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Consensus Foundation launches the Sentient network with the vision to improve governance systems at all levels through AI



Sentient network

Recently, the Consensus Foundation launched version one of the Sentient network, a decentralized machine learning platform. First announced in late 2017, the project aims to both accelerate the development of decentralized artificial intelligence and make it easier for the average consumer to get started with blockchain technology.

“When we look at the next three to five years, it’s critical we bridge the gap to consumer adoption as early as possible. We need the general public to begin to understand blockchain technology — not just mining and cryptocurrencies, but also the larger, positive benefits this emerging tech can have on their lives”, says founder Oleg Gutsol.

Easy access

To encourage broad consumer adoption, the team has developed a simple native wallet and CPU miner (in addition to a command-line GPU miner), available from The wallet app is the first version of what will become a robust consumer interface for interacting with the Sentient network.

In the future, the wallet will be expanded into a gateway to the Sentient network, allowing anyone with relevant data to help improve machine learning algorithms and determine what allocation of resources to make available for network computations.

Proof-of-Compute and Federated Learning

The Sentient network launch is just the first step in the Consensus Foundation’s multi-year roadmap. Once the network is stable and ready, the company will introduce a Proof-of-Compute consensus algorithm that will supplement and eventually replace the Proof-of-Work currently used by Sentient. This way the computing resources made available by miners will not only be used to find the next block’s hash but to train useful machine learning models as well.

Following the introduction of Proof-of-Compute, the Consensus Foundation will provide the network participants with the option to make a portion of its hardware resources available for artificial intelligence computations. Each node will determine what share of resources to allocate for networked computations; in exchange, it will receive a corresponding reward.

Using an approach known as federated learning, Sentient will bring the training models to where the data stores are, training models locally on network participants’ devices without the need to upload data to a centralized cluster.

Participants’ devices will maintain the only copy of their data, thus eliminating the risk of private data being compromised, stored or transmitted to a third party. This makes Sentient the ideal platform to perform machine learning with sensitive data for both the public and private sectors.

Artificial intelligence for the common good

Ultimately, the Consensus Foundation sees the launch of the Sentient network as the first step in using artificial intelligence to improve governance systems around the world. As the network expands, the foundation will add functionality that allows users to provide anonymized data about themselves in exchange for a reward in the platform’s cryptocurrency.

By using the federated learning approach for this process, Sentient network users will be able to provide their data and be compensated for it without losing control over that data. Users’ privacy is never compromised because the data never leaves their devices. Instead, they download a copy of the model, and an update to it is generated using the data users supply.

Personal data is an extension of the person. As societies grow to understand the value in their data, the Sentient network will provide a platform for individuals to control the monetization of their data while influencing the decisions made in the cities and regions they live in — just by providing data to train an artificial intelligence.

“In the long term, we believe we can begin the process of transitioning the world towards a collective governance, where formal governments can be more efficient and more accountable, and the lives of everyone can be improved,” says Gutsol.


Sentient website:


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Property Loans for Foreigners in Singapore That You Must Know About



property loans for foreigners in Singapore

Intending to invest in a residential or commercial property in Singapore?  

When it comes to foreigners applying for a loan in Singapore, things can be pretty hard regardless of the reason whether you need the property for personal or business purposes.  

In Singapore, buying a property is challenging, whether you are a foreigner or a native, and sometimes applying for a loan is the only way for you to afford it.  


As for the Foreigner Loans, in Singapore, there is an exact amount of money you can borrow to finance the purchase of a property.  

In this sense, Singapore has the Loan to Value Ratio (LTV).  

The LTV ratio is what determines the exact amount of money you can borrow for a property loan, which changes depending on where you try to obtain the loan:  

  • If you are applying for a bank loan, you can borrow a maximum of 75% of the value of the property you want to purchase. That means if you are looking for a property that costs $500.000, the maximum amount of money a bank lender can give you like a loan in Singapore is going to be $375.000. 
  • When you are applying for a loan with a Housing…
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CoinField Launches Sologenic Initial Exchange Offering




CoinField has started its Sologenic IEO, which is the first project to utilize the XRP Ledger for tokenizing stocks and ETFs. The sale will last for one week and will officially end on February 25, 2020, before SOLO trading begins on the platform.  Sologenic’s native token SOLO is being offered at 0.25 USDT during the IEO.   

Earlier this month, Sologenic released the very first decentralized wallet app for SOLO, XRP, and tokenized assets to support the Sologenic ecosystem. The app is available for mobile and desktop via the Apple Store and Google Play.  The desktop version is available for Windows and Mac.

“By connecting the traditional financial markets with crypto, Sologenic will bring a significant volume to the crypto markets. The role of the Sologenic ecosystem is to facilitate the trading of a wide range of asset classes such as stocks, ETFs, and precious metals using blockchain technology. Sologenic is an ecosystem where users can tokenize, trade, and spend these digital assets using SOLO cards in real-time. The ultimate goal is to make Sologenic as decentralized as possible, where CoinField’s role will be only limited to KYC and fiat ON & OFF ramping,” said CoinField’s CEO…

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Many of the Top Sports Betting Websites for 2020 Can Be Found On Boomtown’s Best Betting Page



Sports betting is one of the widely known types of online gambling. With a large number of sports fans around the world, this type of gambling is one of the most sought after. The problem usually comes from when gamblers try to find the best sites out of the many available ones. Many new sports betting sites come up daily, thus making the selection process even harder. One of the best places to find top betting websites for sports is Boomtown Bingo. This platform doesn’t just give users the best online casino games websites, but they also cover sports betting. As such, boomtown bingo remains a one-stop-shop for everyone who needs the best and the latest online gambling and gaming sites for all types of devices.


The performance of any website is critical. Users need to find their way around the site easily, and that can be made possible with the site structure and arrangement. Loading time is also essential. A website that always hangs thus pushing the user to refresh every time is no good. These are some of the factors that Boomtown Bingo looks into when selecting the best sites for its users. You can be sure that the new sports betting websites listed on Boomtown’s platform have faster loading time, can be used easily by everyone, including those who are trying this betting for the first time.…

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