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Crypto news round-up: Bitcoin potentially going to $67K, Texas Mansion for sale, and Kim Kardashian



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What a week it has been for the cryptocurrency ecosystem with much activities going on in the world focused on the adoption of Bitcoin by various players in different industries. For instance, cinema lovers in Thailand might soon be in for a pleasant surprise as they might start paying for their movies and entertainment in Bitcoin.

Thailand’s largest movie cinema chain, Major Cineplex, recently announced their intention to integrate virtual currency payments into their operations to enable their customers to pay in Bitcoin. Major Cineplex fans will now be able to use the number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin to access and purchase the theatre’s facilities, products, offers, and services like movie tickets, popcorn, burger, and drinks using the crypto.

To facilitate the smooth running of this directive, Major Cineplex has partnered with a Swiss payment company, RapidzPay with the intention to create and build their virtual payment system in Thailand.

Texas Mansion on Sale Payable with Bitcoin

Also, the market is seeing some adoption efforts by the real estate market with one property located in Highland Park, Texas measuring 9,281 square feet with five bedrooms, five baths, an underground climate-controlled garage with a lift to the guest house, and a swimming pool is being listed at 9,975,000 US dollars payable in Bitcoin.

According to Burke, those using the number one ranked cryptocurrency, Bitcoin to buy and sell properties are smart individuals who are visionary and can see the future.

It is no surprise that Texas is the epicenter for purchasing property using Bitcoin. On 18th September 2017, Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty, a brokerage firm, announced the successfully traded transaction of a prestigious property it was handling using Bitcoin to close the deal.

When it came to close the deal, the purchaser did not come with their bank account details or chequebook to the agreement site. Instead, the buyer and the seller met at a place with reliable internet connectivity, sent the agreed upon bitcoins and the deal was closed. The seller was at liberty to either keep the bitcoins in their digital wallet for later use or convert and transfer the currency to their preferential bank account.

After completing such real estate deals, it is safe to say that no purchase is too big for Bitcoin.

Kim Kardashian West Bitcoin Charity Poker Night Out

Kim, the reality TV starlet with over 100 million followers on Instagram, posted to her followers what appeared to be a physical BTC token of a charity poker night out in Los Angeles this week.

The Kardashian family that comprised of Khloe, Kendall, and mom Kris hosted the poker table in LA to raise money for a nonprofit organization that deals with clinical research and treatment of cancer, City of Hope.

On Kim’s Instagram Stories, she posted a video of her betting with poker chips with a poor image of what appeared to be a physical Bitcoin chip, accompanied with an ecstatic tagline, “We Moved onto Bitcoin.”

Pantera Capital Bitcoin Price Prediction of $67 K in 2019

After announcing their 10,000% return during their 5th Anniversary, Pantera Capital now believes Bitcoin is capable of jump-starting a dramatic price surge that might lead the coin to over $67 K valuation by the end of 2019.

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Smart MFG Tech Announces its First Liquidity Mining Rewards Program on LINKSWAP



Manufacturing Industry 4.0 company Smart MFG Tech has announced that it is launching its MFG Liquidity Mining Rewards on LINKSWAP today.  LINKSWAP is a decentralized, community-governed Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and an AMM platform, which was created by YF Link (YFL). The team at YF Link says it aims to address “the pain points of second-generation AMMs” by offering such features as Reduced Impermanent Loss, RugLock, SlipLock that are not offered by other platforms.

Smart MFG Tech has said that the first integration of the MFG liquidity mining rewards will use the LINKSWAP LP (Liquidity Provider) Rewards service. It will allow LPs to deposit their LP token(s) (UNI-V2) to the participating rewards pool (ETH|MFG) and earn MFG rewards seamlessly.  Smart MFG said it will continue to work with the YF Link team to provide support for other pairs and expand services.

LINKSWAP’s Rewards is a liquidity mining service that enables LPs to earn rewards for providing liquidity in a participating pool. YF Link has implemented a custom frontend solution for Smart MFG LP rewards pool on LINKSWAP.  This will allow LPs to add liquidity to Smart MFG’s existing ETH|MFG pool on UniSwap v2 and deposit their LP token(s) (UNI-V2) to their LINKSWAP rewards pool (ETH|MFG).

Smart MFG explained how the rewards can be earned:

“LPs get a share of the transaction fees on Uniswap v2. This is calculated by how much liquidity is provided relative to the percentage…

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Building Your Nest Egg Brick By Brick: Are Micro-Investments Here to Stay?



No matter what our goals are, sometimes just getting started can be the most difficult part of building our savings up. When it comes to investing, many of us are wary of parting with our money to generate more financial security in the future. But what if you can build significant savings without even noticing?

That’s the aim of the micro-investing apps that have come to dominate online stores across Android and iOS. Today, more fintech startups are working on delivering refined solutions that encourage minuscule investments at a more frequent rate. 

Micro-Investing apps will look to make saving more accessible to young people – many of whom in the UK have little-to-no money tucked away for a rainy day. 

However, the prevalence of money-saving technology and the disruptive chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have prompted a widespread increase in households saving more of their disposable income:

With micro-investing platforms playing a role in bringing UK household savings back up to five-year highs, is it fair to say that little-by-little investing is here to stay? Let’s take a look at how micro-investment platforms could revolutionise how we manage our finances:

What is Micro-Investing

Micro-investing, or sparse change investing, is a relatively new development in fintech. It effectively enables users to put away small amounts of money towards their long, or short, term goals. The idea…

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Decentralized Insurance Platform Bridge Mutual to Launch BMI Token on Polkastarter



Bridge Mutual, a decentralized platform that allows users to insure stablecoins, has announced that its native BMI token will be launched on Polkastarter tomorrow, January 30.  The Polkadot’s decentralized exchange will host an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for Bridge Mutual.  

“Even the most sophisticated digital asset investors are at risk of losing their funds through various malicious and negligent activities in the blockchain ecosystem. With Bridge Mutual, we believe it doesn’t have to be this way. Using Bridge, people can control the risk exposure of their digital asset investments, just as they do with real-world assets. The Bridge Mutual platform allows people to offer and purchase coverage in a decentralized p2p way. We’re excited kickstart the launch of the BMI ecosystem with a launch on Polkastarter and creating a better way of protecting digital assets for users all over the globe,” Bridge Mutual CEO Mike Miglio said in a statement. 

Bridge Mutual allows users to buy and sell insurance for smart contracts, stablecoins and crypto exchanges, peer-to-peer. Users can purchase insurance via the Bridge Mutual app and then file a claim if their digital assets are lost after a hack. “When users lock stablecoins in Bridge Mutual’s coverage pools, those funds are reinvested into popular (and safe) yield generating platforms that return yields to coverage providers. When a claim is approved, stablecoins from the coverage pool goes…

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