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TRON vs EOS: Which is the better choice for you?




As the value in cryptocurrencies goes up and down every day there are a few coins that are steadily rising. Those are EOS, Cardano’s ADA, Stellar Lumen’s XLM and Tron’s TRX.

The last seven days have been pretty good for Tron with an 11.8% increase while EOS grew by 6.3%. Both coins are having a very good run right now, but their performance begs two questions. Why are they doing so well? Can they keep performing in the future?

The Platforms

Right now both crypto coins are based on ERC-20 technology, but they are both trying to shake it off to become blockchains in their own right. The situation and the objectives are different for each, let’s see how.

EOS just wants to become a real blockchain product (by real we mean decentralized) because it’s had a lot of criticism about authenticity. It has performed well, but doubts still remain about its technology’s reliability and safety. EOS’ main aim is to make it easier and cheaper to trade crypto assets, but for that, they need to become a real coin everybody trusts.

TRON’s idea is different. They want to decentralize the web and transform the gaming industry. They want to ultimately become a platform for content creation and not a financial service or asset only.

Tron’s and EOS Main Net Launch: A step forward in tech and performance

One of the reasons for both coins to have performed so well recently is that they are both launching their own Main Net soon. Tron‘s launch will be on May 31st and EOS‘ will launch its Main Net on June 2. Both events have been providing excitement and expectations for investors and enthusiasts alike.

What does each launch mean? It’s all about both projects dropping the ERC-20 tech and become full-fledged projects on their own, using their very own blockchains. It’s about authenticity and autonomy. From that point in time on, the blockchain they produce will be their own and that is attracting some big names to them such as Bittrex, Huobi, and Antpool, the mining giant.

Tron’s Main Net launch, next May 31st will surely boost TRX’s value even further. Investors already know what to expect and how to prepare so they’ll be ready when the move happens.

EOS is preparing a similar move but it seems that it’s Tron who holds the upper hand on this, with some big players already supporting it.

EOS vs. TRON: Market performance

CoinMarketCap currently ranks EOS as the fifth cryptocurrency at $17.19 per token. Tron is eleventh at $0.083. Over the last day, EOS has lost 4.7% of its value while Tron has lost about 4.6% (they are going neck to neck here, too – wow).

Even with those recent losses taken into account, Tron remains the most profitable coin for the last week, as it’s increased more than 11% while EOS has grown by about 6% only. That being said, the fact remains that EOS’ trading volume is much higher than Tron’s; it’s at 3.5 billion as we write this. This is two billion higher than Tron.

The fact that both projects have reached volumes surpassing a billion dollars is astonishing in itself. It puts them in the world’s top four in terms of trading which is quite meaningful. The world’s first is, of course, Bitcoin at $8.4 billion, then comes EOS. Third is Ethereum and then it’s Tron. So both coins are up there, playing with the bigger boys and giving them a run for their money.

Final remarks

So which one should you choose? Both are great blockchain projects that hold a lot of promise for investors, enthusiasts, partners and the public in general. EOS looks better right now but as things develop, Tron could surprise everybody. We don’t think you should choose among them. On the contrary, a good cryptocurrency portfolio should include both currencies.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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KaratGold Proves Its Business Model By Providing Official Documents




There has been a lot of renewed enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency market thanks mainly to Bitcoin’s strong move about 10,000.  Although Bitcoin continues to show its dominance, the altcoin market has yet to benefit from that rally.  A few of the largest altcoins remain popular but the rest of the market continues to lag behind.  In 2018, there was a lot of talk regarding a possible altcoin apocalypse where only the strong would survive.  That prediction appears to be playing out as expected.  Going forward, only the best projects that have a real world need will survive.  Crypto traders will have to spend a lot of their time doing proper research in order to find the best opportunities, just like in all financial markets.  One promising project that appears to have the makings of a future winner is KaratGold Coin.

KaratGold Background

KaratGold Coin is a cryptocurrency developed by the reputable German company Karatbars International, which maintains a leading position in the market of small gold items and investments. The project is part of a larger ecosystem, which involves several blockchain solutions that can be used for transactions, communication, investing and other tasks. During the past few weeks, however, the KaratGold ecosystem has been a target of unsavory scam allegations.  

Karatbars International and GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation…

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ICTE May Bring About Sweeping Changes for Cryptocurrency Exchanges




Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm during the last few years. An entirely new financial market was created almost overnight which has captured the imagination of all its participants. Cryptocurrency is even starting to attract institutional money from investment banks, hedge funds, and other proprietary trading firms. Despite the rapid growth, traders remain extremely frustrated by having to deal with the fragmented nature of centralized crypto exchanges.

A Change is Needed

When cryptocurrency first began, there weren’t many participants and the trading volume was relatively insignificant. But, over time, that has radically changed. Some tokens now have a capitalization in the billions and are being traded 24-7 by institutions all over the world. Despite the volume, significant problems exist with the current way that exchanges work. Some of those problems include the following:

  • Constant fear of hackers
  • Exchange manipulation
  • Fragmented liquidity
  • Risk of identity theft

One of the biggest issues regarding centralized exchanges is the risk of being hacked. These hack stories seem to always be circulating around the internet. While experienced traders may have the tools to avoid becoming a victim, potential new traders have zero interest in dealing with this. And it’s not just the small exchanges that are at risk. Even large exchanges, such as Mt. Gox and Binance, are subject to being hacked.

Another huge risk is having to deal with…

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SonicX and Dash Could Challenge Facebook’s Libra for Global Payments Market Share




When Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled Bitcoin to the world, the dream was always for Bitcoin to serve as a new universal currency.  It would be free from the bureaucracy of governments.  And free from the tyranny of the old-world financial cartels.  Although the dream hasn’t yet materialized, it comes closer and closer with each passing day.

One of the biggest roadblocks for Bitcoin has been scalability.  At a speed of approximately 7 transactions per second, Bitcoin lags behind other cryptocurrencies like Ripple and global payment processors like Visa.  Many expect the lightning network to have a positive impact on Bitcoin’s TPS but until that comes to fruition, mass adoption will likely need another significant development.

Libra Currency Announcement

One development that could help pave the way toward mass adoption is the launch of the Libra currency.  Libra is expected to go live during the first half of 2020 according to Facebook’s June announcement.  According to Facebook, Libra will make sending money online cheaper and faster.  It will also have a hand in improving access to financial services, especially for the unbanked.  Given Facebook’s global reach, including many third world countries, providing financial access to the unbanked could provide a huge spark to global economies.  Additionally, it could provide the growth spark that cryptocurrency needs.

Facebook’s most popular messenger, WhatsApp, has approximately 1.5 billion monthly users.  This application is…

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