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The entire crypto community, and especially TRON (TRX) and Cardano (ADA) enthusiasts were left completely speechless a few days ago when ADA’s co-founder proposed a cooperation between ADA and TRX. TRON did not immediately accept the proposal but has promised to look into it.

Charles Hoskinson makes an unexpected proposal

Despite the large shifts in the crypto market, that have mostly been negative towards the current situation of most cryptocurrencies, some of them still manage to advance. TRON (TRX) and Cardano (ADA) are among the few coins that are continuing to improve and score on business partnerships almost every other day. Because of this, most have seen them as rivals, which is why nobody saw Cardano’s proposal to TRON coming.

A few days ago, on June 25, Cardano’s co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, has made an unexpected move when he posted a tweet in which he addresses TRON’s founder, Justin Sun. Many were expecting to find some sort of TRON-bashing, which is why they were left speechless when Hoskinson wrote what it seems to be a legitimate business proposal between the coins.

The proposal was confusing, to say the least, and not many people dared to believe it at first. If true, many thought that this would have been an amazing opportunity to establish a strong partnership between the two. Not only would it be beneficial for both coins when it comes to stability, strength, and support, but would also help all crypto, since it would be a major step towards global adoption.

To combat the skepticism, Charles Hoskinson even confirmed that this is not irony and that he is completely serious. According to him, TRON’s use of Ethereum Java is holding this coin back, and Hoskinson has offered TRX to start using Cardano’s Mantis client. Mantis, according to Hoskinson, offers a much better code, security, as well as a DPoS-style protocol.

Sun doesn’t say no, but still doesn’t give an official response

Considering that TRON is currently still in the process of achieving total independence from Ethereum, this would allow it to make that extra step and completely turn its back to Ethereum’s network. Sun responded two days later, on June 27. He stated in a tweet that TRON is on its way to create the best possible blockchain and that the team will look into what Mantis has to offer.

Crypto experts and enthusiasts were basically holding their breath during this entire correspondence, wondering what will happen and how it might influence both cryptos. The idea itself was received with a lot of hype, and many see the benefits of such a partnership.

Both coins received support on social networks, Twitter especially. Others speculated what this might mean and whether or not will TRON actually accepts the partnership on Reddit. The strongest opinion is that agreeing to use Mantis would be the best possible decision by TRON at this point.

Mantis would allow TRON much more space and exposure, and through its use, it might finally be able to fully rival Ethereum. Still, it would appear that Sun is still thinking this idea over since no official statement has yet been released. The fact that TRON did not refuse is definitely reassuring, but both communities are anxious to hear the final verdict.

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