and other than the physical betting shops, online sportsbooks have also started to emerge. Around 5 years ago the crypto gambling industry also made strides to join the fun and Bitcoin Casino started pouring its resources into providing proper sportsbook experience for their communities of players. For several years the things were steady and the concept of Bitcoin Betting was growing exponentially. Although recent events have significantly halted the progress of sports and betting, the new alternative started gaining traction in the gambling world, and that alternative was the Esport Betting. 

How did Esport Betting become so popular?

The beginning of 2020 was unprecedented for the history of mankind and all the global business, including the gambling industry. In the month of March, most of the sports stopped because of the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic and betting services witnessed huge losses. That’s where the Bitcoin Casino industry found a viable alternative in the virtual sport segment. Because of that, Esport Betting has become increasingly more popular and the biggest BTC Casinos started providing a huge selection of tournaments in their sportsbook section.

How to participate in Esport Betting?

Esport Betting is basically the same process as the usual sports betting.…

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Bitcoin is Steadily Changing Our Lives in the Greatest Ways Possible




Bitcoin has already brought our world some of the most incredible innovation we have seen, but the best is yet to come. 

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain. While often regarded as mere industry buzzwords are actually the fundamentals of something far greater. Things like borderless currency, decentralized business, open-source software, collaborative technology, shared computing. These are just a scant few of the underlying principles that are taking our technology and daily lives into the future. Should these sciences be embraced, it will be a bright future indeed. 

It has become ever more transparent that humans today are living in fear. If nothing else, 2020 has brought the tidal wave of anxiety and distrust that many live in the shadow of, to a terrifying apex. We are all just waiting for the crash. While some flock to literature, or social media, or their favored news outlet, others flock to exchanges. Using platforms like the newbie friendly Bitvavo to place their bets on the future, on what could be, and what already largely is. Bitcoin and the technology that underpins its innermost workings are a preparation for a better tomorrow. An investment in a future that is already changing our lives today. 

The Point Behind the Hype 

In 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the bitcoin white paper, few paid attention. It took years to…

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AAX Crypto Exchange Announces Massive Growth Numbers in August



AAX Exchange

As the crypto market continues to surge, new traders continue to enter the market on a daily basis.  One of the first questions that new traders have is where should they trade crypto.  While there are countless options for buying and selling digital assets, traders need to exercise extreme caution and perform due diligence to avoid scam exchanges as well as places that have limited or no volume.  While the main platforms such as Coinbase, Binance, and Bittrex will always have significant volume, their fees are known to be on the expensive side.  AAX, a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest futures fees in the world, represents a compelling alternative that traders should consider.

Growth Announcement

A few of the most important issues to consider when deciding whether to use an exchange are the number of users and the volume.  On August 7, AAX announced that in a little over two weeks, the exchange doubled its user base bringing the grand total of registered users to over 200,000.  At this rate, AAX may surpass the million mark later this year which would be an incredible achievement and is most certainly due to a variety of factors including extremely low fees and revolutionary technology.

Institutional-Grade Exchange

When AAX decided to build its platform, it set out to meet the demands of both institutional and retail investors.  In order to achieve that goal, the exchange operates at the highest possible…

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