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The Improbable Hero of Crypto World: A Look at Dogecoin’s (DOGE) Future in the Market




From the moment when cryptocurrencies first appeared led by Bitcoin (BTC), there have been many altcoins which wanted a part of the glory. An innumerable amount of them failed and was pushed aside while the lucky few managed to carve their way through the crypto market. However, among those strong and powerful cryptos, there is also one that came to be as a joke but still manages to survive in the harsh crypto-environment.

What is Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the many, many cryptocurrencies that came to be since the crypto fever began. It was created back in 2013 by Jackson Palmer, and it has seen its fair share of ups and downs.

The interesting thing about this crypto is that it first came out as a joke, a response to a Doge meme that was popular back then. Even so, it managed to do something that some professionally designed altcoins did not – it survived.

There are multiple reasons why this particular crypto managed to live as long as it has. For example, it is very practical. It can be accessed through micro-wallets and faucets, and transactions are very cheap, especially when compared to other cryptos like Bitcoin. Besides being cheap, transactions are also very fast.

Another thing that makes this crypto popular is the fun atmosphere that surrounds it. It is a good way to enter the crypto world, and very easy and cheap to mine. This is an obvious advantage over other cryptos which require a lot of resources and even entire mining pools for a single coin.

There are many other reasons why this coin is still alive, including popularity in the east, particularly in China, its close proximity to Litecoin and Bitcoin, as well as great stability and distribution. However, one of its biggest advantages includes a pretty big, still alive and interested community.

Dogecoin still has supporters

As mentioned previously, the coin was present on the crypto market since 2013. This has given it five long years to establish its community, and the coin’s fun nature has done just that. There have been speculations whether its popularity owes its success to the fact that the coin is stable and practical, or if its connection to the online culture is to be blamed.

Whatever it is, Doge has done quite well for itself in terms of its supporters and enthusiasts. It still has a large presence on social networks to this day, and that includes Reddit, Twitter, Bitcoin Talk Forum, and GitHub.

Dogecoin’s coin supply is uncapped, and the coin doesn’t have a real limit. Despite the fact that it is one of Litecoin’s forks, it has a few more parameters that are making it different from LTC. One example is also its block time, which is 2 minute for Doge, and 2.5 minutes for Litecoin (LTC).

Thanks to its inflationary nature, however, this coin might not be the best choice for investors, since there is no guarantee for a return on the investment. Another con when it comes to Dogecoin is that it has become somewhat directionless since its creator left the crypto world. No real work has been done on this coin in a while, and even though some see it as a good thing and a perfect opportunity to buy coins before the updates catch up with it, there is still no guarantee that it will ever be updated.

This crypto has a lot of potentials, that much is not being questioned. However, it would need a strong leadership and some serious work in order for it to become great again. If it could manage to secure that, it might recover from the October’s shakedown which damaged it a lot. Not only that, but it might also rise to become one of the most popular currencies on the market.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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Healthereum All Set to Tackle Problems of the Medical Sector




There has been a growing realization across medical circles that patient engagement is crucial in health management and for the general well-being of people. With that said, there isn’t much clarity about what patient engagement might entail. Several healthcare providers have tried to apply their own ideas of enhancing patient engagement, often overworking their limited staff and exhausting their financial resources in the process. They either end up giving up on the idea altogether or only carry it forward haphazardly.

The contemporary healthcare landscape is marked by no-shows, the lack of patient engagement or unsustainable attempts at it, poor survey response rates, and fraudulent insurance claims and billing errors. In such a setting, Healthereum brings a blockchain-based solution to tackle healthcare’s biggest challenges. Healthereum is a platform that will bind provider-patient and hospital-patient interaction into smart contracts, improve accountability, promote healthy behavior, offer two-way communication, and verify services—all in one.

Gamification of Appointments

Healthereum makes ingenious use of Ethereum blockchain technology that enables healthcare providers to give out HEALTH tokens through HELIO Syndicate to patients who show up to their appointments and/or complete the gamified tasks on the platform. These tokens can then be used for health benefits from their healthcare providers, hence enabling the full cycle of healthcare blockchain experience.

This experience helps to incentivize responsible behavior from the patient’s end which can save the healthcare industry billions…

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Facebook Is Getting Closer to Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency, but Why



Facebook cryptocurrency

The rumors of Facebook own cryptocurrency are nothing new in the vast world of cryptocurrencies. They have been around for over a year now, with some insider reports confirming them for months, now. However, recently, another wave of confirmation has emerged, and these ones are referring to the coin as GlobalCoin.

There was already a number of events that seem to confirm the coin’s existence even further, such as the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, meeting with the US Treasury and contacting the Bank of England in order to seek regulatory guidance and confirmation. Something is definitely coming, but one question that many are still asking is: Why? Why is Facebook developing its own cryptocurrency?

Facebook’s GlobalCoin

According to reports from those who seem to be familiar with the matter, GlobalCoin is expected to arrive in Q1 2020. In other words, the social media giant is ready to enter the final phase of designing the coin and start conducting various tests.

Considering Facebook’s size and user base, the coin will truly be a global one, and while this is nothing special when it comes to cryptos — they are borderless, after all — this will be the first coin with such a massive exposure. It will also be pegged to a number of different fiat currencies, such as the EUR and USD, and likely half a dozen others.


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Reasons Why You Are Much Safer When Crypto Trading on Dexes




While many cryptocurrencies aim to bring the change to the world by bringing full decentralization, one aspect of the crypto space still remains mostly centralized, and that is the way they are exchanged. Most crypto exchanges are centralized companies, where traders and investors need to deposit their coins for safekeeping. This is a risky way to handle the funds, as exchanges remain susceptible to hacks and theft, as many realized recently, after the hack of the world’s largest exchange by trading volume, Binance.

During the hack, around 7,000 BTC (over $40 million) was taken, and sent to multiple wallets, never to be seen again — for now, at least. The hack also came as quite a shock, as Binance was known for its efficiency, security, and high levels of confidence. It also made people realize that their coins are not really theirs if they need to rely on third parties, such as exchanges, to keep them safe. As a result, many are now turning away from centralized exchanges, and are heading towards decentralized ones — also known as DEXes.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider doing the same.

1. True ownership of your coins

The crypto community has a saying: “not your keys, not your coins.” The saying is now more relevant than ever, but it does not apply on DEXes. Decentralized exchanges

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